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More Workers for the Harvest
An evangelism team sharing the gospel with a new family

It’s such a privilege and honor for Dawn and me to work with the pastors and leaders that the Lord has given us. They are wonderful people who are deeply committed to Christ. They are earnest in their prayers, and bold evangelist.

Pastor Ernesto with some of the leaders that took the church planting course

The gospel continues to go forth on the Big Island, as our familia shares the good news. Ernesto one of the pastors we are working with sent me some photos of a group of leaders that he just finished training. He taught them on the foundations for planting a church. The message of Christ is growing as it goes from house to house. More people are coming to Christ and the church is growing.

Giving a Cup of Cold Water
Pastor Justin giving a bag of rice to one of the women in his church

Sadly the economic crisis on the Big Island, which is said to be the worst in the last 100 years, has created a hardship on our familia. It saddens us to see this continuous struggle for food and basic goods. These are things that most of us never have to worry about in the U.S.A.

Dawn and I are sending monthly aid to the pastors, so that they can share it with the people in their congregations. When one of the women, Maria received the gift from one of our leaders she began to cry. She was in great need. She felt God’s grace and love through this gift. Maria’s testimony reminds me of when Jesus says, “whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward” (Matthew 10:42). Dawn and I pray often that the Lord will multiply what we send.

We give thanks for each of you that partner with us in prayer and sending donations to help these beautiful families!

Video: Life and Times on the Big Island

We put together a short video to give you a glimpse into how God is at work on the Big Island. At the end of the video some of the people share their thanks. I love seeing these families and hearing their heart felt testimonies!

Extend Your Hands to Help!
Some of the women and families that are receiving aid

Dawn and I ask you to prayerfully consider extending your hands to help! Send a gift today to help a needy family, and extend the gospel on the Big Island.

Support one family for as little as $25 a month! Click below to make a donation today.

Click to Donate…

Thank you for joining us in prayer, and for considering making a gift to help our precious familia.

In His Grip, Dave

P.S. Help take the gospel to the Border, the Baja, and Beyond

A Monument in Tijuana

A Monument in Tijuana

“Your Kingdom Come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”

— Matthew 6:10 ESV

Did Jesus Really mean it when He asked us to pray this way? I think He did, but I’m not sure we always work in a way that demonstrates our belief in seeing His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. It appears that many are interested in setting up their own little kingdoms. Jesus asked us to plead with the Father that His Kingdom and His will would be on earth as it is in heaven. This means that ultimately it’s a work that only God can do.

Even though it is the Lord’s work, it also gives us a clue as to what we should be working for as we serve Him.

That’s one of the reasons I’m enthusiastic about partnering with others in ministry. It exemplifies the kingdom. We are working together to see God’s kingdom expanded.

Hannah & Dawn enjoying some tacos with Yolanda & Daniel

Hannah & Dawn enjoying some tacos with Yolanda & Daniel

Last week my wife, Dawn, my daughter, Hannah and my co-worker, Ray Call and I were in Tijuana with Daniel and Yolanda Nuñez. I shared about our visit in a couple of my last few posts: Should we Abandon Tijuana? and Exploring TJ and Praying for Expansion. While we were there I was able to capture some video of TJ and interview Daniel Nuñez.

I asked Daniel what he thought about working in partnership. We are serving together to see the church expanded in TJ through the ministries of Harbor, BEAMM and Lo Mejor del Trigo. Daniel said one of the statements that he likes in reference to partnerships is,

“Doing together what we cannot do alone.”

That is one of the reasons we partner with other ministries is that as we work together we are able to do more, and be more effective for the kingdom.

I would like to share a video clip on Tijuana and an interview with Daniel about serving together.

Video: Exploring Tijuana and Partnering with Daniel Nuñez and Lo Mejor del Trigo

It’s encouraging to see ministries come together. My prayer is that this will be in part an answer to our prayer, “Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” — Matthew 6:10 ESV

I really appreciate all the great comments I received from my last post about whether we should abandon Tijuana. Now I’d like to ask, Do you think we should strive to work in partnership for His kingdom? Why, or why not?

