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The Light on a Hill
Dave with Victor and Sol Bravo in front of their church

Dave with Victor and Sol Bravo in front of their church

The light of Christ shines brightly in the community of Rosarito, Plan Libertador through our new church plant! We rejoice in what the Lord is doing there.

Last week I had the opportunity to interview some of our favorite people south of the border, pastor Victor Bravo and Sol. Every time I’m with them I come away encouraged. God is using them to see lives transformed. Wonderful stories of grace are taking place in this church that is light on a hill.

I think you will enjoy watching this video and learning more about Victor and Sol and the outreach in Rosarito, Plan Libertador.

Lives Transformed by the Gospel

In the video Victor and Sol share about one of the families that have been transformed by the gospel. Here’s a few more details about how God worked in their lives, and brought hope where there was little.

Marco lives near the church with his wife, Martha. Initially when they were invited they weren’t interested in the church. When we started building the church they saw all the activity going on. It peaked their interest, and one of our team members invited them to help.

Before we knew it Marco started hammering nails!

The following Sunday Marco and Martha showed up along with their three children. Marco used to have a problem with drinking, but since he got involved in the church he’s been able to have victory in this area of his life. The gospel not only saved him, it changed his life!

Not only was Marco’s life transformed, but the course of his family was changed forever. His 19-year-old daughter, Beatrice was pregnant out-of-wedlock. Beatrice and her boyfriend, Hector were gripped by the gospel. After they came to Christ they got married, and were baptized along with the rest of the family. What a great day of celebration!

When Dawn heard this family’s story tears came to hear eyes. She was touched by God’s redeeming love. We hope that the Lord will minister to you in a similar way.

Thank you for your loving prayers and your support!

Help us end 2015 strong.


In His Grip, Dave

A Glorious Sunday of Worship
Dave preaching at LMT Plan Libertador in Rosarito

Dave preaching at LMT Plan Libertador in Rosarito

Today (Sunday) was an invigorating day! It’s so good to see God’s church in action. The church growing, and reaching out to the glory of God!

In the morning I was able to visit and preach at Lo Mejor del Trigo (LMT) Plan Libertador in Rosarito. Victor Bravo pastors this young church, which we helped him and his wife, Sol launch this past March.

Victor and Sol are some of my favorite people. They have so much energy and enthusiasm and it’s plan to see that they love their people and the people love them.

Dave & Pastor Victor Bravo in front of the church

Dave & Pastor Victor Bravo in front of the church

I preached on Christ’s tender invitation to come learn from him, and rest in him from Matthew 11:25-30. I’ve been camped out on that passage for a while now. It was hot in the church today, so I feared the congregation might take my exhortation to rest literally. Fortunately, they stayed awake and I sensed the Lord used His Word to lift up the spirit of the people.

Even though this church is only a few months old they already have about 40 people in their service. Victor and Sol are doing an outstanding job in showing the love of Christ in the community of Plan Libertador. I wish all our church plants would start off like this one is.

That’s our continued prayer. Lord, build your church.

7 Year Milestone at LMT La Morita
Jaime & Valentina on the far right receiving a plaque of recognition for their 7 years of ministry at the church

Jaime & Valentina on the far right receiving a plaque of recognition for their 7 years of ministry at the church

In the afternoon I was able to go to LMT La Morita in Tijuana to celebrate their seventh anniversary. My good friend, pastor Jaime Rodriguez is leading this church. He planted the church with his wife, Valentina in 2008.

Jaime also ministers as the Hispanic pastor of Bridge church in San Diego. I really enjoy working with him. As I’ve said before it’s a real privilege for me to minister with the men and women like Jaime & Valentina and Victor and Sol.

So encouraging to visit these two churches, and see how God’s Spirit is working in each church.

God’s Amazing Work – What a Joy!

When I pray and think about the future and what God wants to do on the border and throughout the Baja I keep being reminded of Ephesians 3:20.

