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Hannah, Dawn and Dave with Yolanda and Daniel Nuñez in Rosarito - south of TJ

Hannah, Dawn and Dave with Yolanda and Daniel Nuñez in Rosarito - south of TJ

Should we abandon missions in Tijuana, because of the security issues that this border town faces?

Last Wednesday, Dawn, Hannah, and I along with our BEAMM teammate, Ray Call spent the day with Daniel and Yolanda Nuñez in Tijuana. You can read more  about our visit here…

We did feel like we needed to careful and observant, but we didn’t sense any grave danger while we were there. Nonetheless the question above is one that may haunt many. On the one hand we shouldn’t abandon a place out of fear, but we do need to be wise. I believe it’s one of the many reasons that we need an army of friends standing with us in prayer.

Actually there has been some very good news lately about how Tijuana has experienced less violence, and is becoming a much safer place. Business although still slow is starting to pick up. Pray with us for a revitalization of this city. 

While we were in TJ I shot some video and interviewed Daniel Nuñez. I think you will enjoy Daniel’s perspective on Tijuana, and the good work he is doing there. His ministry Lo Mejor Del Trigo (The Best of the Wheat) is a bright light in a dark place.

We are thrilled about our growing relationship with Daniel. In my next post I will upload another video clip about our kingdom work, and the bringing together of important partners for God’s glory!

Let me know what you think about my question above. Do you think we should abandon Tijuana? Should the safety concerns change the way we go about ministry there?

In His Grip, Dave