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Yarelis in the white shirt on the left with the children who received toys – Hannah’s Toys of Hope

Dawn and I are thankful for the opportunity to honor our daughter, Hannah’s memory through Hannah’s Toys of Hope. Families on the Big Island are receiving toys for their children, bringing smiles and joy. Pastor Rene and Yarelis are sharing the love of Christ, and many families are hearing the gospel. Life is challenging on the Big Island, where many struggle to afford food and basic necessities. It’s deeply meaningful for us to bless these children through Hannah’s Toys of Hope. Your generosity goes a long way toward brightening their day and offering them hope.

Video: Hannah’s Toys of Hope

In this video, which my colleague Jim DeWitt helped create, we share how God is using toys to reach families. Jesus is working through our friends Pastor Rene and Yarelis!

Extend Your Hands to Help!
Join us in spreading the joy of Jesus and blessing these children with a gift.

Your financial contribution of only $10 or more, will make a significant impact by providing a toy for a child.
Your generosity truly makes a difference!

Dawn and I ask you to prayerfully consider extending your hands to help! Send a gift today to help a needy familyand extend the gospel on the Big Island. TOGETHER we can make a difference!

Bless a child with one toy for $10
OR Support one family for as little as $25 a month!
Click to donate today.

Click to Donate…

Thank you for joining us in prayer, and for considering making a gift to help our precious familia.

In His Grip, Dave

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