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen. (Ephesians 3:20, 21 ESV)

I love  the idea of Christ doing far more abundantly than all that we ask or think. It doesn’t only say abundantly, but the passage says far more abundantly. God can and will do more than we can even ask or think of. I don’t know about you, but that gives me hope.

Sometimes I get frustrated when I try to do the ministry in my own strength, or even when I lean on my own understanding too much.

So many wonderful promises in the Bible to keep me going in the right direction, and to remind me who’s in charge.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭127:1‬ ‭ESV‬‬
Thanks for praying and standing with us as we minister here, and see God fulfilling his promise to build his church.
In His Grip, Dave
God is at Work, Hallelujah!
The Sunset at Imperial Beach

The light removes the darkness

I’m amazed by how the gospel advances in spite of the opposition we face. Our family has been going through some major trials, but we see God at work right before our eyes. It lifts us up!

The Lord is doing a mighty work through the churches that we’ve come alongside and helped to start. When Dawn and I meet with the pastors we come away encouraged by their stories of grace. Yet they also tell us of the difficulties they are encountering.

Dave & Dawn with Sol & Victor

Dave & Dawn with Sol & Victor

Someone said that, “dogs don’t bark at parked cars.” In the same way the enemy of our soul doesn’t come after us if we aren’t on the move.

Pastor Victor Bravo and his wife, Sol are leading the church in Rosarito in the community of Plan Libertador. They have a young man who is serving with them, Cristobal, who has a heart for the Lord. Cristobal is going to Bible school preparing for the ministry, but he’s also been supporting the work in Rosarito.

The Church is Advancing
Cristobal sharing from the Word at Lo Mejor del Trigo Plan Libertador in Rosarito

Cristobal sharing from the Word at Lo Mejor del Trigo Plan Libertador in Rosarito

The week before the inaugural service on Palm Sunday, Cristobal was staying at the church to care for it. This was quite a sacrifice as the church has no running water, so he was roughing it. The problem is that often when these new churches are built if no one is there to watch over the property thieves will break in and take advantage of the situation.

While Cristobal was at the church before they held the first service an expensive car drove up to the church. This church is built in a undeveloped community, and the road isn’t paved, so they don’t get many luxurious cars coming through.

The car stopped in front of the church, and a woman dressed very nicely got out. She didn’t look like she belonged.

The woman began to talk to Cristobal about the church, and she told him that she would give him a large sum of money if he would leave the church and go with her. She didn’t want the church to open. Her offer was a deliberate attempt to stop the work of the church.

Cristobal didn’t take her up on her offer. She offered him a substantial amount of money, but he knew where his true treasure lies.

When I heard this story, I thought, wow! The enemy doesn’t like the church invading his territory. The kingdom is advancing, Hallelujah! The light is growing and even a small amount of light drives back the darkness.

Join Us in Prayer

Continue in prayer for pastor Victor and Sol as they lead this new work. Pray for Cristobal as he is just starting up his Bible school semester this week. Praise the Lord with us that the church is growing and that the kingdom is advancing. The gates of hell shall not prevail.

In His Grip, Dave

Amazed By God’s Work
Dave & Dawn with Sol & Victor

Dave & Dawn with Sol & Victor

I continue to be amazed by God’s work of transformation on the border. What a wonderful God we serve!

The new church plant in Rosarito, Lo Mejor del Trigo Plan Libertador is off to a great start. Dawn and I had dinner with Pastor Victor Bravo and Sol this last week. It was so good to hear more of their story as well as what God is doing in their church.

The church is only four weeks old, and they already have 20 adults and 15 children coming to their service. Today (Sunday) they celebrated día del niño (children’s day). They blessed many children in the community, and in doing so shared the love of Christ.

Vision for a Greater Work
Dave with Pastor Victor in front of the church

Dave with Pastor Victor in front of the church

When Dawn & I talk to Victor and Sol about the church their faces light up and they start telling us about their vision for the church. They want to offer after school tutoring for children in the community. A huge need.

