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David’s Graduation
David's graduation from San Diego Christian College class of 2014

David’s graduation from San Diego Christian College class of 2014

Wow! What a weekend!

Graduation weekend for our oldest son, David Diaso Jr. It’s hard to believe that he’s already done with college. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that we were getting him set up to start college.

I’m sure the time didn’t go quite as fast for David, since he’s the one that had to do all the work to get through school.

Dawn and I are very proud of our son. I know that David’s brother, Jon and his sister, Hannah are also enjoying celebrating their brother’s accomplishment.

It was a special treat this weekend to have all the grandparents in town for the big event. They too were very proud, and we were glad that they could celebrate with us.

God’s Faithfulness to Our Son

David did very well in school and the Lord used him as a leader. We are encouraged by how God worked in his life and how he matured him.

David with Dr. Paul Ague and some of his friends from school

David with Dr. Paul Ague and some of his friends from school

Our family has come to love San Diego Christian College, since David had such a positive experience at the school. He made some great friends, and he had some wonderful teachers who loved him.

Since David was the president of the student body this last school year he got to know the president of San Diego Christian, Dr. Ague and other leaders at the school. The Lord used that among other experiences to build his confidence and grow him as a leader.

We look forward to watching how the Lord will use David in the future.

Be Strong & Courageous
David getting settled in at school 3 years ago. Where did the time go!

David getting settled in at school 3 years ago. Where did the time go!

Joshua 1:9 gives us hope and courage as we move forward in life. When David was in high school he said this was his favorite verse. I love the whole passage, and I find it’s something that I need to return to often.

I pray that this will be true in David’s life and for all those in our family. Here’s Joshua 1:7-9 (ESV)

Joshua 1:7-9 ESV

“Only be strong and very courageous, being careful to do according to all the law that Moses my servant commanded you. Do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may have good success wherever you go. This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.””

Give Thanks to the Lord!

Join us in giving thanks to our God for his faithfulness to build into the life of our son. Praise him for allowing David to excel, and to finish strong. He is a great and awesome God, who does wonderful works. He is worthy of praise, honor and glory!

In His Grip, Dave


College and Missions at SDCC
Dawn, David Jr. and Dave enjoying our time together at San Diego Christian College's missions fair

Dawn, David Jr. and Dave enjoying our time together at San Diego Christian College’s missions fair

This last week was a good albeit super busy one. My days were filled with fruitful ministry activities, but it made it difficult to find the time to post anything. One of the highlights was participating in San Diego Christian College’s (SDCC) missions fair.

Dawn and I enjoy interacting with the college students at the school. What makes it even more enjoyable is our son, David Jr. is the student body president, so it was fun to get some time with him.

We are proud parents, and we love being with David and his friends.

SDCC’s Rich Heritage

Every year SDCC has a missions emphasis week. The school provides opportunities for short-term missions trips into Mexico during the school year, and other far away places like Thailand during the summer.

David Jr. & Dave cooking Carne Asada for the dinner at SDCC's missions fair

David Jr. & Dave cooking Carne Asada for the dinner at SDCC’s missions fair

God has used SDCC to send out literally hundreds of students into the mission field. It’s great to be part of a conference at a school with such a rich tradition.

I’ve heard reports that even with all the talk about being missional that the missions force in the U.S. is dwindling. God is raising up missionaries from other countries, which is a huge praise. Yet we pray the Lord will still continue to use our churches in the U.S. to send out laborers into the harvest field.

Pray for Workers!
David Jr. is proud of the time he spent as a child in Mexico

David Jr. is proud of the time he spent as a child in Mexico

Pray with us that in the Lord’s timing he will raise up missionaries to serve alongside us here on the border. I also pray that we can be creative to involve people we meet here in serving in missions.

This Saturday, October 26th Dawn and I will be taking a team of about 30 people from Harbor Mid-City and Harbor West to work with a church in Tijuana. We will be working with our friends, Pastor Rodrigo and Nancy and their church in Pípila. We plan on doing a children’s community outreach, and we are praying for at least 120 children to come.

Thanks for standing with us, and for joining us in prayer!

In His Grip, Dave

David Jr. giving his speech at San Diego Christian College

David Jr. giving his speech at San Diego Christian College

On Wednesday I tweeted a tweet (not sure how to say that, but we’ll go with it 😉 ) about being excited that our oldest son, David Jr. would be addressing the faculty and student body at San Diego Christian College. David is the student body president, and they were kicking off the school year with the first chapel. A friend of mine of my seminary days, Maribeth Myers wrote, “proud papa”. Yes that would accurately describe how I felt.

I’m proud of all three of my grown children: David, Jr.; Jonathan; Hannah. They are all excelling in what they are doing, and more importantly they love Jesus.

