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The Love of Christ is Touching Lives
Junior, Damaris, Federico, Blanca, David & Daniel Muñoz

Dawn and I spent a wonderful afternoon with Pastor Federico and Blanca Muñoz. They are planting a new church in Mexicali.

Blanca shared with us how she felt led to take a walk in her neighborhood, which she mentioned that she doesn’t usually do by herself. Yet, this day the Lord nudged her to do it. As she was walking she met a woman who was looking for her son.

Blanca sharing with friends at a an outreach event they held in Mexicali

The woman’s son had run away, and she was distraught trying to find him. Blanca was able to encourage her and tell her that she was willing to help. She showed the love of Christ to the lady, and gave her a big hug. While they were hugging the woman began to cry. She felt loved. She felt that someone cared.

Blanca took the opportunity to tell her that it was because of Christ’s love that she was able to care for her and show her compassion.

Later Blanca was surprised to find out that the woman she had met who lost her son is someone that has a lot of influence in Mexicali. This made Blanca feel humbled and grateful for how the Lord worked. In a few days Blanca learned that her new friend had found her son.

God is so good and we love learning how he is faithful to work through his children.

God’s love wins, and this is one of the many reasons we plant churches and seek to share the love of Christ.

Pastor Deivis & Luz Pardo in Playas
David & Dawn with Pastor Federico & Blanca and Pastor Deivis and Luz

The Lord abundantly blessed Dawn and me, because after we met with Federico and Blanca for a few hours Pastor Deivis and Luz Pardo joined us. It was the first time that Dawn and I have been able to meet with all of them together. Deivis and Luz are just getting started on the church plant in Tijuana.

After much prayer they found a place to live in the area where they are going to plant their church. We were able to rejoice with them as they prepare to move in. They are still working on getting everything set up and furnishing their house.

We believe that the Lord has a great plan for Deivis and Luz and Playas and we can wait to watch and see all that he does!

Join Us in Prayer
  • Pray that the Lord will provide for all of Deivis and Luz’s needs as they move into their new place.
  • They also need some help moving and getting set up.
  • Continue to pray for Pastor Federico and Blanca that the Lord will open up even more doors for them to share the gospel.
  • Pray for me as I’m having surgery today on my hernia. I’d appreciate prayer for a quick recovery.

In His Grip, Dave

My Trip to Cd. Obregon & Hermosillo
The country side on the road from Cd. Obregon to Hermosillo

In my last post I wrote about my trip to Northwestern Mexico. such a great encouragement to see how the church is growing. On that trip I also connected with two church planting couples that are just beginning their work.

I went to Cd. Obregon and Hermosillo to learn more about how the church is growing and reproducing. As I was preparing for the trip the Lord reminded me that I knew a church planter in Cd. Obregon and that there was a new church plant starting up in Hermosillo. I was able to get some good time with these two pastoral couples.

Cd. Obregon: Pastor Roberto & Gabriela
Dave with Pastor Roberto & Gabriela Mendoza and their family

Pastor Roberto Mendoza and his wife Gabriela are starting a church in Cd. Obregon. I met Roberto a few years ago, but I had never met his wife, or his family. It was a joy to meet them. It’s so good when Jesus orchestrates and brings things together!

Roberto and Gabriela have been working on the church plant for two and a half years. They are at a point where they are doing well, but they also need some encouragement. Roberto shared how lonely it can be to plant a church. My heart goes out to him. It was so clear that our loving Father arranged this time.

One of the wonderful things about connecting in this way, and spending some good time together is that it opens the doors for future ministry. It makes it easier for me to know what some of their needs are, and how I might spur them on and strengthen them along the way.

Pray with us for Roberto and Gabriela. They are doing an important work in establishing a beachhead in Ciudad Obregon. Pastor Roberto has a vision to start more churches in the area and to educate future ministers of the gospel! So good! Lord, grant them the desire of their hearts for your honor and glory.

Hermosillo: Hector & Lulu
Dave with Pastor Hector & Lulu Bautista

From Ciudad Obregon I took the bus to Hermosillo. I just happened to be there the same week that a new church planting couple, Hector and Lulu Bautista were there looking for a house. They are moving from Jalapa, Veracruz to Hermosillo. That is a long move!

They’ve never lived in Northern Mexico before, and there is a huge difference between northern and southern Mexico. One of the main differences is there aren’t as many churches in Northern Mexico.

I had never met Pastor Hector and Lulu, so again Jesus brought everything together at just the right time. Hallelujah!

Hector asked me if he could stay in contact with me so I could mentor him and encourage him as he starts this church from scratch. They told me they are starting from zero. They don’t know anyone in Hermosillo. That is definitely the hardest way to start a church. Of course, nothing is too difficult for the Lord, but it is important to understand some of the challenges they will face. Also it’s super important for them that they don’t feel alone.