Soon a big factory will be opening near the church, and they want to reach out to the people who will work in that factory and minister to them and their families. Those are just some of the ideas they have.

I’ve seen over the years that building a firm foundation, having a good beginning plays a big part in determining the success of the church.

Lift Up Victor & Sol in Prayer

Continue to hold up Victor and Sol as they lead the church and reach out in the community. Pray that the Lord continues to give them a large vision for their church and that he enables them through his Spirit to see their vision realized.

God is a big God, and he has big plans for Victor and Sol and the church in Plan Libertador!

In His Grip, Dave

A Celebration – A New Birth
Pastor Daniel anointing Victor and Sol as they begin the ministry in Plan Libertador

Pastor Daniel anointing Victor and Sol as they begin the ministry in Plan Libertador

What a wonderful celebration! Sol said she felt like she did on her wedding day on the day of the inauguration of the new church in Rosarito. Pastor Victor and Sol were so excited. They were radiant!

All of us who participated in praying for them and building the church felt the energy. We were glowing with gladness and filled with gratitude for God’s goodness.

A Dream Realized
Sol & Victor

Sol & Victor

Victor and Sol said they have been praying for seven years for a moment like this. God answered. He came through!

The Lord’s Spirit was very present during the service. One of the American pastors, David Feiser, who came down from Bellflower said he felt the Spirit moving as we worshipped.

The highlight of the service was when Pastor Daniel Nuñez lead us in the laying on of hands and anointing of Victor and Sol. I felt privileged to lay hands on them and pray for them along with the other pastors from Lo Mejor del Trigo present.

Victor and Sol cried tears of joy as they embraced. It was a special moment.

I always feel like the establishing of a new church is the highlight of the year for us. Especially for those churches that we are more directly involved in building and getting started.

A New Work Begins
David Feiser, Victor Bravo, Dave & Daniel Nuñez

David Feiser, Victor Bravo, Dave & Daniel Nuñez

As I had the opportunity to share during the service, the work is just beginning. Yet it’s off to a great start. This church is called to be a light in the community. That the gospel will shine forth brightly and bring freedom to many in the community of Plan Libertador and beyond!

I gave Pastor Victor and Sol a charge from Colossians 4:2-3:

“Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving. At the same time, pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ, on account of which I am in prison—”

I encouraged all those there to continue in prayer for Victor and Sol and this new church. I’d like to ask you to do the same. Lift them up in prayer. Plead to the Lord on their behalf, asking the door for the word may be open so that they can declare the mystery of Christ.

In my charge I encouraged Victor and Sol to faithfully proclaim the gospel and to be a light in the community. O Lord, that many will come to faith as a result of the witness of this church. Hallelujah!

God is so good. Praise him for his goodness!

In His Grip, Dave

The Bombs are Falling!
Dave at the U.S. Mexico border - Life on the Border

Dave at the U.S. Mexico border – Life on the Border

I read an interesting article this week that referred to the effects that the bombings had on the English in WWII. The Germans thought that if they bombed the English in their homeland that it would dishearten them. They thought it would weaken the English.

Interestingly enough it had the opposite effect. It emboldened the English. The people begin to think, if I could survive a bomb I can survive anything.

God Strengthens Us Through Trials
Pretty much how we hope things will be, and the reality of the trials of life

Pretty much how we hope things will be, and the reality of the trials of life

I think that’s a great picture of how God uses trials in our lives. We don’t like the curves in our lives. Maybe we’d like a little more routine, but the Lord uses the valleys to strengthen us.

That’s what Dawn and I are finding as we traverse this long and winding road.

I’m not saying that we don’t get down. What I am speaking to is how we grow, and we are strengthened even when it seems like there are explosions going off all around us.

God is Our Refuge

Maybe that’s what the Psalmist is feeling when he wrote Psalm 46.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way, though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains tremble at its swelling. Selah”

Psalm 46:1-3 ESV

Hannah, Dawn and Dave

Hannah, Dawn and Dave

Even though everything around us is falling apart, we do not fear. We are not afraid, because God is there. The Lord holds everything together. When things seem chaotic they aren’t. God brings order out of chaos. He has a purpose in it all.

