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Excited to See the Church Grow



Dawn with Pastor Ivan and his wife Rocio

Today Dawn and I are off to Mexico City. Then on Saturday, I will be going to Cuba to minister with our friends from Los Pinos. Before I talk about these trips I’d like to highlight one of the ministries that we work closely with on the border.


Just over three years ago, we helped Ministerios Transformación plant a church in Ribera del Bosque, which is a community in Tijuana. Our good friends, Pastor Ivan Casados and his wife, Rocio lead this church. It’s been exciting for us to watch them grow as leaders as the church has grown.

Choice Servants – Ivan and Rocio Casados



Pastor Ivan Casados & Rocio in front of their church

Ivan and Rocio love our family. They were deeply moved when they heard that Hannah had passed away. When I told Ivan he started to cry, which meant a great deal to me, because I knew he loved Hannah and our family.


We give thanks to the Lord for such special and dear friends. I remember not long after we helped build Ivan’s church, that he had the vision to see the church grow. He wanted to build a second floor so that they could use the bottom floor for fellowship and outreach to children. Dawn and I visited the church last week, and it filled our hearts to see the realization of Ivan’s dream. They just recently added a second floor.

They are still working towards putting in a kitchen and developing a breakfast program for children in the neighborhood. One of the many things I love about Ivan and Rocio and all my friends at Ministerios Transformación is that they have a deep desire to make a difference in the community. They are always looking for ways to minister to those in need. The church is truly a light in a dark place. Hallelujah!

As Dawn and I visited with Ivan and Rocio they shared about a friend in the church named Aaron. Aaron has a serious injury to his foot, which has partially crippled him. Hannah and Dawn prayed for Aaron over the past two years. They prayed for healing.

Aaron gave a testimony in church recently about how the Lord was healing his foot, and how it felt so much better. He remembered the prayers of Hannah and Dawn and he gave thanks for them. That news filled our hearts. Thank you, Jesus!

Pray With Us!

Continue to pray for Ivan and Rocio as they seek to make a difference in Ribera del Bosque.


IMG_2477 (1)

Dave with some of our friends that we work with in Cuba: Frank, Ariadna & Melissa

Dawn and I would like to ask prayer for our time in Mexico City, and my time in Cuba. We will be visiting our campus ministers right after we land today. Then I will leave for Cuba on the 17th, and Dawn will stay in Mexico City during that time. I will be working with the leaders in Habana. Many of them are growing as coaches, and I’m ministering with a team to train them further in their coaching skills. It’s always a rich blessing for me to be with our brothers and sisters in Cuba. They have such a warm and loving spirit.


I do give thanks to the Lord for all the good things that He has done!

In His Grip, Dave

Connecting Pastor Paul Kim and Family in TJ
Paul and Linda Kim and family standing in front of the last church we helped build - the Lo Mejor del Trigo Church in Ribera del Bosque

Paul and Linda Kim and family standing in front of the last church we helped build – the Lo Mejor del Trigo Church in Ribera de Bosque

One of the many things that I love about what I do is introducing others to Mexico and the work we are doing there. Earlier this week I was able to take Pastor Paul Kim, his wife, Linda and their three children into Tijuana. They got to know Tijuana some and the partners we work with.

Pastor Kim is the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in San Diego. Redeemer has brought down groups to build a house, to build a church and to do community outreach. They are valuable partners, and I appreciate their ministry with us in Tijuana.

An Uplifting Time!

It was wonderful to be able to introduce Paul and Linda Kim to the pastors we are working with from Lo Mejor del Trigo. God used the trip to touch the hearts of the Kims, and it gave them an opportunity to minister and encourage some of the pastors.

Daniel Nuñez along with four other pastors joined us. They shared stories about what God is doing in their community and through their church. We visited two churches, one in Ribera de Bosque and one in Rojo Gomez. It was an uplifting time.

Praying for and Encouraging Pastors
Paul and Linda Kim with the pastors from Lo Mejor del Trigo

Paul and Linda Kim with the pastors from Lo Mejor del Trigo

Some of the things that I most enjoyed about our time was being able to pray together for the pastors and their work. The other time that was especially encouraging was sharing a meal together and sharing in the interaction that went on between the Kims and the pastors present. They asked some wonderful questions.

I pray that God will use this trip to make a lasting imprint on Paul and Linda Kim and their family and the pastors that they met. I also pray that God will use it to aid our partnership with Redeemer and the connection between Redeemer and Lo Mejor del Trigo.

