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Today I’m heading back to Colorado Springs after two and a half outstanding weeks in California with friends, churches and ministry partners. One of the great opportunities I had while I was on the trip was my day in TJ with Daniel Nunez. As I shared last week Daniel is involved in a church planting ministry called “Lo Mejor Del Trigo,” (The Best of the Wheat). It’s very encouraging to see how the Lord is using Daniel, and those he is ministering with. I had a chance to interview Daniel while I was in Tijuana. I wanted to share that interview with you here. There’s a lot of bad news about the Border today, so it’s great to see something positive like this. Enjoy!

In His Grip, Dave

Our good friend from Mexico City, Mario Silva was with us in Colorado Springs in February. I got a chance to visit with Mario and ask him some questions about his family, his background, and God’s leading in his life. In this video Mario shares why he feels the Lord is calling him to preach, reach and teach. Mario and his wife, Silvia have a real heart to see their friends won for Christ. We’d love to have them join us in our work on the Border. We are praying with them right now that God will grant them clarity about His call on their lives. You can see more about our call to pray with them for 40 days at: A Call to 40 Days of Prayer

Here is part 2 of the video interviews about Mario and God’s leading in his life. If you’d like to see part 1 click on this link: Mario Silva Shares – Part 1

In His Grip, Dave

Dave & Daniel in Tj

On Monday, March 14th I was able to go into Tijuana (TJ), Mexico with Daniel Nunez, and Issaid Arechiga. I went to see some of the ministries that Daniel has been involved in. He has planted 11 churches in five years, which is amazing! At many of their sites they are feeding numerous children breakfast in the morning, and in some sites they are feeding them seven days a week. Up to 500 children are receiving breakfast from this ministry as they show the love of Christ to this community. The Lord is using them in a significant way. It’s encouraging to see the impact they are having in the communities that they are serving in.

Daniel’s ministry is called, “Lo Mejor Del Trigo,” which means The Best of the Wheat. Daniel has a vision to plant 50 churches over 20 years. They are well on their way to accomplishing that goal.

One of the El Mejor de Trigo churches

Despite all the bad news about the Border, there are bright spots. God is quietly on the move in TJ! The ministry of Daniel, and Lo Mejor del Trigo is definitely one of the bright spots. We pray for many more. That the gospel will cover Mexico like the waters cover the sea. Dawn and I are praying for people we can encourage and partner with in ministry, and Daniel is someone we believe we can partner with. It was great to be with him, and see what he’s doing. To be able to dream together and pray together. Please join us as we pray for God’s continued leading as we look for strategic partners.

In His Grip, Dave

I just added a new page to our website called “Our Vision.” On this page I uploaded a two minute video where I briefly explain what our vision is for the Border. This gives a glimpse into what we are praying for and hoping for. Pray with us for God’s clear guidance, direction and blessing as we seek Him. We can’t do this in our own strength. Only God can pull this off. “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord.” (Zech 4:6)

Here’s the video that I put on the “Our Vision” page that we just added in.

In His Grip, Dave

When our friend, Mario Silva was here we took him out to visit Garden of the Gods here in Colorado Springs. I had the chance to interview Mario. He shared how the Lord has worked in his life and the life of his family. We did four short interviews. In this first interview we learn about Mario’s family, and about how God has worked in his life and given him a heart for reaching people for Christ.

In His Grip, Dave

Phoenix Rising

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Journey

Dr. Michael A. Milton - Keynote at Missions Conference

This last week I’ve been in Phoenix for Covenant Community Church’s missions conference. It was a great conference. I was very encouraged by my experience with the church. Since I’ve been here, I’ve also been able to hook up with some other churches and friends in Phoenix and Tucson. The warm weather has been a nice change from Colorado. The warm people even better, although we do have warm people in Colorado :).

I have a few friends from high school here as well: Debbie Tingley, and Kathy Kuether-Berts. We were also able to hook up. I sent them a note, and asked them if it would be okay with them if I shared about our ministry. I told them that I was trying connect with churches, and individuals while I was in the area. Debbie told me she had just met somebody from New City Phoenix Church. She said they were doing some neat mercy ministries in the city. I told her that I know the pastor, and that I’m actually staying at his house while I’m in Phoenix. Dave Bennett – wow! That was encouraging to see how God was working, and bringing things together!

David & Ann Bennett

I’ve been staying with my good friends, Dave & Ann Bennett. I’ve known Dave and Ann for more than 20 years. Dave was a pastor in Walnut Creek, CA when I first met them. They’ve always been a great encouragement to Dawn and me in our ministry. There have been times when I’ve been at a crossroads, or just needed some advice and I’ve been able to give Dave a call, and he’s had some wise counsel for me. I called him over a year ago as I was thinking about the possibility of going a different direction in our ministry, and he encouraged me to give BEAMM a look.

I thank the Lord as I’m on this journey of developing a ministry support team. People that will stand with us in ministry to pray, and support us financially. God hooks me up with new friends, but I’m also able to reconnect with some old friends that have had a significant impact on my life. I’m convinced that the Lord’s called us to a collaborative kingdom enterprise, which means we are not meant to work and minister alone. We are meant to serve with others. Great things can and often do happen when we serve together!

In His Grip, Dave