Our family has been walking through this trial with our daughter for two months now. It’s been a journey filled with low points and high points.

The only constant is that God is there, and he is carrying us through it. He is our rock and refuge.

Hannah reminded us the other day that she wants to love God and enjoy him forever. Which is the answer to the first question of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. What is the chief end of man?

As we seek to love God and enjoy him forever there are the good and bad moments. There are the high points and the low points.

Coming Forth as Gold

Job is a constant reminder of the Lord’s work in suffering. There are many nuggets to be found in Job. Here is one of them:

But he knows the way that I take; when he has tried me, I shall come out as gold.”

Job 23:10 ESV

The Lord is refining us and making us into a pure gold.

I’ve been encouraged as our friends have come to me and said that the things I’ve written on this blog have encouraged them. When I write I feel like it’s cathartic for me. It also gives me joy to know that the Lord is using it to minister to others. I do pray that it will strengthen you in your journey.

Your love and your prayers do lift us up.

Lo Mejor del Trigo #24 in Plan Libertador

Lo Mejor del Trigo #24 in Plan Libertador

I’m amazed that even in this turbulent time, that the Lord is doing so much. The church is growing. The kingdom is advancing. This Sunday we will be celebrating the inaugural service for Lo Mejor del Trigo’s 24th church!

God is so good. We feel privileged to serve him, and see such awesome advance!

In His Grip, Dave


God came through again!
Our group working hard to build the church!

Our group working hard to build the church!

We are so thankful that God came through again. He answered your prayers, and he gave us an outstanding day on Saturday.

The church is built! We accomplished the goal!

The Lord gave us a great group of over 50 people to build the church. Everyone worked hard, and cooperated really well. It was one of the smoothest days we’ve had on a church build.

The Charge to Pastor Victor
Pastor Bob Klein (on the right) giving the charge to Pastor Victor

Pastor Bob Klein (on the right) giving the charge to Pastor Victor

At the end of the day one of the pastors that was accompanying us on the trip, Bob Klein from Harbor Mira Mesa gave a charge to pastor Victor Bravo. As Bob gave the keys for the church to Victor he prayed that the community would be open to the gospel as the Word goes forth.

Pastor Victor couldn’t hold back the tears as Pastor Bob shared these encouraging words. It was such a rich blessing to be part of that moment. I pray that it will be the first of many God moments that emanate from this church.

I’m so thankful for the work God is doing on the Border!

In the middle of the afternoon when we were getting close to being done with the construction, a number of us went out into the neighborhood to invite the people to the church’s inaugural service which will be held this coming Sunday. The people in the community responded openly to the invitation. We are looking forward to an amazing celebration!

Join Us In Prayer
Dave with Sol & Victor

Dave with Sol & Victor

Pray with us for many to come, and that through this church many lives will be touched. We pray that many will come into the kingdom of God through the testimony of this church.

Thanks again for standing with us – The Lord truly heard and richly blessed our day!

In His Grip, Dave



Super Saturday – An Amazing Day
Pastor Victor Bravo and Sol

Pastor Victor Bravo and Sol

Saturday was an amazing day for all of us involved in the new church plant. Pastor Victor Bravo told me that it brought tears to his eyes when our vans drove up to start building the church Saturday morning.

When we arrived there was only a concrete slab. By the time we left there was a standing building, a church! There is still work to be done to finish up, but the progress in one day is nothing short of amazing.

A group of twenty-three from the former Harbor network of churches showed up to build the church. They were joined by a local team and another church group that came down from Orange County. This Saturday fifty are ready to go down and finish up the work.

As I mentioned Victor had tears in his eyes when we arrived. His wife, Sol was crying tears of joy as we left.

My son, David, Jr. put together a short video that shows the progression throughout the day. I always find it amazing how quickly these buildings go up!

