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My son, David is helping me to get this blog up and running. My hope is that it won’t take long to tweak it, and have most of the things we would like on it. Once we accomplish this it can be a great tool for communication with interested friends. We sure do realize that we can’t do this ministry without faithful friends standing with us.

Thank you for your interest in what is going on – in what God is doing in our lives! It is my prayer that we can grow together as we share some of life’s adventures.

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Diaso Family at Garden of the God's in Colorado Springs

We are just launching our blog about our journey to the border. We ministered with Mission to the World for 15 years, and lived in Mexico City for 10 years. Two of our children were born in Mexico City, and our oldest son, David Jr. was only four months old when we arrived. We enjoyed our time of ministry, and all the great people we met as we planted churches in Mexico. Unfortunately, during that time I (Dave) was kidnapped, and held up at gunpoint. This obviously was not the highlight of our experience.

We moved to Colorado Springs in December of 1999. While living in the Springs I’ve worked with the Center for Organizational and Ministry Development, and Greater Europe Mission. Now we feel the Lord is calling us back to the mission field – the U.S./Mexican border in Chula Vista, California. We are excited to be on this new journey. The border is a challenging place to go right now. We definitely need friends to stand with us in this venture.

My hope is to tell the story of our journey getting to the border, and ministering on the border. I hope you will join us on this adventure!