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On the Road Again!
Dawn and I walk on this winding road of faith together

Dawn and I walk on this winding road on mission with the Lord. Seeking to share the love of Christ wherever we are, and whenever the Lord opens the door!

Dawn and I have been busily preparing for our two week trip to Uruguay and Colombia. This will be the furthest South we’ve ever been, and it’s the longest trip we’ve been on in a while.

We would appreciate much prayer for open doors as we travel, and that we will be sensitive to the Lord’s leading. More than two years ago we started praying that the Lord would expand our borders, and enlarge our tent. We weren’t sure where the Lord was calling us, but we felt a burden to minister beyond the borders of Mexico.

Going Beyond the Borders of Mexico
Dave and Dawn with Pastor Mario and his wife, Yanny

Dave and Dawn with Pastor Mario and his wife, Yany. Two of the people we’ve grown to love in Cuba

Two years ago I took my first trip to Cuba and that rocked my world. Dawn has been able to go with me to Cuba two times. Those have been some of the most rewarding ministry trips that we’ve ever been on. God gripped our hearts and we fell in love with the people.

Red de Multiplicación – Multiplication Network!
Red de Multiplicación meeting from last year in El Salvador

Red de Multiplicación meeting from last year in El Salvador

While we are in Uruguay we will attend a church planting conference called, Red de Multiplication, which means Multiplication Network. I was able to go to their conference in El Salvador last year, and I was impressed with all the different kinds of denominational groups they are working with for the greater good of the kingdom. Dawn and I are thrilled that three of our Mexican partners are going with us, Pastor Daniel Nuñez, Pastor Abraham Velazquez, and Pastor Edson Martinez. They are wonderful friends and partners in the gospel!

After five days in Uruguay, we will fly to Colombia to visit some our colleagues and friends there. All the while we will be praying and exploring. We want to be sensitive to the Spirit as He leads us each moment along the way, and as he opens doors for us to minister.

Pray for Us as We Go:
  1. Our first day of traveling, which starts early Monday morning includes 20 hours of traveling until we reach Montevideo, Uruguay.
  2. Pray for our health, energy, and stamina.
  3. Pray that the Lord will open doors for us and that we can encourage the missionaries as well as the nationals we meet on the trip.
  4. Pray that Dawn and I stay unified on the trip.
  5. Pray for our time at the Red de Multiplicación conference.
  6. Pray for some good connections and excellent opportunities to minister in Bogota and Manizales Colombia.
  7. Pray for the Lord to watch over our family and our home while we are gone.

It’s possible that I won’t be able to post as much if at all while I’m on the road, so keep that in mind if you don’t see anything from me for a while. I do hope to be able to write at least once while I’m gone, but it’s hard to predict.

Thanks so much, dear friends for joining us on this journey!

In His Grip, Dave

Wow, Lord!
Dave and Dawn in Cuba. Quite an adventure.

Dave and Dawn in Cuba. Quite an adventure.

All I can say about our trip to Mexico City and Cuba is Wow! Wow! Wow! Well, at least that’s how I feel.

I had some concerns as we prepared to go on this trip because in both places we were up against some significant challenges, but God came through in a big way. Thanks so much for praying. Dawn and I asked a number of friends and groups on Facebook to lift us up in prayer. It might have been the most prayer covering that we’ve ever had on a trip, and I think it was one of our most fruitful trips ever.

There’s so much to share. I’d like to focus first on our time in Cuba.

The Challenges of Cuba
Pastor Daniel Nuñez and JD Pearring leading us through one of the exercises for the church planting evaluation.

Pastor Daniel Nuñez and JD Pearring leading us through one of the exercises for the church planting evaluation.

It was my fourth trip to Cuba and Dawn and my second trip together. Cuba is a hard place to visit. There’s so much oppression, and many people struggle to just to survive. There are very few people in Cuba who eat meat every day. They have to live off of rice and yucca. Most Cubans live off of $25 a month.

One of the reasons this trip was even better than past trips to Cuba is that we were able to build off of the relationships that we made their last year. The last time Dawn and I were there together it was only a month and a half after Hannah moved to heaven, so we were in a much more vulnerable place.

Thankful for Our Cuban Friends
Dave and Dawn with Pastor Mario and his wife, Yanny

Dave and Dawn with Pastor Mario and his wife, Yany

The Cubans are a warm and friendly people. Those that we met last year embraced us this year. We felt very loved. One of the younger church planting couples that the Lord gave us a special connection with when we first met them was there as well. Their names are Mario and Yanny. Yanny is close to Hannah’s age, so I remember when Dawn first met her she started crying because it reminded her of our daughter. Yanny and Mario reached out to us in love. It was so good to see them again and to be able to deepen our relationship.

So it was so good to see them again and to see all that the Lord was doing in and through them. Mario was able to buy a horse that they used to provide more income for themselves so they could build their church. I was excited to learn how his church was becoming a self-sustaining church as they looked for creative ways to fund their ministry.

Dawn with Pastor Oniel and his wife, Heidy and daughter, Rosa

Dawn with Pastor Oniel and his wife, Heidy, and daughter, Rosa

The couple that leads the group is very special also, Oniel and Heidy. Last year the Lord used Dawn’s prayers to bring healing to their daughter, Rosa.  What the Lord did in healing their daughter has helped Oniel and Heidy to grow in their faith, and it has encouraged a number of people. Oniel is on the short side, but he’s a very dynamic preacher and leader.

