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Our Desire to see the Kingdom of God Extended
Pastor Mere Godinez & Edna at the church in Mexicali that we built in memory of our daughter, Hannah

Dawn and I moved to the San Diego – Tijuana border in 2012. One of our main desires has been to extend the kingdom through planting new churches. God has far exceeded our expectations!

We’ve been involved in various stages of helping plant 117 churches in Mexico. One of the ways that we’ve done that is through raising the funds to build a church. God has provided for us to build seven churches with our partners Ministerios Transformación (Transformation Ministries). We’ve also aided in building and extending the ministry of another 7 churches. It’s fun to build churches, because we go from the ground up. These churches start with nothing but the land, and end up being the light of Christ that shines brightly in the community.

The Ron & Virginia Diaso Memorial Church
David Jr. and Jonathan  in action (on the bottom left with our friend Jacob Betchol and on bottom right with me)

The last church we built was in July of 2021. We built that church in memory of my parents, Ron and Virginia Diaso. In this case we not only brought the gospel to a new community, but we honored my parents in the process. Both of our boys, David and Jonathan came out to help us build the church. I think David has participated in all of the churches we have built and Jonathan has also been involved in at least 3 of them.

I love seeing all the smiles when we are building the churches

I always enjoy watching the first wall of the church go up. It is an amazing experience! When we start building the foundation has already been laid, and some of the prep work has already been done, so we are able to get the roof up on the first day. When we built the church in memory of my parents we had so many hard working volunteers pitching in that we not only got the walls and roof up, but we began putting up the drywall as well.

After our two weeks of work the church was ready! Wow! It’s truly Amazing to witness. On Sunday, July 18th we held the inaugural service to launch the church.

As I’ve said before, “it never grows old seeing a new church go up.”

Video: Ron & Virginia Diaso Memorial Church

You can read more about the church we built in memory of my parents by clicking here…

Pastor Victor & Sol with their son, Abraham
Pastor Victor & Sol with their son, Abraham are helping to lead the church we started in my parents memory as well as leading another church that we built in Rosarito
Extend Your Hands to Help
Pastor Uriel and his wife Arely who are planting a church that we built in Rosarito, Mexico

You play an important part in seeing the extension of the kingdom of God in Mexico and on the Big Island! We’d like to ask you to extend your hands to help those in need. Your gift will help us to accomplish the God given vision to impact, Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada, La Paz, Colima, Oaxaca, and Beyond the borders of Mexico to the Big Island for generations to come.

Our familia on the Big Island is still dealing with staggering needs. Sadly, the crisis is ongoing and it has only gotten worse as time has gone on. We are thankful that we can be an instrument to bless others, and we’d love for you to join us in this effort.

Click to Donate…

In His Grip, Dave

Our Easter Hope in the Midst of COVID-19
Thankful for the Cross of Christ

Dawn and I hope you had a wonderful Easter! I mean, we realize that it was an unusual Easter, since we are all confined to our homes. Yet, it’s wonderful to think about Christians all around the world celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Jesus death and resurrection give us a future and a hope.

As Believers we have reason to be hopeful. Last Wednesday, April 8 was the beginning of the Passover, and it was also Holy Week. God is at work during this time, and although the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy He who is in us is greater. Satan seeks to do us harm through the coronavirus and what’s going on around the world, but I believe God will use it for good.

We are looking to Lord to breakthrough and bring revival!

God is on the Move!

Today I made a short 5 minute video, and in it I share some of our experiences over the last month. I think you will find it encouraging.

Dawn & I give thanks for God’s Great work
Pastor René & Yarlis Peñate
Dave with Pastor René

As I mention in the video I just recently returned from Cuba where I was involved in training 102 church planters in four different cities. Pastor René Peñate is one of the church planters who was involved in the training.

This morning Pastor Rene and his wife, Yarelis sent me a video of Yarelis and their children singing the song Forever (Por Siempre), which was co-written by Kari Jobe. This is a powerful song with a great Easter message. We actually sang this song at our daughter, Hannah’s funeral. Kari Jobe was one of Hannah’s favorite artists so the song and the artist have a special significance for our family.

Por Siempre sung by Yarelis Peñate and family
Forever (English version) performed by Kari Jobe
Forever by Kari Jobe with Lyrics

We do sing Hallelujah, because the Lamb has overcome. Forever He is glorified, forever His is lifted high, He is Alive!

Thanks for doing us on this journey of faith!

In His Grip, Dave

Dreaming About Church Expansion

The meeting with church planters and leaders

The meeting with church planters and leaders

This week I went around Tijuana with Daniel Nuñez and a new friend, JD Pearring looking at some of the new church plants, and dreaming about the future. There is some land for sale that could make for a good site for the next church plant.