In His Grip, Dave

P.S. Please keep the launching of our ESL outreach with Harbor Mid-City in prayer. The first class will be April 13th.

Hannah, Dawn and Dave with Yolanda and Daniel Nuñez in Rosarito - south of TJ

Hannah, Dawn and Dave with Yolanda and Daniel Nuñez in Rosarito - south of TJ

Should we abandon missions in Tijuana, because of the security issues that this border town faces?

Last Wednesday, Dawn, Hannah, and I along with our BEAMM teammate, Ray Call spent the day with Daniel and Yolanda Nuñez in Tijuana. You can read more  about our visit here…

We did feel like we needed to careful and observant, but we didn’t sense any grave danger while we were there. Nonetheless the question above is one that may haunt many. On the one hand we shouldn’t abandon a place out of fear, but we do need to be wise. I believe it’s one of the many reasons that we need an army of friends standing with us in prayer.

Actually there has been some very good news lately about how Tijuana has experienced less violence, and is becoming a much safer place. Business although still slow is starting to pick up. Pray with us for a revitalization of this city. 

While we were in TJ I shot some video and interviewed Daniel Nuñez. I think you will enjoy Daniel’s perspective on Tijuana, and the good work he is doing there. His ministry Lo Mejor Del Trigo (The Best of the Wheat) is a bright light in a dark place.

We are thrilled about our growing relationship with Daniel. In my next post I will upload another video clip about our kingdom work, and the bringing together of important partners for God’s glory!

Let me know what you think about my question above. Do you think we should abandon Tijuana? Should the safety concerns change the way we go about ministry there?

In His Grip, Dave

Kristy Holliday leading the training

Kristy Holliday leading the training

ESL (English as a second language) training got us off to an outstanding start this weekend. Thanks so much for praying for us. Kristy Holliday did a great job leading our teachers in training in anticipation of launching ESL on April 13. My BEAMM teammate, Ray Call promoted and organized the training. Congratulations to Ray and Kristy for such a commendable job.

It was so encouraging to see the Lord working through the ESL training. It was a major blessing for me to not only be at the training with Ray and Kristy, but also to have my family with me.

Dawn, David, Jr. and Hannah attended the weekend event! We missed Jonny Boy, but somebody had to stay home to take care of princess (our dog).

Hannah and Ray practicing teaching with other participants

Hannah and Ray practicing teaching with other participants

Successfully starting ESL classes with a good group of students is our next big goal. To achieve this goal we obviously need teachers. Good, godly teachers. Thank you Jesus for the those that received the training. The other huge need is students. April 13th is less than three weeks away.

We pray the Lord brings us many students. It’s a way for us to bless the community, and share the love of Christ with those who come.

In preparation for the start of the ESL classes we will follow-up the training to get the right teachers that have a heart for loving the immigrants and refugees that come. It was encouraging to get to know those that came to the training. They definitely have a strong love for Christ. We are not sure yet, how many of them will help with teaching. We need six teachers, and someone who will organize and administrate the classes.

As my good friend, pastor Stephen Phelan said, “Please pray that this will be a common grace for the common good of our city and also a way that immigrants and refugees meet Jesus.”

In His Grip, Dave

P.S. This morning Dawn, Hannah and I are going up to Escondido to speak at New Life Presbyterian Church. We appreciate your prayers.

Daniel Nuñez, Ray Call and Dave - The Three Amigos!

Daniel Nuñez, Ray Call and Dave - The Three Amigos!

On Wednesday, Dawn, Hannah, Ray and I were able to explore Tijuana with Daniel & Yolanda Nuñez. We had a wonderful time! The more time I spend with Daniel and Yolanda the more I love them. They are great servants of the Lord. It’s a real privilege to minister with them.

We explored much of TJ and Rosarito. It was exciting to be back in Mexico. Hannah hadn’t been in Mexico for 12 years, and it’s been a several years for Dawn as well. It encouraged my heart that they enjoyed being there as well. Hannah said it brought back a lot of memories from her childhood.

