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The Kingdom is Advancing!

Dave & Dawn – Thankful for all the good years that the Lord has given us!

Dawn and I have endured some heart ache over the last few months, but the Lord uses many avenues to lift us up. One of them is seeing the church grow. We love to see the Kingdom advance.

I remember when we were thinking about moving from Colorado to the border we dreamed about being involved in a church planting movement. We prayed that the Lord would connect us with like-minded godly men and women who had a heart to see God’s kingdom advance.

Wonderful Church Planters

Dave & Dawn with Ivan and Rocio

Over the last few days we’ve met with and been in communication with a number of our church planting couples. Tonight we met with Ivan and Rocio Casados. We helped them plant their church with Ministerios Transformación (MT) three years ago. The church is growing, and they’ve just finished a building project so they have more room for the people who God is bringing to them.


Obed & Cesiah with their family and Pastor Daniel Nuñez on Inauguration day

On Wednesday night we met with Obed and Cesiah Lares who we helped start a church with MT on October 16 last year. The first service was just two days before Hannah passed away. Obed and Cesiah shared how they are reaching out in the community and more families are starting to come to the church and grow in their faith.

Pastor Victor and Sol

Pastor Victor and Sol

Recently Dawn and I were with Victor and Sol Bravo who we helped launch their work with MT in March of 2015. Obed and Cesiah came out of their church. This church is not only growing and reaching out to orphans in the community, but they sent out a pastor and his wife to start a new church just a little over a year after they started their church.

Petri & Yudy’s New Work in Ensenada: Renuevo

Renuevo’s First Service

Just last Sunday Petri and Yudy Petrikowski started their first service. Dawn and I were able to be with them and we helped commissioned them as they were sent out from their home church, La Nueva Jerusalén. Petri and Yudy are planting this church with the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico. Every time Dawn and I are with them we come away encouraged and impressed by how the Lord is using them to reach out to their friends.

We Give Thanks for Our Valuable Partners in Ministry

Dave and Dawn with two great friends and partners in ministry, JD Pearring and Daniel Nuñez

The three churches with Ministerios Transformación are reaching out in urban poor neighborhoods. MT has built homes for some of the needy people in the community. They are doing some amazing things to make a huge difference in people’s lives. The Ministerios Transformación network has started 30 churches in 10 years!

God is using them to bring about change in the communities where the churches are ministering. They are great partners and friends. Apart from helping them plant churches we’ve been able to partner with them on training church planters and coaches for ministry.

We have two church planting projects with the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico. One in La Paz, which is the capital of Southern Baja California, and the one in Ensenada Petri and Yudy are leading.

All these church planters that I’ve mentioned here as well as others like Pastor Daniel and Yolanda Nuñez are great friends. I don’t have space to mention all the wonderful pastors and friends that the Lord has given us.


Dave training church planters

I just want to say that God is doing a work here. His Spirit is moving, and I believe that we are just beginning. We are going to see even greater things! 

This is happening, because of the hard work and the prayers of many people. You’ve played a part as you’ve prayed with us and for us. Dawn and I give thanks for you, and we pray that the Lord will bring even more to stand with us on this great journey of faith! For His honor and glory. Hallelujah!

In His Grip, Dave Diaso

Celebrating Pastor Daniel & LMT!
Praying for Pastor Daniel Nuñez and Yolanda at Lo Mejor del Trigo

Praying for Pastor Daniel Nuñez and Yolanda at Lo Mejor del Trigo

On Sunday Dawn and I participated in a wonderful worship service with our friends from Lo Mejor del Trigo (LMT). We felt so blessed to be there to celebrate with them.

During the service a number of pastors and leaders including us gave testimony to pastor Daniel Nuñez, who leads LMT. It was Daniel’s birthday, so we took time to recognize him. He and his family have become special friends to us, and it was a real joy to celebrate his birthday.

Kingdom Growth Through LMT
Dave with Pastor Femi Awodele, pastor Jesus Rodriguez and one of the families of the church including a selfie!