I want to praise the Lord for the work he has done in my family, and not boast in what we’ve done. I know that it’s God’s work in their hearts.

It was so encouraging to listen David Jr. give his speech at the chapel service. He shared about how he used to get his identity in being a missionary kid when he was a child. Then as he started playing baseball that became a big part of his identity. Over the last few years he’s been growing in his understanding of Christ’s love for him. His identity is in Christ.

David used a powerful quote from Mark Driscoll that expands on the theme of Jesus’ love for us:

Jesus loves me. That’s the bedrock of the Christian faith. We can never outgrow that one great, majestic, and simple transforming truth. Once we know Jesus’ love, we can stop using people for their love and simply start loving them as Jesus loves us.

Foot washing ceremony with President Dr. Paul Ague and David Jr. (representing the faculty and administration serving the students at SDCC)

Foot washing ceremony with President Dr. Paul Ague and David Jr. (representing the faculty and administration serving the students at SDCC)

Our identity in Christ never changes, once we are in Christ, but we do grow. In the grace of God we do become more and more like our Savior. As we become more like Christ we find ourselves loving and serving others.

I pray that each of my children along with those at San Diego Christian College will grow to know and understand the depths of Christ’s love for them. I pray this will be true for Dawn and me, and for you as you read this post!

Pray With Us
Ron & Virginia Diaso (Dave's dad and mom)

Ron & Virginia Diaso (Dave’s dad and mom)

On a side note, I’d like to ask you to join me in prayer for my dad, Ron Diaso. He will be undergoing a heart bypass surgery on September 4th at 7 AM, PT. Pray that the Lord will guide the doctors hands, and that my dad will make it through the surgery. The doctors feel confident going into the surgery, but I know we need the divine doctors care. I will be going up to Fresno this week to be with my parents for the surgery.

Thanks so much for standing with us on this journey, and for encouraging us along the way!

In His Grip, Dave

San Diego Christian College, David Diaso

Dave & David Jr. at SDCC

Dawn and I had the privilege of participating in San Diego Christian College’s (SDCC) International Outreach Festival. We enjoyed interacting with the students and meeting with some of the other missionaries.

The thing that we enjoyed the most is that our son, David Jr. attends the school. It was fun being with David and his friends. The Lord has blessed David at the school. Some of David’s teachers came up to us and told us that they think very highly of him. They told us, “your son is a leader and an impact student.” Since Jon and Hannah just left it makes it extra special that we could spend time with David today. Thank you, Lord for comforting us!

We took the opportunity while at the school to encourage and motivate students to get involved in missions on the border. One of the ways we could use their help is to go out into the community of City Heights to promote our ESL class. Another opportunity we are exploring is for students be involved in outreach with our church plants south of the border.

We pray that the Lord will raise up all kinds of different workers to serve with us.

In His Grip, Dave

Dave with Hannah & Jon

Dave with Hannah & Jon

Last week after I was at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis seeking to connect with students, and encourage them to take a look at our work on the border, I went to Colorado. While I was in Colorado Springs I visited two of my favorite people. My kids, Jonathan and Hannah. It was so good to see them, and to have the opportunity to visit other friends.

I love all three of my children, David Jr., Jon and Hannah! David goes to school at San Diego Christian College in El Cajon, California. He lives near us and we see him often. Jon and Hannah stayed in Colorado Springs.

Dawn and I love what we do, and where we live. Our season in Colorado was wonderful, but the Lord called us to move on. Now that we’ve moved, we are excited about what lies ahead as we live and serve on the San Diego – Tijuana border!

my daughter, Hannah & my son, Jonathan enjoying a float and having some fun!

my daughter, Hannah & my son, Jonathan enjoying a float and having some fun!

The hardest thing about moving apart from packing and unpacking 🙂 is leaving Jon and Hannah back in Colorado. I know it’s common for college age children to leave their home. In our case the parents left the home. Yet that’s not to say Dawn and I don’t miss our kids like crazy. One thing I used to enjoy doing is dropping in on them while they were working to say hello. I miss being able to do those simple things.

That’s what made it so awesome, so thrilling and exciting for me to be able visit Jon and Hannah. I dropped in on Hannah while she was working. We went shopping. Hannah and I enjoyed a cup of coffee together. On our last night together we made Gingerbread houses with Scott, Jeshua and Kaci Kracht. Wow! It was fun to be with my kids again.

The minute I said good-bye to them I missed them. The tears welled up in my eyes!

I know the Lord watches over us and our now grown children as we live in different places. I thank Jesus for his good promises to care for us.

Jesus also encourages us to keep our eyes focused on him, as we live for and serve him.

“And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands, for my name’s sake, will receive a hundredfold and will inherit eternal life.”