Hannah enjoying some elote (corn)

Hannah enjoying some elote (corn)

Our prayer is that Tijuana will be reached with the gospel. Tijuana is a global city with over 2 million people. It’s exhilarating to see the city, and to get to know it a little better.

There were many positives to being in TJ, and it was great to get some good time with Daniel and Yolanda. I just love the colors, the life, the food, the Spanish, the culture, etc. My friend, Tom Steller says, “Mexico is a part of you, because of all your time there.” I think he’s got a point. It has marked me and my family.

Yet even with all the good things that I love, there are some terrible things in TJ. It was sad to drive along the border fence, and see all the crosses for many people who died trying to cross into the U.S..

The Crosses on the Border Fence

The Crosses on the Border Fence

We also saw the women of the street in the light of day. Sex trafficking is legal in TJ. There were big signs on the hotel advertising rooms for $99 Pesos an hour, about $8 USD. Wow, so sad! When I showed my friend, Tom a the picture I took of the sign he said it made him sick. That is an appropriate response.

“O God, that the gospel would powerfully go forth in the city of Tijuana and bring transformation!”

Ray & Daniel on the land where the church will be built with Harbor

Ray & Daniel on the land where the church will be built with Harbor

One of the many reasons we are enthused about our partnership with Daniel Nuñez is that he is working to see the city transformed by the good news of Christ. I shot some video of Daniel while we were there. I will try to post it soon.

When we were in Rosarito we visited the property where Harbor Church is going to help Daniel build one of the next church plants. They have 11 churches now, and they are hoping to have 15 soon. I think they are working on starting at least two now!

Thank you, Lord for the good work you are doing. We do trust you and look to you to minister in a powerful way in TJ. Bless the city, and use us to be a blessing. Amen!

Hannah, Dawn and Dave with Yolanda and Daniel Nuñez in Rosarito

Hannah, Dawn and Dave with Yolanda and Daniel Nuñez in Rosarito

In His Grip, Dave

P.S. Our ESL training class starts tomorrow on Friday, March 23 through Saturday, March 24. Please pray for God’s rich blessing and protection. We’ve already had some problems with the electricity, so we had to move the location for the training. We have 24 participants coming!

Dick & Vicki Gascho

Dick & Vicki Gascho

Is God really on your side? Have you ever wondered about that? It is a thought-provoking question, isn’t it? I know we’d all like to believe that He is.

Recently my good friend and ministry coach, Dick Gascho and I discussed this question. Dick is a veteran missionary who serves with Greater Europe Mission. He’s been a great source of encouragement to me over the last several years. You can learn more about Dick, and his coaching ministry at

At first blush it seems like a slam dunk.

If you are in Christ, you can be confident that God is for you. In fact, Paul states in Romans,

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things? (Romans 8:31, 32 ESV) So yes, we can say God is for us. Nothing can come between us.

But when Joshua asked this question of the commander of the Lord’s Army, he responded differently. Commentators of the Bible believe the commander of the Lord’s Army refers to the pre-incarnate Christ.

When Joshua was by Jericho, he lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, a man was standing before him with his drawn sword in his hand. And Joshua went to him and said to him, ‘Are you for us, or for our adversaries?’” (Joshua 5:13 ESV)

Do you ever wonder if God is for you or for those that are against you? That is Joshua’s question.

Then notice how God answers. “And he said, ‘No; but I am the commander of the army of the Lord. Now I have come.‘” (Joshua 5:14 ESV) Can you believe that God says no to Josh? In effect the Lord says, “No, I’m not on either side.” How can the Lord say this to Joshua?

The sense here is that God will not follow Joshua’s agenda. The pre-incarnate seeks to encourage Joshua, but He also makes it clear that he needs to get on board with God and follow Him. He needs to make sure he, and the people he is leading are on God’s side. If you read the entire book of Joshua you will learn that the Israelites didn’t win all their battles. They made mistakes. They didn’t always follow well.

