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Dave sharing with New Life Church in La Mesa

Last week I wrote about Harbor Mid-City. A church that is a key partner in reaching Hispanics in the binational city of San Diego – Tijuana. God is raising up other partners for His Kingdom!

On our last trip to the border Dawn and I were able to connect with some other churches that share our burden to see Hispanics reached for Christ. New Life Church in La Mesa, North City Church in Poway, and Aliso Creek Church in Mission Viejo. These churches have expressed a strong interest in being involved in this important work. Larry and Donna Pipkin from North City Church in Poway have been going into Tijuana once a month. This gives them the opportunity to encourage the churches and ministries there. They and the church have invested time and resources into the Mexican Church. Dawn and I just loved meeting Larry and Donna, and learning of their deep concern for the church in TJ.

Dean Abbott from New Life Church

Dawn and I were able to visit New Life in La Mesa a couple of weeks ago. Dean Abbott, who we’ve known for a long time is the missions coordinator. The church really responded as I shared our vision for seeing Hispanic churches planted on both sides of the border. I explained how we were excited to partner with Harbor, and other churches in the area. Some of the people from the church came up to me after, and said, “we really like Harbor’s vision, and their energy.” This is the value of bringing various churches and ministries together. They all have different gifts and talents. If we work for the same thing, namely God’s kingdom the Lord can really multiply and bless through all the synergy that is created. The people at New Life expressed interest in getting involved in prayer walks in the community where many Hispanics live, not far from their church. They are interested in helping with after school programs, and other outreach opportunities that are going on among Hispanics and refugees.

The church in Mission Viejo is a little further from the border, about an hour. We talked to Paul Carden the director of missions at Aliso Creek about ways we can partner together. Right now we are definitely looking for financial and prayer partners, but beyond this we believe that churches like Aliso Creek can also supply man power. They can come down, and help with outreach events, teaching English, and maybe even after school programs.

My lovely wife & Me

Quite honestly much is still in process. It’s quite fluid. It reminds me of what my good friend, and field director with MTW, Bill Goodman says, “give me ambiguity or something like it.” Ambiguity isn’t always very comfortable, but it does seem to be where much in missions resides.

Please join us in prayer as we look to the Lord with these churches to see how we might partner together to multiply our efforts for the Kingdom! 

In His Grip, Dave

Edgardo & Elizabeth Avila

One of the many things that we are thrilled about as we move to the San Diego – Tijuana border is the great ministries that are going on already. Ministries that we can partner with to reach the border for Christ. As you can see in the video below the Harbor Mid-City Church is doing a great job at reaching their community. It’s a bilingual church. They are reaching English speakers, and Spanish speakers. Dawn and I had a great time on this last trip getting to know pastor Stephen Phelan, and his wife, Bradford. We also loved connecting with the pastor of the Spanish speaking part of the church, Edgardo Avila, and his wife, Elizabeth.

Harbor Mid-City has put together a video that we think you will enjoy! It’s a awesome picture of what we’d like to see multiplied many times over as we partner, as Dr. Dick Kaufmann put it, “to so fill this bi-national city with gospel-centered churches, so that the whole region is transformed spiritually, socially and culturally.”

Dawn with Elizabeth Avila

In His Grip, Dave & Dawn

Dawn and I are excited to have Ray and Michele Call working with us on the San Diego – Tijuana border. In my last post Ray shared about some of their background. It was great although we had some noise issues with all the wind. In this interview Ray expands on the first interview sharing more about their background, and how the Lord has lead them to the border. The sound quality is much better in this video! There is still some wind at the end, but it’s much better. We think you will enjoy meeting Ray. Pastor Stephen Phelan from the Harbor Church Mid-City sent me a text last week after a lunch meeting with Ray that read, “I think you have found a great team member and I look forward to seeing what Jesus has in store for them.” We wholeheartedly agree with Stephen. Join us in praying for Ray and Michele and their family as they adjust to living on the San Diego – Tijuana border. 

In His Grip, David

Dawn and I just returned from the San Diego area. One of the many highlights of our trip was getting to know our new team members Ray and Michele Call. It was great spending time with them, and getting to know their family. We even stayed with them a few nights while we were there. One thing we’ve learned from our years in Mexico is the importance of spending time together (convivir).