—Matthew 19:29 (ESV)

Having some fun while building the Gingerbread House with the Krachts

Having some fun while building the Gingerbread House with the Krachts

“O, Lord I know others suffer the pain of separation from those they love, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Continue to watch over and care for my family. Lead them in your way, and cause their love for you to grow. I ask that I too will love you more, and walk in ways that honor you, day by day and moment by moment. Thank you for your grace. Thank you for loving us, even though we don’t deserve it. You are the King and Lord of All!”

In His Grip, Dave

Our Three Kids: Jonathan, Hannah & David Jr.

Our Three Kids: Jonathan, Hannah & David Jr.

“Saying good-bye sucks,” is the title I considered using for this post. I didn’t want to offend anybody, so I didn’t use that title. I’m sure it would have gotten me more views, though. 😉 I hope it doesn’t offend you, and I apologize if it does.

My kids like to use the word, “suck.” In that way it seems appropriate, and it accurately describes how I felt when I had to say good-bye to Jonathan and Hannah two days ago. It felt like one of the most difficult, most painful things I’ve ever had to do.

My dad, who came out to Colorado Springs, so he could drive back to San Diego with our oldest son, David, reminded me that we went through a similar experience about 22 years ago when Dawn and I first left for the mission field.

There are many things I love about serving the Lord in missions, but saying good-bye to people I love is not one of them.

Jonathan & Hannah in Mexico City

Jonathan & Hannah in Mexico City

I think of all the wonderful times I’ve had with all three of my children, David, Jonathan and Hannah. I just love hanging around them, at least most of the time. 🙂 When my son, Jonathan worked at Safeway I enjoyed dropping in and seeing him. Even now when he’s at work with Wells Fargo, it’s fun to drop by and see his smiling face.

Hannah and I enjoyed going for coffee. When she was younger we would go on walks. It was a great deal of fun to watch her play volleyball, and to cheer her on.

Even though David, is close by as he goes to school at San Diego Christian College. We still feel some loss. He won’t be living with us any more. Since David’s the oldest I’ve always relied on him to help me get things done. He is very responsible and reliable.

One of the things I loved doing the most with my boys is playing and watching baseball. I coached David and Jon since they were little. Even now we are in a fantasy baseball league together. Almost every conversation includes something about baseball. Hannah was always a great fan. She was at almost every game cheering her big brothers on.

David & Jonathan at a Rockies Game

David & Jonathan at a Rockies Game

All these wonderful memories just come on like a flood, and I can’t contain my emotions.

I love my kids so much, and I’m going to miss them so dearly!

A friend recently shared with me that, “we give our children roots to give them wings.” Well, their wings are beginning to flap, and it’s painful to watch them fly away. I guess that’s why saying good-bye sucks, because I love my now grown children.

We made it to San Diego. I just dropped by dad off at the airport, and he is on his way back to Fresno.

The trip was exhausting, but it went well. The only added excitement was the bumper fell off on our car in the middle of the desert. It came off shortly after we stopped for gas about an hour outside of Las Vegas. Yes, it did offer some additional stress, and more opportunities to trust the Lord.

Dawn and I appreciate your prayers as we adjust to this new life without our kids in the home. Please pray as well that we can find a suitable home for our needs and ministry soon!

In His Grip, Dave

Dawn encouraged me the other day to take time to think about the good things God is doing, and to write them down. This is the third day in a row that I’ve reflected on the myriad of blessings that the Lord bestowed upon us in 2011. It has lifted my spirits! I hope it’s done the same for you!

Today I’d like to take some time to give thanks for the wonderful blessings God gave our family at the start of the summer, and then at the end of the summer.

Jonathan's graduation speech

We kicked the summer off with the graduation of Jonathan from high school. It was a great time of celebration. Dawn and I are very proud of the young man our son has become. He’s a very hard worker, and he loves people. He brings a lot of smiles to our family. You can check out more of what I wrote about Jonathan in two posts – Jonathan’s Graduation Celebration 1 and 2.

Jonathan is off to a good start at Pikes Peak Community College. We continue to pray with him for the Lord’s guidance and leading for his future.

David & Matt in their dorm room

Then we ended the summer sending David Jr. off to school at San Diego Christian College (SDCC). David has flourished at SDCC. Matt May also from Colorado Springs is his roommate, and I don’t think David could have found a better one.

It’s encouraging to meet the awesome friends from school that God has given David. He’s excelling on the speech and debate team, and in the classroom. We just learned that he made the President’s list this first semester! Wow!

The Lord has also given David an outstanding opportunity to intern at Harbor Mid-City with Stephen Phelan and his team. That’s been a wonderful experience for him, and it’s a great fit for him. He desires to pursue missions and ministry upon graduation. It was hard to send David off, but it sure makes it easier knowing that he is doing so well.