Fall down and worship

Fall down and worship

Maybe the question about whether God is for us is not entirely the right question to ask?

But Joshua does have a wonderful response. His response is to worship.

And Joshua fell on his face to the earth and worshiped and said to him, ‘What does my lord say to his servant?’ And the commander of the Lord’s army said to Joshua, ‘Take off your sandals from your feet, for the place where you are standing is holy.’ And Joshua did so.” (Joshua 5:14-15 ESV)

We have confidence that if we are in Christ, nothing will separate us from the love of Christ. Yet don’t ask God to follow your agenda, follow Him. Worship Him. That is the response He is looking for.

In His Grip, Dave

P.S. Keep praying for our upcoming ESL training that will begin this Friday, March 23rd. We just found out there is an issue with the electricity in the place we are holding the training this weekend.

Dave with Daniel Nuñez

Dave with Daniel Nuñez

In my last post I announced the launching of our upcoming English as a Second Language (ESL) training. The training will start in just a little over a week on March 23 – 24. I asked you to pray. We are already seeing some encouraging answers to your prayers. Praise the Lord with us as we have at least 22 signed up to come to the training!

We are still praying for at least six teachers and one administrator to come from this group. We already have four committed teachers, and we may have more. Additional people have signed up in the last couple of days!

I just met with Daniel Nuñez and his wife Yolanda. Daniel is planting churches in Tijuana. I encouraged Daniel to invite some people from his church to come for the training, and it looks like they will have two or three coming. It’s great to see how the Lord opens doors and works through relationships.

We started the ESL training mainly as an outreach for Harbor Mid-City. The ministry is now extending to other churches, and even into TJ. Our hope is that many will come to take the ESL classes, and that eventually they will be forever changed by the love of Christ. Learn English and get to know Jesus! What a great opportunity.

Daniel Nuñez is such a great friend and partner in ministry, I’m praying ESL will be a blessing to those he is working with in TJ as well. In my next post I’d like to highlight the new church plant Daniel is working on!

There are some challenges as we serve, and seek to make a difference in people’s lives through the life changing power of the gospel. If we pay attention we notice God is moving on the border. The gospel in making a difference. It doesn’t always turn out the way we thought it would, but we are encouraged by what He is doing.

Dawn and I along with Ray and Michele Call appreciate your prayers as we head into the last week before the ESL training. I listed some specific prayer requests here…

In His Grip, Dave

Ray and Michele Call

ESL training starts in two weeks, March 23-24. We are stoked about launching this outreach with Harbor Mid City. Ray Call and I met with our good friend from Harbor, Edgardo Avila a couple of days ago. Edgardo is very positive about the training. He spoke highly of Ray, as Ray is doing most of work to organize the training. It’s thrilling to see God work, and open up doors for us here on the border!

Yesterday, Ray and I met with Jim DeWitt for a team meeting. All of us are super encouraged by this opportunity the Lord has given us. We believe prayer is key to the event, and the ensuing classes that will start-up on Friday, April 13. Please do join us in praying that all the loose ends come together.

Here’s some specific prayer requests:

  1. Dave with Pastor Edgardo Avila, A Key Ministry Partner. He leads the Spanish Speaking Church at Harbor Mid City

    We need 1 administrator, and ideally 6 teachers for the training and classes. Right now we have at least 4 teachers, and some other people who have expressed interest!

  2. Ray as he organizes the training on March 23-24, and prepares for the launch of the classes.
  3. Ray’s health – he’s been having some health issues for more than a month. Pray for healing and wholeness.
  4. Kristy Holliday will be leading the ESL training.
  5. That the Lord will bring a good group to come learn English starting on April 13.
  6. We pray that the course will serve the people who come by improving their English skills. We are also praying that many will come to know Christ through this outreach.
  7. Unity for the team as they prepare, and the classes start-up.
  8. Tomorrow, March 11, I’ll be preaching at Calvary Presbyterian in Glendale, California.

