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I Can’t Keep Up!
Claves 1 - Keys for a Transformed Life

Claves 1 – Keys for a Transformed Life

There are so many good things going on that I’m having a hard time keeping up with it all! That is a good problem to have, right? 😉

Last week we partnered with Ministerios Fuente de Gracia and Ministerios Transformación to hold a course on The Keys for a Transformed Life in Spanish Claves para la Vida Transformada.

Thrilled by the Transformation
Rosa and her son, Mauro receiving their certificate from Jose Juan and Jeinny for completing the course

Rosa and her son, Mauro receiving their certificate from Jose Juan and Jeinny for completing the course

This is the second time in the last year that we’ve held this course in Tijuana. About mid-way through the week those taking the course get so excited about what they are learning they start asking about the next class. There is a Claves 2 (Keys 2). the course actually has four modules.

Not only do the participants start asking about when we can organize Claves 2, but they start thinking about their friends. They wish their friends and their family members could have taken the course.

Dawn and I had the same reaction when we first took Claves about three years ago. The power of the gospel shines on people’s lives. As they confess their sins to one another, repent and forgive they experience a new found freedom in Christ.

Cut Off the Roots
Calvin Anderson the leader of the Ministerios Fuente de Gracia teaching one of the lessons

Calvin Anderson the leader of the Ministerios Fuente de Gracia teaching one of the lessons

So many Christians seem to get stuck in their walk with Christ. There is a sense in which the answer is to return to our first love, and to practice the basics. Another key point is that we are prone to treat symptoms rather than the root issues. Claves gives people a handle on how to begin to find the roots of the bad fruit in their lives. Then we show them how to cut the roots off.

This is a life long process, but we have to begin somewhere. I find that many believers don’t even know where to start. So it’s a real eye-opening experience to learn these truths. Dawn and I have used the teaching found in Claves to mentor and disciple pastoral couples.

We are so thankful for the Lord leading us to our friends with Ministerios Fuente de Gracia who lead and teach the Claves courses. It’s been a fruitful partnership that the Lord has given us with them. Hallelujah! Our prayer is that more and more leaders and people in the church will experience true freedom in Christ. Freedom in the gospel.

Stand With Us In Prayer

Thanks for praying for us.

I’m going to be heading to Cuba this Sunday, April 24 – Friday April 29th to work with a team to train coaches for ministry in Havana. God is doing a marvelous work in Cuba, so I’m excited to be a part of it. Pray for my time in Cuba, as well as for Dawn, Hannah and David while I’m away. Pray that they not only do well, but that they thrive!

In His Grip, Dave

God’s Transforming Work!

Calvin Anderson leading a session for Claves – Keys for a Transformed Life

So exciting to see the Lord bringing healing to the lives of men and women this week. Our friends with Ministerios Fuente de Gracia are leading the course Keys for a Transformed Life this week at one of the churches we partner with.

Pastor Mauro Lopez leads the church Comunidad Cristiana Mariano that is part of The Ministerios Transformación network of churches. His church is hosting the Claves course Keys to a Transformed Life.

God touches people in profound ways as they learn that they about sonship, adoption and the Fatherhood of God. We are praying for his continuing and ongoing work of renewal in Tijuana and beyond. We believe for revival to take place, people not only need to come to the knowledge of Christ, but they need to be transformed by him as well.

God completes What He Starts

Jeinny leading the group on sonship

Dawn and I have been encouraged by how we’ve seen this course bring real and lasting change to our lives and the lives of many others. It’s a process to be sure, but God is at work. The Lord finishes what he starts.

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. (Philippians 1:6, ESV)

We move forward in confidence, and look to Jesus to change the hearts for men and women.

In His Grip, Dave



Keys to Transformation
Growing and learning together - Keys for a Transformed Life

Growing and learning together – Keys for a Transformed Life

This last week was tremendously gratifying as the Lord brought together a dream that Dawn and I have been working on for two years. Our friends from Ministerios Fuente de Gracia (Fountain of Grace Ministry) came and led a training seminar in Tijuana on Keys for a Transformed Life. We held the course at the Lo Mejor del Trigo (LMT) El Niño church.

I’ve written a lot about LMT in the past and the leader of this church planting movement, pastor Daniel Nuñez. Daniel, the pastors and leaders of the 25 churches they have planted are wonderful friends and partners in ministry. We often stop and give thanks for them!

This Spring Pastor Daniel went to San Antonio de Las Minas, near Ensenada with me. We took seven pastors from LMT, and God used that time to minister to them in a deep and profound way.

While we were in San Antonio de las Minas we began to think through and plan on bringing the teaching to Tijuana so more pastors and church leaders could attend.

The Basics – Faith & Repentance
One of the learning activities during the course

One of the learning activities during the course

More than 50 people attended the course last week. We dealt with some basic and deep foundational issues. The people heard about the importance of practicing forgiveness and repentance in their Christian life. They learned what it means to be sons and daughters of God. Then as we soaked up these basic principles there was opportunity at the end of the session for us to meet in small groups to practice what we were learning.

It’s beautiful to see the Spirit break through. Many wept as they shared, because of the pain involved in the root causes. With the tears there is a release and as people confess to one another and to God, He shows up and brings comfort and healing.

Dawn and I feel like this is, as the name implies, one of the most transformational courses we’ve been through. Also, as we’ve been able to share the teaching with others we’ve seen God change people from the inside out.