Join us in Prayer!
Dave & Dawn – Thanks for joining us on this journey and for praying with us

Dawn and I are praying that the Lord uses us to help plant 1,000 churches over the next 15 – 20 years. When I see Jesus open doors like this I know he’s at work. It’s the Lord’s desire to see his church grow and multiply.

Pray with us for these two couples, Roberto and Gabriela, and Hector and Lulu. They need wisdom from above and boldness as they share the gospel in the communities that the Lord has called them to. All of our church planters could use similar type of prayer. These are some of the other church planters we are working with Federico and Blanca, Mere and Edna in Mexicali, Davis and Luz in Tijuana, Petri and Yudy in Ensenada, Jose Luis and Ana in La Paz. There are others, but these are some of our newer church plants. Evangelism and new contacts is key when they are starting out.

In His Grip, Dave

Church Multiplication
Dave with pastors Samuel, Francisco, Roberto & Raul

On the road in Northwestern Mexico. This week I’ve traveled to some places in Northern Mexico that I’ve never been to, Ciudad Obregón and Hermosillo. I’m meeting with pastors and church planters. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to get to know these outstanding men and women and to learn about their work. Such wonderful people who have made great sacrifices for the gospel.

One of the main questions I’m asking as I meet with them is if their church has reproduced? Have they not only successfully planted their church, but also started other churches?

Most of the pastors I talked to have already started other churches. One of them has started 3 churches in just a few years time. So encouraging!

We Long for More!

Dawn and I keep praying for more, and we are praying that we can help plant more churches throughout Mexico and Beyond. I like to say igniting church-planting movements on the Border, the Baja and Beyond! One of the principle places where we are seeing multiplication is in Cuba, but it is happening in Mexico as well. It’s so good to see the church grow.

I feel like one of the great advantages that I have when I meet with these pastors and learn from them is it also allows me to pray for them and to encourage them. The Lord has given me a love and a compassion for them, and we connect deeply in relatively brief period of time.

The Battle Rages On
Some of our Cuban prayer warrior friends. They know how to pray!

One of the pastors, Samuel told me that where he is planting his churches there is a lot of witchcraft going on, which is increasing in Mexico. He said because of that the people battle with more sickness. Samuel said his leaders have helped train them in how to pray and deal with the attacks of the enemy, but he also felt like they needed more help. We’ve found that witchcraft is a serious problem in Cuba and most of the other countries we work in. I believe that it’s on the rise in the US as well.

These pastors are right on the front of the battle lines, and they need encouragement and prayer support. Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the powers and principalities, Ephesians 6:12.

For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.

2 Corinthians 10:3,4 ESV

Even with these obstacles the church is growing. The church is multiplying!

Join Us in Prayer !

Dawn & I are glad to be on this journey with you

I celebrate this growth, and at the same time I long for more. Join with us in the battle. Pray with us and for us. Pray also for these pastors that are in the trenches seeing people freed from darkness through the light of the gospel! The battle rages on, but we have victory in Christ.

In His Grip, Dave

Family & Growth: So Exciting
Some of the church planters that we are working with that are seeing multiplication

Two of the things that excite Dawn and me the most is our close relationship with the church planters we are working with and seeing the church grow. We continue to work for and pray for multiplication on the Border, the Baja and Beyond!

I feel like it’s hard to describe the special relationship that we develop with the church planters that we partner with. A number of them refer to us as family, ‘Padre y Madre’. I haven’t experienced many relationships like this in the U.S.A. I think people tend to be a little more guarded in the United States.

These relationships make us feel good, but there’s more to it than just good feelings!

Fruit: The Ministry is Growing!
Pastor Luis & May with their children David & Zuri

The Lord is using these relationships and the training and coaching that Dawn and I are able to provide to produce fruit. We are seeing ministries grow.

Just today one of the church planting couples that we are working with in Cuba, Luis and May told us how their relationship with us has made a dramatic difference in their lives. They refer to it as a before and after. Luis and May told us that their ministry and their effectiveness has grown since they met us.

They’ve been using some of the church planting training material that I shared with them the last time I was there. Red de Multiplicación (Multiplication Network) has some excellent church planting training resources that we’ve given them. Luis and May took those resources and have trained 12 couples that have started 12 house churches in their city in the last year. 400 people have been reached through these churches!

That is multiplication, and that is what we are praying and working for! Praise Jesus!

Continued Growth in 2020!
Pastor Mario & Yany’s church in Cabaiguan. There’s a growing network of churches in this city

Luis and May are planning on starting two more house churches this month as we begin 2020. They are already off and running! These are just two of the church planters that Dawn and I are working with. God is building his church on the Border, the Baja and Beyond!

Please pray for us as we kick-off 2020. We are praying for more churches and multiplication of leaders with a clear vision to reach the lost for Christ. God is so good, and he is so faithful to grow his church!

In His Grip, Dave