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Edgardo & Elizabeth Avila

One of the many things that we are thrilled about as we move to the San Diego – Tijuana border is the great ministries that are going on already. Ministries that we can partner with to reach the border for Christ. As you can see in the video below the Harbor Mid-City Church is doing a great job at reaching their community. It’s a bilingual church. They are reaching English speakers, and Spanish speakers. Dawn and I had a great time on this last trip getting to know pastor Stephen Phelan, and his wife, Bradford. We also loved connecting with the pastor of the Spanish speaking part of the church, Edgardo Avila, and his wife, Elizabeth.

Harbor Mid-City has put together a video that we think you will enjoy! It’s a awesome picture of what we’d like to see multiplied many times over as we partner, as Dr. Dick Kaufmann put it, “to so fill this bi-national city with gospel-centered churches, so that the whole region is transformed spiritually, socially and culturally.”

Dawn with Elizabeth Avila

In His Grip, Dave & Dawn