Rosarito Church Plant Day 1

Join Us in Prayer

We look forward to finishing up the work this week by putting up the drywall, shingles on the roof, electricity and trim. I’m thankful that we have a large group of 50 that is joining us this Saturday.

Apart from completing the construction we will take a group out to evangelize in the community. We are praying for a wonderful inaugural service on March 29th. Join us in prayer that many will come to know the savior through the witness of this church.

Pray for Pastor Victor and his wife, Sol as they lead this new church.

Thanks for praying for Hannah and our family. She did very well last Saturday, and the Lord continues his healing work!

In His Grip, Dave

Church #24 for LMT
The material has arrived and the work has begun

The material has arrived and the work has begun

Today I will be leading a team of 25 from 4 different churches to put up the walls and the roof on Lo Mejor del Trigo’s (LMT) 24th church. This church is located in Rosarito, Mexico. LMT’s second church in Rosarito.

On Thursday and Friday all the materials came in and a group led by pastor Daniel Nuñez began preparing everything for our arrival. We can’t wait to start!

Victor and Sol with their son on the church property

Victor and Sol with their son on the church property

Pray for a good day. By the end of the day the shell of the church will be up. Next week I have over 50 coming to finish the work. We will put up the dry wall, electrical and shingles on the roof.

It promises to be an amazing time.

On March 29th, the church led by pastor Victor Bravo is planning on holding their inaugural service.

Yes, we are excited!

Cry Out to the Lord!

Pray that the Lord keeps us all safe, and that we are a good witness exhibiting the grace of God. Pray also for my family. My son, David, Jr. will be going down with me. He loves to cut out the spaces for doors and the windows. Hannah and Dawn will stay behind. Especially lift up Hannah that she does well while we are gone, and that the Lord grants Dawn his grace and strength throughout the day.

Mother & Daughter - Hannah & Dawn with Daisy

Mother & Daughter – Hannah & Dawn with Daisy

Thank you friends. Churches planted represent the gospel going out in a new community. It represents new people encountering Jesus and coming to a saving faith and growing in Christ. Hallelujah! There is opposition, so we must stand firm in our faith and in prayer always looking to Jesus.

All of you that stand with us in prayer, encouragement and financial support play a part in seeing the kingdom expanded through this ministry. We thank the Lord of you!

In His Grip, Dave

God’s Up to Something New!
Pastor Daniel Nuñez and Victor Bravo with Dave

Pastor Daniel Nuñez and Victor Bravo with Dave

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy new things. They get me excited. This is especially true when it has to do with new works that the Lord is doing.

Last week I went with Pastor Daniel Nuñez from Lo Mejor del Trigo and a new church planter, Victor Bravo to see the land where we are going to start a new church. This will be the fourth church that Lo Mejor del Trigo, the Harbor Network and Mission to the World have partnered together on. This will be the 24th church for Lo Mejor del Trigo of their vision to plant 50 churches.

I love the time I spent with Daniel and Victor. Both of them are great guys. Pastor Daniel has become a good friend that I love. Victor is a young, new pastor with many gifts.

Our New Church Planter Victor Bravo
The site of the new church plant in Rosarito

The site of the new church plant in Rosarito

Victor is married to Soledad, and the Lord is calling them to plant a church in Rosarito, which is just a little south of Tijuana. Victor has worked with YWAM for a number of years helping with outreach to the needy and building homes for the poor. He has a lot of energy.

As I talked to Victor he shared part of his vision to reach the community. He has some great ideas and it was wonderful to see his passion!

The land the church will be situated on is on a corner lot in a new community. In one of the pictures I took it looks like there is isn’t anything around, but on the other side of the street there are homes.

When I think about all the Lord has done in the other churches we have helped start, and some of the others that have been started by Lo Mejor del Trigo I just can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for this new work.

Join Us Prayer

Pray for Victor and his wife Soledad. Pray that the Lord will go before them and open many doors and many hearts as they bring the gospel to the community. We pray that they will plant a living a vibrant church!

In His Grip, Dave