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A Cross Border, Cross-cultural Encounter

Redeemer SD youth group with Colegio Grecia youth in Ensenada

Last Saturday I took a youth group from Redeemer San Diego Church to Ensenada to connect with our friends Petri and Yudy. The Lord gave us an outstanding day.

Petri and Yudy invited youth from the school they work at Colegio Grecia to meet the youth from San Diego. They played soccer, basketball and volleyball together. Then we went for some savory tacos at one of the homes of the families represented. There were close to 40 youth from Colegio Grecia that showed up, and many of their parents came as well.

It was an all around fun day, and the event went a long ways towards creating a bridge between the two groups and it opened up the door for future opportunities.

Petri and Yudy are working hard at loving on their friends in Ensenada. They want to build bridges with their co-workers and their families and show them the love of Christ.

A Sentimental Trip

Hannah with Yudy

This was the first time I had been back in Ensenada, since Hannah died. I couldn’t keep from reminiscing and remembering the good times we enjoyed in Ensenada with our beautiful daughter and our friends there. Hannah loved all our friends there and she had a special relationship with Yudy. I enjoyed the day, and I kept busy enough during our time together that I didn’t have too much time to over think the days gone by. Yet, there was still some sorrow that my daughter, our daughter couldn’t be with us.

Building Bridges for Today and the Future

Both groups had a great time playing sports such as soccer

Even though this was the first time the youth had met each other, some of them were at the point of tears when they had to say goodbye. Young people somehow manage to  break through barriers and create bonds quickly. That was gratifying to see how the Lord used the event in their lives.

On the way home the youth from Redeemer shared how much they enjoyed the experience, and how they hope to see their new friends again soon. Even though we had to wait five hours to cross back into the U.S., because the border line was so long it didn’t seem to dampen the groups enthusiasm.

Petri shared with me after the trip that one of the mom’s from the group in Mexico told him, “thank you for organizing such a valuable event for the growth of our children. Count on us for other events that you hold, including the medical trips.” Hallelujah!

In His Grip, Dave


biking, cycling

Dave on a bike ride

On Saturday I enjoyed a wonderful bike ride with my son, David. I started riding a bike for fun and exercise just over two years ago.

In September of 2010 my doctor told me, “you’ve got pre-diabetes. You need to lose weight, and start exercising more.” Not the news I wanted to hear. I already exercised a good amount, or at least I thought I did.

Then my good friend, Scott Kracht, suggested that I try the bike. We went on a ride together, and the rest is history, or something like that.

By the way, I did lose some weight and got my blood sugar down, although it’s a continual struggle to stay disciplined. I’d appreciate prayer that I will do even better this year. I do want to stay healthy!

The wonderful thing about the San Diego area is the weather is temperate year round, so I can ride my bike with shorts on all the time.

biking, cycling

Scott Kracht near Mission Beach

I love the beauty of our former home, Colorado, but it was 9 degrees there today. You have to be very dedicated to ride a bike there in the winter months.

One of the great things about riding a bike is that it adds variety to my exercise routine. I still go to the gym, and I even do the stationary bike while there, but there’s something about getting outdoors.

I love being able to ride where I can see the ocean.

I find biking not only gives me a chance to exercise, but it also helps me to clear my head. I’m able to think and pray while I bike. I connect with the Lord when I exercise. It strengthens my inner life. I pray, read and reflect while I’m walking, riding or working out at the gym.

I’m still exploring some of the great places and trails I can go on in the area we live in. If you know of any good ones send me a note, and I’ll give it a try.

Thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to exercise and ride my bike in such a beautiful place. Thank you for the beauty of your creation!

Even though we live in such beautiful place, it is a place in need of the gospel. I received a stark reminder of this while writing this post. Just across the street from us a crime was committed. There was a fight and someone was stabbed. Pray that we can minister to our neighbors. Pray that the love of Christ will shine forth brightly, and bring about transformation in our neighborhood!

In His Grip, Dave

Our Three Kids: Jonathan, Hannah & David Jr.

Our Three Kids: Jonathan, Hannah & David Jr.

“Saying good-bye sucks,” is the title I considered using for this post. I didn’t want to offend anybody, so I didn’t use that title. I’m sure it would have gotten me more views, though. 😉 I hope it doesn’t offend you, and I apologize if it does.

My kids like to use the word, “suck.” In that way it seems appropriate, and it accurately describes how I felt when I had to say good-bye to Jonathan and Hannah two days ago. It felt like one of the most difficult, most painful things I’ve ever had to do.

My dad, who came out to Colorado Springs, so he could drive back to San Diego with our oldest son, David, reminded me that we went through a similar experience about 22 years ago when Dawn and I first left for the mission field.

There are many things I love about serving the Lord in missions, but saying good-bye to people I love is not one of them.

Jonathan & Hannah in Mexico City

Jonathan & Hannah in Mexico City

I think of all the wonderful times I’ve had with all three of my children, David, Jonathan and Hannah. I just love hanging around them, at least most of the time. 🙂 When my son, Jonathan worked at Safeway I enjoyed dropping in and seeing him. Even now when he’s at work with Wells Fargo, it’s fun to drop by and see his smiling face.

Hannah and I enjoyed going for coffee. When she was younger we would go on walks. It was a great deal of fun to watch her play volleyball, and to cheer her on.

Even though David, is close by as he goes to school at San Diego Christian College. We still feel some loss. He won’t be living with us any more. Since David’s the oldest I’ve always relied on him to help me get things done. He is very responsible and reliable.

One of the things I loved doing the most with my boys is playing and watching baseball. I coached David and Jon since they were little. Even now we are in a fantasy baseball league together. Almost every conversation includes something about baseball. Hannah was always a great fan. She was at almost every game cheering her big brothers on.

David & Jonathan at a Rockies Game

David & Jonathan at a Rockies Game

All these wonderful memories just come on like a flood, and I can’t contain my emotions.

I love my kids so much, and I’m going to miss them so dearly!

A friend recently shared with me that, “we give our children roots to give them wings.” Well, their wings are beginning to flap, and it’s painful to watch them fly away. I guess that’s why saying good-bye sucks, because I love my now grown children.

We made it to San Diego. I just dropped by dad off at the airport, and he is on his way back to Fresno.

The trip was exhausting, but it went well. The only added excitement was the bumper fell off on our car in the middle of the desert. It came off shortly after we stopped for gas about an hour outside of Las Vegas. Yes, it did offer some additional stress, and more opportunities to trust the Lord.

Dawn and I appreciate your prayers as we adjust to this new life without our kids in the home. Please pray as well that we can find a suitable home for our needs and ministry soon!

In His Grip, Dave