Healing in the Lives of Pastors and Leaders
The group that completed the course

The group that completed the course

A number of the pastors and leaders we work with have deep wounds that they’ve never been able to deal with, because they haven’t had the opportunity to do so. They are in a difficult situation, because many people in the church look up to them, so they don’t know where to turn for help. They are stuck.

The leaders in the churches feel afraid to open up, so they go on limping along not knowing how to be set free. It’s a process to be sure, but it’s amazing to see the process begin and to play a part in that!

On the final night of the course everyone had an opportunity to give a short testimony on how God had used the teaching in their lives. It was gratifying to hear so many positive reports of how the Lord had met them during the week.

Dawn and I pray that the Lord will continue to heal and to bring  transformation in the hearts of men and women on the border and the Baja! Thanks for the part you play in seeing this become a reality.

In His Grip, Dave

Much to Give Thanks For
The group of pastors and leaders in San Antonio de las Minas

These are some of the pastors that serve with Lo Mejor del Trigo

I’m so thankful for the wonderful men that I’m able to serve the Lord with here on the border. They are choice servants of the Lord and special friends. It also gives me great joy that Dawn and I can come alongside pastors and their wives.

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a dream, since God has called us here. It’s not that we haven’t had more than our share of trials that can make the dream feel more like a nightmare.

Yet, despite the low times. Despite the valleys. There are also so many good things, so many things to give thanks for.

Wonderful Godly Partners
Jim DeWitt, Valentina & Jaime Rodriguez with Dave

Jim DeWitt, Valentina & Jaime Rodriguez with Dave

One of those things that I give thanks for is the people we partner with. They are not only wonderful partners in ministry, but they are outstanding friends.

Just this morning I had breakfast with Jim DeWitt with Mission to the World (MTW) and Jaime Rodriguez, pastor of Lo Mejor del Trigo La Morita and Bridge church. Jaime loves the Lord, and he loves to serve Christ. He is very sensitive to God’s leading and direction. I learn from him.

Valentina, Jaime’s wife is a jewel. Dawn and I feel privileged to minister with them.

Pastor Daniel Nuñez is another wonderful friend that I’ve enjoyed getting to know and serving with over the last 4 years. Daniel’s wife, Yolanda and their whole family have become very special to us.

God has blessed us with so many good people that we work alongside that I don’t have the space to mention all of them in this post, although if you follow my blog you will read about them if you haven’t already.

Growing Together in Christ!
Keys to a Transformed Life in San Antonio de las Minas

Keys to a Transformed Life in San Antonio de las Minas

This week I’m in San Antonio de las Minas going through a workshop on Keys to a Transformed life and I have three pastors, and three missionaries here with Dawn, Hannah and me. Pastor Ivan Casados, Pastor Jaime Avila and Pastor Mario Perez. Fellow MTW missionaries Peter and Jenny Boling are here along with Jim DeWitt.

Last week Pastor Felipe Hernandez was with us along with his wife, Laura.

We also had 4 leaders from the Nueva Jerusalen church – Jesus & Yudy Petrikowski and Jorge & Luz Salazar.

Such special people! Thank you Jesus for our friends. O Lord, do meet them at their point of need. Do work in their hearts and draw each of them nearer to you. Use us for your glory and she your kingdom extended on the earth! Amen and Hallelujah!

In His Grip, Dave

God Changes Lives for His Glory
The group of pastors and leaders in San Antonio de las Minas

The group of pastors and leaders in San Antonio de las Minas

Life Transformation with 10 leaders in San Antonio de las Minas near Ensenada. Last week the Lord gave me the privilege of going through the Keys to a Transformed Life with the pastors from Lo Mejor del Trigo.

Our friends from Ministerios Fuente de Gracia (Ministry of Fountain of Grace) led us during the week. God showed up! It was thrilling to be a part of this group.

Wonderful Partners in Ministry

I’ve worked very closely with pastor Daniel Nuñez and many of the pastors with Lo Mejor del Trigo over the last 4 years. They are wonderful partners in the gospel, and I thank the Lord for what he is doing in and through these pastors.

As I’ve come alongside these leaders I’ve seen the needs they have. We’ve shared together over meals and while ministering together. I feel honored that I am able to get the time with them. They are outstanding leaders who love Jesus. Most of them are bi-vocational pastors, which is extremely difficult.

God Works Through Repentance & Confession
Learning together

Learning together

Martin Luther said that, “all of life is repentance.” In fact forgiveness and repentance were among the key lessons that we learned while in San Antonio de las Minas. We shared deeply in small groups. We confessed our sins to one another. In that time God showed up in a special way and met us at our point of need hallelujah.

Confession isn’t easy. It is painful, but God meets us there. As we humble ourselves he enters in and brings healing.

This verse comes to mind from Micah 6:8,

He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?

The Lord desires that we walk humbly before him. He works in and through our humility. Thanks be to God!

I look forward to what the Lord is going to do in the lives of these pastors, and how it will strengthen their churches. O Lord, do a great work through these men. Do a great work first in their families and then in their churches. Be Glorified in their lives, and let the spark that was ignited this last week be only the beginning!

One of the things that we are praying for on the border and the Baja is for life transformation which will bring about revival. Join us as we look to the Lord for a work that only he can do.

In His Grip, Dave