God works in powerful ways as churches and ministries come together and join forces for the kingdom.

In His Grip, Dave

Celebrate the New Church
Pastor Daniel praying for Ivan & Rocio during the dedication service

Pastor Daniel praying for Ivan & Rocio during the dedication service

On Palm Sunday Dawn and I celebrated the inaugural service with Lo Mejor del Trigo in Ribera de Bosque. Pastor Ivan and Rocio were radiant.

The church was packed with about 100 people. Pastor Daniel Nuñez prayed for and gave a charge to Ivan and Rocio. They were moved to tears as we gathered around them and prayed.

Privileged to be Part of God’s Expanding Kingdom
A full house to celebrate the new church

A full house to celebrate the new church

Dawn and I felt privileged to celebrate with them, and take part in the service. Such precious people, who love Jesus.

It was extra special that all three pastors from the churches that Harbor has helped start were at the dedication service. Pastor Leo and pastor Rodrigo also shared their gratitude for the work that we’ve done with them in helping them to get started!

Hallelujah! He is Risen!
Dave sharing some words of encouragement with Ivan and Rocio during the inaugural service

Dave sharing some words of encouragement with Ivan and Rocio during the inaugural service

It’s thrilling that this last Sunday, Easter Sunday they could worship in their new church. The gospel is going forth in the community of Ribera de Bosque. This is something that Ivan and Rocio have dreamed of for a long time.

I’m so grateful for our relationship with Ivan, Rocio and the rest of our friends with Lo Mejor del Trigo. They are a gift from our Savior.

Pray that the church will grow and that the Lord will give Ivan wisdom as he leads the people.

In His Grip, Dave


Goal Accomplished – A New Church!
Celebrating finishing the roof on the church

Celebrating finishing the roof on the church

On Saturday we took another group of 40 down to Tijuana to finish up the church building. The trip to Tijuana was a wonderful day on many fronts.

We accomplished our goal to finish building the church. The Lord gave us his favor as we experienced pleasant weather, a great group to work with, awesome food and outstanding hosts. The day couldn’t have been any better. Thank you Jesus!

Once again we were amazed by the progress everyone working together made in one day. Our task was to put shingles on the roof, paint the outside walls and put drywall on the inside of the building. All that is left to do is the finishing touches on the inside of the church.

Yesterday (Sunday) Lo Mejor del Trigo (LMT) Ribera de Bosque celebrated its inaugural service. A joyous celebration that Dawn, Hannah and I were privileged to attend. I will write more about that in my next post.

The church is near two communities Valle Verde and Ribera de Bosque. Since a number of the people in the church are from Ribera de Bosque they are using that for the name, although the sign above the church will just say Lo Mejor del Trigo.

Two Cultures – One Church
Putting up the drywall

Putting up the drywall

One of the many things that I love about bringing groups from the States down to Mexico is seeing people from different cultures and different languages intersect for the purpose of the Kingdom. I believe God is glorified when we do this work. Over the last two weekends 75 Americans worked with 20 of our friends from TJ.

Jesus is glorified when his church grows. When there are more people to worship him as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

It takes a community of people sometimes from different cultures to come together to see the church grow. The Lord has given all of us different gifts, and when we put the gifts that we have before the Lord good things happen.

Dawn with Rocio and Ivan

Dawn with Rocio and Ivan

Pastor Daniel Nuñez has been involved in building many churches, but this was the first one that he led. He did an outstanding job. We give praise to the Lord.

Daniel told me that while we were helping to build the church for Pastor Ivan and Rocio Casados in Ribera de Bosque that another group was helping pastor Cesar and Kristina Zavala build a church in another community in Tijuana. Dawn and I have gotten to know Cesar and Kristina over the last year, and they are very dear friends. We are happy for them and their church.

It was an unbelievably busy and productive weekend for Lo Mejor del Trigo. I told Daniel and his wife, Yolanda that I hope they are able to get some rest this week. Dawn and I are worn out from the work we did, but we were only responsible for one group.

Church #3
David Jr., Dawn and Jon. It was great to have my family participate

David Jr., Dawn and Jon. It was great to have my family participate

This is the third church that Harbor and Lo Mejor del Trigo have come together to plant. It’s the 20th church for LMT!

Thanks so much for lifting us up in prayer. God surely heard our prayers as we didn’t have anyone get hurt, and there were no accidents save for a small tree that I backed over with the van. Oops!

I heard only positive reports from all those that participated. Actually, a number of them asked, when can we do this again? God comes through!

In His Grip, Dave