Pastor Justo Pila Reinoso sharing with the group

Pastor Justo Pila Reinoso sharing with the group

We also love Justo and Sara, who are amazing evangelists. They have a deep love for Jesus. Sara gets up at 3 AM every morning to prayer, and both of them share their faith with almost anything that moves. I don’t know if I’ve ever met a couple that has led more people to Christ than Justo and Sara. They have already planted a number of churches. I’m just in awe of their love for Jesus and their passion for the gospel.

Our Wonderful Team
Our team that came from the US and Mexico. Such a great group!

Our team that came from the US and Mexico. Such a great group!

Dawn and I went to Cuba with a team of five Mexican national partners and two Americans who we also partner with in ministry. It was such a blessing to serve together. One of the many things that struck while we were together was hearing our Yoli, who is from Mexico share with the group that when Americans come to Tijuana to visit most think that they are poor or that they have very little and live under difficult position. Then when we were in Cuba together our Mexican friends realized how little the Cubans have and how much they suffer. It was an eye-opening experience for all of us.

The Lord blessed us with six church planting couples that we were evaluating. They were also awesome, and I’d like to share about them in my next post.

Thanks so much for praying. We felt it, and we saw the Lord answer in major ways as we saw breakthroughs. Yay God! Yay Jesus! We pray for more!

In His Grip, Dave

Thankful for our Friends and Partners!


IMG_0323 2.jpg

Ministerios Transformación pastoral couples and wonderful friends!

Last night (Sunday) Dawn and I celebrated the coming of Christ and gave thanks for all that the Lord has done over the past year with our friends from Ministerios Transformación. It was a festive time! It was even more special, because our son, David, who just flew in, was able to join us. Dawn and I love the pastors that serve with Ministerios Transformación. They are among our best friends, and the Lord has used them to encourage us in so many ways over this last year.

We give thanks for our partnership with them!

It reminds me of the wonderful opportunity that we have to serve with so many outstanding servants of our savior in other cities like, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Acapulco, Monterrey, Durango, Reynosa, Juarez, Tijuana, Ensenada and La Paz throughout Mexico. The gospel is going out, and lives are being changed as the message of Christ and His Spirit touches hearts and lives. We give thanks for the privilege to be ambassadors of Christ along with our friends, our partners.

Just as we have the blessing of outstanding friends and partners in Ministerios Transformación here on the border, we have other amazing friends that we partner with throughout Mexico! It’s a privilege for us, and we count it an honor to minister alongside so many humble and gifted ministers of the gospel.

Our MTW Mexico Story in Video

Recently a friend of our ministry, Drew Siner came down to Mexico and helped us shoot some video. He’s helping us to tell our story of what the Lord is doing in all these places where we serve. I thought you would enjoy seeing one of the videos that Drew put together that gives an overview of MTW Mexico’s ministry in Mexico and beyond!

Hannah Diaso Memorial Church Plant
Hannah Diaso, Our beautiful daughter

Hannah Diaso, Our beautiful daughter

There is no doubt that this has been an unbelievably hard year, as we mourn Hannah’s moving to heaven, but the Lord has not forgotten us. He is bringing healing, and He is still ministering to us and through us.

One of our goals as we head into 2018 is to plant a church in Hannah’s memory with Ministerios Transformación. We’d like to raise $30,000 so we can build and plant this church, and to train and coach the pastor for a successful ministry. We are hoping to have all the funds raised by the end of February 2018, and to build the church in the Springtime. You can help us make this dream a reality by making a donation to Mission to the World (MTW).

You can give by clicking on the button below. Please prayerful consider a special year-end gift today!


Click to make a donation

Thanks for your prayers and support as we serve the Lord on the Border, the Baja and Beyond!

In His Grip, Dave

Ray and Michele Call

ESL training starts in two weeks, March 23-24. We are stoked about launching this outreach with Harbor Mid City. Ray Call and I met with our good friend from Harbor, Edgardo Avila a couple of days ago. Edgardo is very positive about the training. He spoke highly of Ray, as Ray is doing most of work to organize the training. It’s thrilling to see God work, and open up doors for us here on the border!

Yesterday, Ray and I met with Jim DeWitt for a team meeting. All of us are super encouraged by this opportunity the Lord has given us. We believe prayer is key to the event, and the ensuing classes that will start-up on Friday, April 13. Please do join us in praying that all the loose ends come together.

Here’s some specific prayer requests:

  1. Dave with Pastor Edgardo Avila, A Key Ministry Partner. He leads the Spanish Speaking Church at Harbor Mid City

    We need 1 administrator, and ideally 6 teachers for the training and classes. Right now we have at least 4 teachers, and some other people who have expressed interest!

  2. Ray as he organizes the training on March 23-24, and prepares for the launch of the classes.
  3. Ray’s health – he’s been having some health issues for more than a month. Pray for healing and wholeness.
  4. Kristy Holliday will be leading the ESL training.
  5. That the Lord will bring a good group to come learn English starting on April 13.
  6. We pray that the course will serve the people who come by improving their English skills. We are also praying that many will come to know Christ through this outreach.
  7. Unity for the team as they prepare, and the classes start-up.
  8. Tomorrow, March 11, I’ll be preaching at Calvary Presbyterian in Glendale, California.

Thanks for standing with us in prayer!

In His Grip, Dave