I asked Ray to share a little of his background with us, and I recorded it. It’s windy, so the sound quality isn’t the best. We are on a hill in Bonita/Chula Vista, but I think you will enjoy learning about the Calls despite the background noise.

In His Grip, David Diaso

Edgardo Avila - leading the Spanish speaking church

Wow! It’s been so encouraging to see what God is doing, and bringing together as we look at partnering with churches in the San Diego area to reach Hispanics. We’ve been able to connect with some great people and ministries. I’ll highlight one of the ministries – a key one!

There is a network of churches in the San Diego area called the Harbor Network. They have a vision to see a church planting movement started on the San Diego – Tijuana border. One of the the churches, Harbor Mid-City is already reaching Hispanics. They have a bilingual service, and they are reaching into the city. Dawn and I spent the first few days of our trip with Stephen and Bradford Phelan, and their three beautiful children. Stephen is the pastor of Harbor Mid-City. He is pastoring the church with Edgardo Avila. Edgardo is leading the Spanish speaking church. It was so heartening to see those from the Spanish and English congregation worshipping together. The Lord be magnified! “How good and pleasant it is when the brothers dwell in unity.” (Ps. 133:1)

Stephen Phelan - leading communion

At the end of the service they served communion, and offered prayer for anybody that felt the need to be prayed for. Bradford, who was enjoying the worship, felt the Lord prompting her to go to the back to help the prayer team. Right when she got to the back of the room a Mexican woman named Becky was getting ready to walk out the door. Becky was sobbing. She felt bitter towards God, because her grandfather had been deported. Bradford and one of the other women prayed with Becky. Then Becky cried out through her tears, “I need to be saved!” Bradford shared the gospel with her, and had the privilege of working with one of the other women on the prayer team to lead Becky to Christ. It’s wonderful to see the Kingdom of God expand as the gospel is proclaimed.

Dawn & Bradford

God is moving here. God is bringing things together in His good, and perfect timing for our arrival. We are so looking forward to joining what the Lord is already doing on the San Diego – Tijuana Border!

In His Grip, Dave

Ray & Michele Call

Dawn and I will be connecting with a number of ministries over the next week and a half while we are in the San Diego – Tijuana area (June 3-14). We will meet Ray and Michelle Call, our new team members. Ray and I have met, but Dawn and Michelle haven’t met yet. We are looking forward to getting to know them, and ministering side by side with them as we crank up the Chula Vista BEAMM (Border Evangelism and Mercy Ministry) team. Ray and Michele just moved from Mexicali to Bonita, CA near Chula Vista. We appreciate your prayers for them as they make this transition. The Calls have six children so this move is no walk in the park.

Stephen & Bradford Phelan

We will hook up with with Stephen and Bradford Phelan. Stephen leads the Harbor Mid-City church. This is a great, young bi-lingual church that is making an impact in the city. Stephen pastors the English church, and Edgardo Avila pastors the Spanish speaking church. Later in the week we will also be able to interact with Dick Kauffman and Russ Kapusinski from the Harbor Network about partnering together on the border to see Hispanics reached for Christ.

On Sunday, June 12 we will be at New Life Church in La Mesa. New Life is a key partner church with BEAMM. We are interested in how we can maximize our partnership with them. Pray with us that the Lord opens doors, and lead us as we work together.

Dave with Daniel Nunez

We will also have the opportunity on this trip to connect with Daniel Nunez, who has planted 12 churches in six years. We are excited about exploring ways we can partner with Daniel. I was able to go to Tijuana in March, and see his ministry, “Lo Mejor del Trigo,” first hand. They are reaching out into the community, and feed up to 700 children breakfast at their various church sites. The Lord is using them in significant ways.

We will meet with churches and individuals on this trip to build our ministry support team. We are at about 78% – 80% of our monthly need. We are getting to the home stretch. Pray with us that the Lord will bring in this final 20%.

On the home front, David has decided to go to San Diego Christian College. Thank you for praying for us about this need. We are still working out all the details, but we are excited about this choice, and glad to have him near us. We appreciate continued prayer for Jonathan and Hannah as we try to decide with them about schooling options. Also, pray the kids do well while we are gone.

In His Grip, Dave