One of the things I love about Daniel is that he is always looking to grow the church. His goal is to see 50 churches started in 20 years. Lo Mejor del Trigo already has 20 churches, so the Lord is blessing and the churches are growing.

JD works with Transformation Ministries and they have a heart to see the kingdom expanded through church planting and church revitalization. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet him, and learn more about the ministry that he is associated with.

Bringing Two of My Loves Together

Watching the game with Daniel Nuñez, JD Pearring and some of the other guys

Watching the game with Daniel Nuñez, JD Pearring and some of the other guys

Daniel and JD invited me to go to a meeting at Petco Park for church planters, and then to watch a game after. I didn’t need my arm twisted to accept that invite.

There were a number of pastors and leaders from California and Tijuana at the meeting. I loved meeting and interacting with these men and women who have such a heart for seeing the kingdom of God expanded on earth as it is in heaven.

One of my loves apart from church planting is baseball, so it was a great treat to have some fun and interact with the guys at the ballpark!

I enjoy interacting with other people who are passionate about the church. I feel like I always come away enriched, and often I even get a few new ideas. There usually are some opportunities to minister together in the future through these connections. I believe that God loves it when different, but like-minded ministries come together for the good of the city.

Lord, Hear Our Prayer

Lord, thank you so much for kingdom connections, and for your heart to see the church built up. I pray that we will see a renewed city and a revived border as we work together for the kingdom. Please guide and lead us along the way. Bring the right people to join us in this effort!

In His Grip, Dave

The Border Crossing into Tijuana, Mexico

The frequent bad news about the border is a reminder of the need for the transforming power of Christ. Only the gospel gives us lasting and real hope.

I just read a good article written in the Miami Herald on Monday about Tijuana, and how it’s becoming a safer place. I always welcome good news about positive change in TJ. The title of the article is, In Revived Tijuana, a new calm delights – and mystifies.

It appears one of the reasons there is peace in Tijuana is because one of the gangs has gained control of the city. The article cites experts who speculate, “they say the calm is because Mexico’s most powerful crime group has seized control of Tijuana’s key drug-trafficking corridor and now enforces the peace.” So it’s good there is more peace, but unfortunate that the gang problem still exists.

Our prayer is that the Prince of Peace will bring true peace to this land. Many Americans come to Tijuana for the prostitutes, abortions, gambling and other vices. There are some major strongholds in this city. Even when peace comes it doesn’t bring with it a transformed people. Only God can do that.

I’ve been touched by Chris Tomlin’s song, God of This City. My prayer is that greater things are yet to come for the San Diego – Tijuana border. Pray with me that it will happen soon!

Check out the song on YouTube here–

And greater things are still to be done in this great bi-national city of San Diego-Tijuana!

In HIs Grip, Dave

Ray & Michele Call

Dawn and I will be connecting with a number of ministries over the next week and a half while we are in the San Diego – Tijuana area (June 3-14). We will meet Ray and Michelle Call, our new team members. Ray and I have met, but Dawn and Michelle haven’t met yet. We are looking forward to getting to know them, and ministering side by side with them as we crank up the Chula Vista BEAMM (Border Evangelism and Mercy Ministry) team. Ray and Michele just moved from Mexicali to Bonita, CA near Chula Vista. We appreciate your prayers for them as they make this transition. The Calls have six children so this move is no walk in the park.

Stephen & Bradford Phelan

We will hook up with with Stephen and Bradford Phelan. Stephen leads the Harbor Mid-City church. This is a great, young bi-lingual church that is making an impact in the city. Stephen pastors the English church, and Edgardo Avila pastors the Spanish speaking church. Later in the week we will also be able to interact with Dick Kauffman and Russ Kapusinski from the Harbor Network about partnering together on the border to see Hispanics reached for Christ.

On Sunday, June 12 we will be at New Life Church in La Mesa. New Life is a key partner church with BEAMM. We are interested in how we can maximize our partnership with them. Pray with us that the Lord opens doors, and lead us as we work together.

Dave with Daniel Nunez

We will also have the opportunity on this trip to connect with Daniel Nunez, who has planted 12 churches in six years. We are excited about exploring ways we can partner with Daniel. I was able to go to Tijuana in March, and see his ministry, “Lo Mejor del Trigo,” first hand. They are reaching out into the community, and feed up to 700 children breakfast at their various church sites. The Lord is using them in significant ways.

We will meet with churches and individuals on this trip to build our ministry support team. We are at about 78% – 80% of our monthly need. We are getting to the home stretch. Pray with us that the Lord will bring in this final 20%.

On the home front, David has decided to go to San Diego Christian College. Thank you for praying for us about this need. We are still working out all the details, but we are excited about this choice, and glad to have him near us. We appreciate continued prayer for Jonathan and Hannah as we try to decide with them about schooling options. Also, pray the kids do well while we are gone.

In His Grip, Dave