Thanks for standing with us in prayer!

In His Grip, Dave

Our Celebratory Meal

I noticed that I have received more comments and likes on my Facebook page about the picture (upper right) I posted a from our anniversary dinner than I every have. My friends are definitely interested in what is going on with my family.

On this blog I mostly focus on our ministry, but I realize that we would not have a ministry if it was not for Dawn. So today I will write in celebration of our marriage, our relationship and the wonderful job she has done in our home.

On Monday, March 5th Dawn and I celebrated 23 years of marital bliss. Well, it hasn’t all been bliss, but it has been good. I’d be lying if I said that we’ve had the ideal marriage. Dawn and I are both strong, and we’ve fought more than I would have liked. Yet the Lord has used even our missteps. We have grown and matured as we have walked on the this journey of life, faith and mission.

I thank the Lord for my wife. I realize the success and blessings we have had are in large part due to her. Our three children all love Jesus, and have turned out well. While this is a team effort, I realize the lion’s share of the work has fallen on Dawn.

We home schooled our kids, and although I’m not sure we knew what we were doing they have excelled as they’ve advanced to college. Over the last 10 years I have traveled a lot for our ministry, and Dawn has faithfully loved and cared for our now grown children.

Dawn is more sensitive than I am to the Spirit’s leading. She has kept me from making some poor decisions. I haven’t always listened to her, but I am usually thankful when I have.

Celebrating 23 years

Celebrating 23 years!

So here’s to my wife, Dawn. I praise the Lord that He has given us the privilege to serve Him together. She stood by me in Mexico while we ministered there. Even while I was kidnapped, and held up at gunpoint she didn’t give up. When a friend heard that we were going to be serving on the border after our experiences in Mexico City they said, “Either Dave is crazy, or he loves Jesus.” I’m hoping it’s the latter, but even in our latest endeavor Dawn is all in.

Thank you, Jesus for loving me enough to give me a good and godly wife!

In His Grip, Dave

Reflections and Lessons from David's Life

Reflections and Lessons from David's Life

I enjoy reading about the life of David. I suppose in part, because I am named after him. I also feel that I learn a number of valuable life lessons as I observe how God worked in David’s life. On Sunday I was reading through 1 Samuel 23. I was struck by the interaction between David and the Lord.

David was in the city of Keilah, and Saul was pursuing him. Saul believed he had David trapped. David knowing he was in trouble prayed. He said, “O Lord, the God of Israel, your servant has surely heard that Saul seeks to come to Keilah, to destroy the city on my account. Will the men of Keilah surrender me into his hand? Will Saul come down, as your servant has heard? O Lord, the God of Israel, please tell your servant” (1 Samuel 23:10,11). The Lord said to David that, yes they would come.

Then David asked, “‘Will the men of Keilah surrender me and my men into the hand of Saul?’ And the Lord said, ‘They will surrender you'” (1 Samuel 23:12). So David listened and departed with his men.

What impressed me when I read this passage, was the importance of David not only hearing the Lord’s reply, but then acting upon it. David could have complained, “Why are you NOT protecting me from Saul!?!” Instead he acted on what God told him. God protected David, not by keeping Saul from coming, but by letting David know he was coming so he could get out of Dodge, so to speak.

We see something similar in the New Testament when Joseph and Mary fled to Egypt with Jesus, because Herod was about to search for Jesus to Destroy him.

Sometimes God chooses to protect us by moving us on. We must take action and respond to the Lord’s prompting.

Dave & Dawn Diaso - celebrating 23 years!

Dave & Dawn Diaso - celebrating 23 years!

My prayer today is that you and I will act on what the Lord is telling us to do.

I just got back from a great visit on the border. On Sunday I was at Redeemer Presbyterian in Torrance, California. I flew home yesterday to celebrate my 23rd anniversary with my lovely bride. This weekend I will be preaching at Calvary Presbyterian in Glendale, California. I also have some important ministry meetings while in Southern California. Thanks for standing with us and praying for us!

In His Grip, Dave