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The Week with Mario & Chivis

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Journey

Mario and Chivis

It’s been wonderful having Mario here with his daughter, Silvia, “Chivis”. Chivis has been with us for almost six months. Wow, how time flies! We’ve had such a great time having her in our home. It’s made us feel closer to Mexico, and our Mexican friends. It’s allowed us to able to work on our Spanish with her. Hannah and Chivis get along so well. They are like sisters. They’ve been reunited after all these years (Hannah & Chivis). It’s hard to believe that tomorrow our friends will fly off to Mexico.

Mario has been with us this last week too. It’s been fun getting reaquainted after so many years. We’ve been able to pray and dream together about the possibility of working together. It’s exciting that Mario and his wife, Silva are even more interested in working on the Border than I had thought. The Lord has given us a similar vision for ministering together to reach broken and hurting people. We thank the Lord, and look forward to what lies ahead.

David, Mario, Dawn, Chivis & Hannah

Please pray with us about next steps. There are still a number of questions to be answered. Our prayer is that they will be able to join us in Chula Vista next year in 2012. A lot has to happen in order for this to become a reality, so please do pray for us and with us. Also, pray for our families as we have to say goodbye on Saturday. It will be especially hard on Hannah and Chivis, who have been sharing a room and many other things since Chivis arrived. We are grateful for the time together, but it’s not easy saying good-bye!

In His Grip, Dave

P.S. On a side note, we just found out that Jonathan has a hernia, and will have an operation for it on Monday, February 21 at 1 PM. It’s supposed to be a minor out-patient surgery, but we would still appreciate your prayers.