David Jr., Hannah and Jonathan

We are proud of both of our boys! We are also proud of our beautiful little daughter, Hannah. She has a tender heart for the Lord, and she is very caring. Hannah will be graduating from high school this May. Soon we will praising the Lord for her passage from high school to college. How did we get so old anyway!?!

Please pray for David Jr. as he hurt his knee playing rugby at SDCC. Some of the students just started a rugby team. David learned the hard way that maybe he should stick to baseball. No tackling in baseball! The doctor said he needs an MRI to determine whether he will need surgery or just physical therapy. We are praying for the later. Join with us as we pray.

It’s so encouraging to see what God is doing in our family and in our ministry. Thanks for caring about both. In fact, I’ve noticed I get more hits on my blog when I write about our family.

In His Grip, Dave

Our family in San Diego

It’s been so good to have our whole family together on the border this past week. It’s the first time that Jonathan has been able to join us in San Diego, so that we can all be together again.

As we get our whole family out here, it gives us a picture of what things might look for us when we are able to move and live here permanently. Every time we are able to visit we see the Lord deepening relationships, and opening up new doors for us. It’s thrilling to be along for the ride, as we experience life together on the border. I’m so glad that Jonathan has had such a great experience with us here.

David and Jonathan have really missed each other. It was encouraging for me as their papa to watch them together again. They just enjoy being together, and hanging out. We continue to pray for the Lord’s leading for our family. His timing for when our house will sell, so we can move. His leading on where he wants Jonathan to live. We’d love to have him join us on the border. He sure does fit in here.

David with Stephen, a friend from SDCC

It’s also been reassuring to see how much David is enjoying school. He is flourishing at San Diego Christian University (SDCC). He’s excelling on the debate team, and the Lord has given him some wonderful friends. He’s also enjoying interning at the Harbor Mid-City church. God is blessing him so much, it’s hard to believe. It’s heart warming to see him growing and maturing as a young man of God.

O Lord, we continue to look to you, and to ask you to guide and lead us. Lead our family forward as we desire to serve you together on the border. Provide a buyer for our house in your good and perfect timing. Grant us the patience to wait on you. Go before us, and open doors so that the kingdom of God will be expanded on the border. Thank you, Jesus!

In His Grip, Dave

David with his Mom getting his room set up!

Since it’s Labor Day, and I have a little time to reflect I thought I’d share a sentimental moment. Yesterday, when I went into the balcony at church I saw David sitting at the table where he volunteers for Village 7. He helps with the projection system by running ProPresenter. I saw him for a split second, and a smile came to my face. Then all of the sudden I remembered, “Oh, David’s not here anymore!”

I suppose that was one of the many sentimental moments I will have as I adjust to my son’s new adventure, which takes him away to college. He’s at San Diego Christian College. I wrote about the beginning of his college experience a couple of weeks ago.

David with his R.A., Emmanuel

Dawn and I are happy for David. We believe he is in a good place. We were very impressed with the school when we helped get him started. We are excited by the positive Christian atmosphere at the school. We loved seeing him interact with his new friends. He introduced us to Arturo, his friend from Guadalajara, Mexico. We also enjoyed meeting his RA, Emmanuel from Kenya.

We are thrilled that he is able to intern at Harbor Mid-City. He’s already started working with them. Stephen and Bradford Phelan are some of our favorite new friends. The Lord is blessing their ministry. Stephen just texted me yesterday, and said they had a glorious conversion during the service. Praise God.

Yet even with these many good and happy thoughts there are the sentimental moments. They are not all bad, but they do remind me that I miss having my son close by. This is something that all parents go through as their grown children go off to college. It’s not particular to those in ministry. I noticed when I posted things about David going off to college on Facebook, I got a few more comments than I normally do. My friends can relate.

I had to chuckle when I saw one of our friends, Kian Shuemann’s post on Facebook after leaving her daughter at King’s College in NYC. She said, “is feeling like a horrible mother,” then she listed all these things she got for Caroline for school, and then she remembered she forgot to get her a flashlight. Even though she said this in jest, it’s something all us parents wonder from time to time. Did we do it right? Did we forget something?

20 years ago! Sorry, David sometimes it's hard to remember you are not a little guy anymore

It’s hard getting used to not being able to walk upstairs to my son’s room to talk to him about baseball, college, ministry, dreams. aspirations, etc. Although the other day we used FaceTime to talk to him, which is similar to Skype, and we talked to him for a long time. It was almost as good as being there! Dawn who was crying at first, seemed reluctant to engage. I suppose she was overwhelmed by the emotion, and she too misses her son. After we got done with the call we thought, “Wow, in some ways that was better quality time than we have when we are together.” Maybe because when we are together, everyone is doing their own thing.

Son, our prayer for you continues to be that you grow to be more and more like Christ each day. We pray that will be reflected in how you serve him and love others. Amen!

In His Loving Grip, Dave