Dave with Pastor Femi Awodele, Pastor Jesus Rodriguez and one of the families of the church including a selfie!

The part that I felt especially excited about  is that as we celebrated Daniel’s life it was not just about the man, but about the vision and what God has done through LMT. They are getting ready to start their 24th church in March. We have the privilege of helping with that project.

God gave Daniel the vision to plant 50 churches in his life time, and they are almost half way there in less than 10 years. The Lord is so good.

There were a number of friends at the service to take part in the special day. Many churches represented their partnership with Daniel and LMT to help make the vision a realty. Wow! It’s so good to see the Lord bring different groups together so that the kingdom would expand. The preacher that spoke was a special guest from Nigeria, pastor Femi Awodele. What a group!

There is joy when there is life. There is joy where there is growth.

God is doing his amazing work through these faithful friends. We are so thankful that we are part of what God is doing.

Pray for Expansion and Protection

As I’ve shared before, it often seems as God blesses we see more opposition. The opposition is often painful. It can be personal. We know the Lord is watching over and protecting our family. Yet we do get attacked.

Continue to pray for the expansion of the church, and for his protection over us. We are in the middle of two heavy weeks of ministry, and at the same time we are dealing with a huge trial in our family.

We look to Jesus! We look to the Cross of Christ!

In His Grip, Dave

The Kingdom Expands
Daniel Nuñez directing our group at the start of the day

Daniel Nuñez directing our group at the start of the day

Wow! was the common sentiment expressed on Saturday and Sunday. The quick progress left our group of 40 that went down to Tijuana on Saturday amazed.

When we arrived in the morning there was only the concrete slab for the foundation, and a lot of lumber lying around. Once we got to work the building progressed quickly. Pastor Daniel Nuñez and part-time foreman did an outstanding job directing us.

I didn’t hear one complaint the whole trip, which doesn’t happen all the time. God truly answered our prayers. Thanks so much for joining us in prayer.

God Works Through Our Weaknesses
Dave & David Jr. (I loved having my son with us!)

Dave & David Jr. (I loved having my son with us!)

When I put these trips together I must admit that sometimes I stress over the details coming together. I got frustrated last week when I was working on organizing the trip. Things shouldn’t have bothered me as much as they did, but I let them get the best of me.

I’m confessing my own sinful struggles, but also proclaiming the Lord’s faithfulness to work through my weaknesses to bring everything together.

The Church is Standing!
Everybody working hard to get the church built

Everybody working hard to get the church built

By the time we left the work site on Saturday afternoon the church was standing, and had a covered roof. Amazing that we could get so much accomplished in one day. It’s a testament to Daniel and his crew’s hard work at directing us and working with us.

Now we are excited to go back this next Saturday to finish the job. We will put the shingles on the roof and put up all the dry wall.

Some of the favorite parts of the trip for me are watching as our team worked so hard, and worked so well together. I loved meeting more of the people from the church, and seeing how happy pastor Ivan and his wife Rocio were. It was wonderful to get to know Ivan’s dad and brother as well.

The church made us a wonderful lunch – fish tacos with great salsa.

Before and after with the whole group in front of the church before we left

Before and after with the whole group in front of the church before we left

Thank you Jesus for the good work that you are doing. Next Sunday, April 13th Ivan and Rocio are planning on having their inaugural service in the new church building.

I’m hoping that it will be a little easier this week preparing for the trip. I was able to get most of the work done last week, so I’m grateful for that.

Pray that this next week will go as well or better than this last Saturday went.

In His Grip, Dave

Mario and Silvia with Dave and Dawn, San Diego Harbor

Mario and Silvia with Dave and Dawn

The last week has been super fun and super busy. Some of our best friends in the world, Mario and Silvia Silva along with their three children have been visiting us. On top of that our son, Jon came in on Saturday for a surprise visit. Our other two children, David and Hannah are also here. We’ve had a full house.

