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The Despedida for Larry and Sandy Trotter
Larry & Sandy Trotter

Larry & Sandy Trotter

This week two of our good friends and colleagues, Larry and Sandy Trotter will be moving back to the United States after serving in Mexico for almost 30 years. The Trotters’ arrived in Mexico City in 1990 the year before Dawn and I landed there.

They served in Mexico City for four years, and planted one church there before they moved to Guadalajara. They’ve ministered in Guadalajara, since around 1994. While in Guadalajara they’ve planted I think five churches, and started numerous mercy ministries.

God has used them in a powerful way in Mexico. They will be missed!

Over the last five years Larry has served as the country director for Mission to the World in Mexico.

It’s Hard to Say Good-bye
Dr. Larry Trotter teaching on Christ-centered preaching

Dr. Larry Trotter teaching on Christ-centered preaching

It’s sad to say good-bye to such special people. Yet if you have to go, I think they are doing it right. They are leaving behind a wonderful legacy of hundreds who have come to Christ and many more have been touched by them as they tangibly demonstrated the love of Christ.

Both Larry and Sandy are very intelligent, they have many gifts and they love the Lord! Larry is a strong and wise leader. He is an excellent teacher and preacher. Sandy is caring and gentle. She is a wonderful counselor.

They make a great team as a couple. The Lord has also blessed them with two beautiful daughters.

Over the last few years I served on Mexico’s leadership council with Larry and I appreciated his leadership. The Lord used him to help me grow as I ministered alongside him.

Dave and Larry Trotter with Pastors Cesar Santizo, Felipe Hernandez, Benjamin Romero & Victor Hugo Herrera

Dave and Larry Trotter with Pastors Cesar Santizo, Felipe Hernandez, Benjamin Romero & Victor Hugo Herrera – leaders of the Presbytery called Fronterizo Noroccidental (Northwestern border)

Last Fall the Trotters’ were able to come out together and visit us. We had a wonderful time, and we were able to show them around some. Sandy said it was the first time she had been to the West Coast. We didn’t know then it would be the last time they would visit us while they were still with MTW.

One of the great things about being a missionary is you meet and serve with many outstanding people. I give thanks for Larry and Sandy and their family. They are finishing their ministry in this country well.

They plan on moving to Florida where they have family. Upon arriving they will plant a church there. They still haven’t lost the fire!

Larry and Sandy will leave a hole that won’t easily be filled, but we know that God is faithful and he will grow his church. The church is stronger in Mexico, especially in Guadalajara, because of their ministry of love to the people there.

Lord, I pray that you guide and lead the Trotters as they leave Mexico and make this huge transition in their lives. Richly bless them as they continue to faithfully serve you.

In His Grip, Dave


Our Three Kids: Jonathan, Hannah & David Jr.

Our Three Kids: Jonathan, Hannah & David Jr.

“Saying good-bye sucks,” is the title I considered using for this post. I didn’t want to offend anybody, so I didn’t use that title. I’m sure it would have gotten me more views, though. 😉 I hope it doesn’t offend you, and I apologize if it does.

My kids like to use the word, “suck.” In that way it seems appropriate, and it accurately describes how I felt when I had to say good-bye to Jonathan and Hannah two days ago. It felt like one of the most difficult, most painful things I’ve ever had to do.

My dad, who came out to Colorado Springs, so he could drive back to San Diego with our oldest son, David, reminded me that we went through a similar experience about 22 years ago when Dawn and I first left for the mission field.

There are many things I love about serving the Lord in missions, but saying good-bye to people I love is not one of them.

Jonathan & Hannah in Mexico City

Jonathan & Hannah in Mexico City

I think of all the wonderful times I’ve had with all three of my children, David, Jonathan and Hannah. I just love hanging around them, at least most of the time. 🙂 When my son, Jonathan worked at Safeway I enjoyed dropping in and seeing him. Even now when he’s at work with Wells Fargo, it’s fun to drop by and see his smiling face.

Hannah and I enjoyed going for coffee. When she was younger we would go on walks. It was a great deal of fun to watch her play volleyball, and to cheer her on.

Even though David, is close by as he goes to school at San Diego Christian College. We still feel some loss. He won’t be living with us any more. Since David’s the oldest I’ve always relied on him to help me get things done. He is very responsible and reliable.

One of the things I loved doing the most with my boys is playing and watching baseball. I coached David and Jon since they were little. Even now we are in a fantasy baseball league together. Almost every conversation includes something about baseball. Hannah was always a great fan. She was at almost every game cheering her big brothers on.

David & Jonathan at a Rockies Game

David & Jonathan at a Rockies Game

All these wonderful memories just come on like a flood, and I can’t contain my emotions.

I love my kids so much, and I’m going to miss them so dearly!

A friend recently shared with me that, “we give our children roots to give them wings.” Well, their wings are beginning to flap, and it’s painful to watch them fly away. I guess that’s why saying good-bye sucks, because I love my now grown children.

We made it to San Diego. I just dropped by dad off at the airport, and he is on his way back to Fresno.

The trip was exhausting, but it went well. The only added excitement was the bumper fell off on our car in the middle of the desert. It came off shortly after we stopped for gas about an hour outside of Las Vegas. Yes, it did offer some additional stress, and more opportunities to trust the Lord.

Dawn and I appreciate your prayers as we adjust to this new life without our kids in the home. Please pray as well that we can find a suitable home for our needs and ministry soon!

In His Grip, Dave

Richie helping us load up the trailer for our move

Richie helping us load up the trailer for our move

We are in the middle of moving to the San Diego – Tijuana border, which has made it extremely difficult to find time to write.

Our house is empty. The trailers filled with all our belongings have departed. We’ve said many good-byes.

Moving definitely isn’t one of the more enjoyable experiences of life. What we are moving to does get us pumped up. Like the Olympians we have a goal before us. We do not run for a perishable wreath.

“Every athlete exercises self-control in all things. They do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable. So I do not run aimlessly; I do not box as one beating the air.”

—1 Cor. 9:25,26 (ESV)

Also we’ve been so encouraged as God has provided in so many ways. He brought friends from church to help us get a permit for our porch. Others have come to help us pack and clean the house. One of our neighbors is working on our cars to get them ready for the trek across country.

Both of our cars are having problems. One of our cars needs a compressor for the air conditioning. Since we are driving across the desert in the summer, even though we’ve done things like that before we’d like to keep from it this time. David Jr.’s car needs a new transmission, and we just found out tonight that he needs to replace the lower ball joints.

On the one hand, I believe that our enemy wants to discourage us and get us down as we prepare to leave to minister on the border. On the other hand, I know the Lord is protecting us, and it’s far better for us to be able to take care of this now rather than during the trip.

We are so thankful to the Lord for providing such good and faithful friends to help us along the way. We are praying that our cars will run smoothly and make it safely to San Diego.

The Diaso family

The Diaso family

I’m so tired. My whole family is tired. “Lord, give us strength. Give us a good night’s sleep. Thank you for your love and tender mercies.”

Two more prayer requests:

  1. It’s going to be tough to say goodbye to Jonathan and Hannah. “Lord, comfort us with your presence.”
  2. We need a place to stay in San Diego when we arrive until we can find a place to live. Our first place fell through, because we have our little toy poodle, Princess with us.

In His Grip, Dave