Since Mario and Silvia are here it’s given us a chance to get to know San Diego better. We’ve been in the area for five months, and there is a great deal to see and do.

What makes all this extra special is Mario and Silvia have a very strong interest in ministering with us on the border. That’s a huge prayer request for us and them, that God will open the door and show us the way to make that happen.

I’ve written about Mario and Silvia before. This has been a long journey, and sometimes it takes longer than we’d like, but we believe we are getting closer.

Mario and Silvia Silva family, David and Dawn Diaso family, Sea World

The Silva family and the Diaso family enjoying a day out

At this point Mario and Silvia have the strongest interest of those we’ve talked to about joining our team. We’ve prayed that the Lord will raise up workers. It is still our cry, “O Lord, do send us men and women who are called by you and willing to work with us to see your kingdom expanded on earth as it is heaven!”

I’m learning that it’s not easy to mobilize people for the harvest. I enjoy it, but it’s a long process. The Lord keeps reminding me that one of the most important things for us is to see God drawing them. They need to be called by the Lord. If they are truly called they will feel a strong commitment. It’s not dependent on us. God and his grace must be preeminent.

There are some things that we are still trying to figure out with Mario and Silvia. It is a journey for them, just as it has been for us. We know the Lord wants us to trust him, and to have faith. Also, we need prayer for protection as there are times we can sense that the evil one is trying to divide us or dissuade us.

Please join us in prayer as we seek the Lord and ask him for his leading, guidance, protection and direction.

In His Grip, Dave

Pastor Leo Navarez receiving the keys to the new church

Pastor Leo Navarez receiving the keys to the new church

In my last few posts I’ve written about the new church plant in Rosarito, Mexico led by our friends, pastor Daniel Nuñez and pastor Leo Navarez. Daniel is the leader of Lo Mejor del Trigo (The Best of the Wheat) movement in Tijuana and beyond. Leo is the pastor of the church in Rosarito, which is Lo Mejor del Trigo’s 14th church! Praise the Lord for how He is moving through this ministry.

As I’ve thought about this church plant it’s reminded me of the kingdom of God. It’s reminded me of Jesus teaching on how the kingdom of God grows. In part it’s a mystery. It’s something God does as the gospel goes forth. The kingdom of heaven is a powerful and dynamic movement of the Spirit.

Jesus said in His teachings in Matthew 13:31-32,

“… The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed that a man took and sowed in his field. It is the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown it is larger than all the garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in it branches.”

The kingdom of heaven is a beautiful thing. The Lord brings together sometimes unrelated parts to bring about expansive growth. If we look, if we pay attention, we can see the seed scattered. Then we begin to see these smallest of seeds bear fruit. They grow into something big and unexpected.

Hannah, Dawn and Dave with Yolanda and Daniel Nuñez in Rosarito - south of TJ

Hannah, Dawn and Dave with Yolanda and Daniel Nuñez in Rosarito – south of TJ

Some of the things I’m already seeing even as the church in Rosarito just celebrated their first service this past Sunday are:

  1. Pastor Leo remembering that his family owned some land in Rosarito, and realizing they could use that land to build the church.
  2. The Lord bringing two ministries together – Harbor Presbyterian Church and Lo Mejor del Trigo to plant this church.
  3. A mexican woman, Billy, at Harbor Mid-City who saw the video that Danny Kim put together. She got so excited, because she has family that live in Rosarito. She planned to invite all of them to the church. I’m anxious to hear what happened. How many came?
  4. A friend from one of our supporting churches just wrote me when he saw my letter about the new church in Rosarito. He said their church has been involved in a ministry to build homes for the homeless in Rosarito, but they didn’t have a church to connect them with. This new church could be an answer!
  5. Only time will tell of all the wonderful things that the Lord will do through this church. I’m thrilled to see all these different moving parts come together. Small seed growing!

I love the way God works, so encouraging to watch. Tell me, how have you seen God at work? How have you seen Him take something small, the smallest seed to bear much fruit?

Let’s Praise Him together for His mighty work!

In His Grip, Dave

P.S. I’d appreciate your prayers as we do prayer walks this week and next week in San Diego and Tijuana. Pray the Lord will give us His eyes to see!

Dave speaking at Church in the Canyon

Dave speaking at Church in the Canyon

My son, David Jr. and I had a great weekend in Calabasas and Malibu.

On Saturday I presented our San Diego – Tijuana border ministry to a number of pastors and ministry leaders who serve in greater Los Angeles. Our prayer is that not only will these church partner with us through prayer and financial support, but that they will also send us men and woman to serve with us. We need kingdom minded churches who desire to work with us to make a difference on the border.

A number of the churches represented at the meeting have partnered with us in the past, so it was uplifting for me to be able to connect with them again. I realize that you have to start somewhere, and that it’s not always on the fast road. Yet, God is faithful to move these small steps forward.

David Jr. at Malibu Beach

David Jr. at Malibu Beach

The meetings on Saturday went till mid-day. In the afternoon David and I went to Malibu, which was a special treat. We enjoyed the Lord’s beautiful creation on the beach in Malibu. Then we went to visit one of David’s friends, Cameron Kruse at Pepperdine. Cameron is a wonderful young man of God who just graduated from Pepperdine.

On Sunday David and I visited Church in the Canyon in Calabasas and I shared about our ministry with them. They responded well. I left encouraged and do sense God is at work!

Church in the Canyon used to support us and partner with us in ministry, so it was a real thrill to reconnect and worship with them.

Dawn and I know that we can’t do this ministry on our own, so it’s such an awesome blessing to connect with people who are interested in learning more about what we are doing. People who will join our prayer team, and even partner with us financially.

To God be the Glory!

In His Grip, Dave

A Monument in Tijuana

A Monument in Tijuana

“Your Kingdom Come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”

— Matthew 6:10 ESV

Did Jesus Really mean it when He asked us to pray this way? I think He did, but I’m not sure we always work in a way that demonstrates our belief in seeing His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. It appears that many are interested in setting up their own little kingdoms. Jesus asked us to plead with the Father that His Kingdom and His will would be on earth as it is in heaven. This means that ultimately it’s a work that only God can do.

Even though it is the Lord’s work, it also gives us a clue as to what we should be working for as we serve Him.

That’s one of the reasons I’m enthusiastic about partnering with others in ministry. It exemplifies the kingdom. We are working together to see God’s kingdom expanded.

Hannah & Dawn enjoying some tacos with Yolanda & Daniel

Hannah & Dawn enjoying some tacos with Yolanda & Daniel

Last week my wife, Dawn, my daughter, Hannah and my co-worker, Ray Call and I were in Tijuana with Daniel and Yolanda Nuñez. I shared about our visit in a couple of my last few posts: Should we Abandon Tijuana? and Exploring TJ and Praying for Expansion. While we were there I was able to capture some video of TJ and interview Daniel Nuñez.

I asked Daniel what he thought about working in partnership. We are serving together to see the church expanded in TJ through the ministries of Harbor, BEAMM and Lo Mejor del Trigo. Daniel said one of the statements that he likes in reference to partnerships is,

“Doing together what we cannot do alone.”

That is one of the reasons we partner with other ministries is that as we work together we are able to do more, and be more effective for the kingdom.

I would like to share a video clip on Tijuana and an interview with Daniel about serving together.

Video: Exploring Tijuana and Partnering with Daniel Nuñez and Lo Mejor del Trigo

It’s encouraging to see ministries come together. My prayer is that this will be in part an answer to our prayer, “Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” — Matthew 6:10 ESV

I really appreciate all the great comments I received from my last post about whether we should abandon Tijuana. Now I’d like to ask, Do you think we should strive to work in partnership for His kingdom? Why, or why not?

In His Grip, Dave

P.S. Please keep the launching of our ESL outreach with Harbor Mid-City in prayer. The first class will be April 13th.