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Dave preaching at Grace Renewal Church

The Need for Workers to Reap the Harvest

I’m leaving for Cuba today!

It’s an exciting time. I’m still trying to get ready early in the morning, but I felt like it was important to send out a quick note to all our praying friends.

I will arrive in Havana tonight around 10 PM, and I will be there until Friday, April 29th. It will be an opportunity to get to know Cuba as it’s my first trip there.

Pray for my time there as the team I’ll be with works with an encourages pastors and church leaders there.

Excited about all that God is doing in Hannah's life!

Pray for Dawn and Hannah. We are excited about all that God is doing in Hannah’s life!

Pray for my family while I’m gone, especially for Dawn and Hannah. I will have limited access to internet while I’m there, so I don’t expect to be able to post anything until I get back from the trip.

Thanks for standing with us in prayer faithful friends!

In His Grip, Dave

I Can’t Keep Up!
Claves 1 - Keys for a Transformed Life

Claves 1 – Keys for a Transformed Life

There are so many good things going on that I’m having a hard time keeping up with it all! That is a good problem to have, right? 😉

Last week we partnered with Ministerios Fuente de Gracia and Ministerios Transformación to hold a course on The Keys for a Transformed Life in Spanish Claves para la Vida Transformada.

Thrilled by the Transformation
Rosa and her son, Mauro receiving their certificate from Jose Juan and Jeinny for completing the course

Rosa and her son, Mauro receiving their certificate from Jose Juan and Jeinny for completing the course

This is the second time in the last year that we’ve held this course in Tijuana. About mid-way through the week those taking the course get so excited about what they are learning they start asking about the next class. There is a Claves 2 (Keys 2). the course actually has four modules.

Not only do the participants start asking about when we can organize Claves 2, but they start thinking about their friends. They wish their friends and their family members could have taken the course.

Dawn and I had the same reaction when we first took Claves about three years ago. The power of the gospel shines on people’s lives. As they confess their sins to one another, repent and forgive they experience a new found freedom in Christ.

Cut Off the Roots
Calvin Anderson the leader of the Ministerios Fuente de Gracia teaching one of the lessons

Calvin Anderson the leader of the Ministerios Fuente de Gracia teaching one of the lessons

So many Christians seem to get stuck in their walk with Christ. There is a sense in which the answer is to return to our first love, and to practice the basics. Another key point is that we are prone to treat symptoms rather than the root issues. Claves gives people a handle on how to begin to find the roots of the bad fruit in their lives. Then we show them how to cut the roots off.

This is a life long process, but we have to begin somewhere. I find that many believers don’t even know where to start. So it’s a real eye-opening experience to learn these truths. Dawn and I have used the teaching found in Claves to mentor and disciple pastoral couples.

We are so thankful for the Lord leading us to our friends with Ministerios Fuente de Gracia who lead and teach the Claves courses. It’s been a fruitful partnership that the Lord has given us with them. Hallelujah! Our prayer is that more and more leaders and people in the church will experience true freedom in Christ. Freedom in the gospel.

Stand With Us In Prayer

Thanks for praying for us.

I’m going to be heading to Cuba this Sunday, April 24 – Friday April 29th to work with a team to train coaches for ministry in Havana. God is doing a marvelous work in Cuba, so I’m excited to be a part of it. Pray for my time in Cuba, as well as for Dawn, Hannah and David while I’m away. Pray that they not only do well, but that they thrive!

In His Grip, Dave

Mixups & Celebrations!
FullSizeRender 6.jpg

Pastor Daniel Nuñez, Dave & Pastor Ivan Casados

It seems that the last couple of weeks I’ve experienced a few mixups!

The exciting thing is that despite these minor challenges the churches are growing, communities are being changed and there is much to celebrate.

Last week Dawn, Hannah and I went to first year anniversary celebration with Ministerios Transformación in Plan Libertador. Unbeknownst to me the time of the service was changed, so that we arrived four hours early. Yesterday, we went to Ribera de Bosque’s second year anniversary. There were a few more mixups as pastor Ivan Casados and I had some trouble with our internet communication during the week. On a positive note, we did arrive at the service when it started this time.

Much Life & Much to Celebrate!
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Pastor Daniel Nuñez

My family and I love our friends at Ministerios Transformación and it is so good to be able to celebrate their accomplishments!

There’s much life in these churches. Pastor Daniel Nuñez preached a grace filled and wonderfully challenging message. After the service he invited those who wanted prayer to come up to the front. Dawn, Hannah and I were able to join in and pray for some of those that asked for prayer. It’s so fulfilling to be able to minister as a family.

I love seeing the Lord work through Dawn and Hannah!

New Life in Christ
Celebrating finishing the roof on the church

Building the Ministerios Transformación Ribera de Bosque church two years ago

After the service Pastor Ivan asked me if I could share with some of the people that I prayed for. A brother and sister, Jose Luis and Rocio.

A family from the church invited them to come, and Jose Luis and Rocio just started coming to the church in the last few weeks. I asked them if they were to die today if they knew for sure that they would go to heaven? This opened the door to further discussion about how they could be sure.

The wonderful message of the grace and work of Jesus Christ. It’s a life changing message. After explaining the gospel, I asked them if they would like to place their faith in Christ, and they said yes! Alicia their friend who invited them to church came over with us.

Then we led them in prayer to give their lives to Christ.

A wonderful experience!

One of the things I love most about the ministry is leading people to Christ. It’s so exciting to see people’s eyes light up and come to faith. It was extra special that we could do it in their new church. Pastor Ivan and some of the others in the church came over and congratulated them and told them welcome into the family of God.

There is much new life in these churches, and it’s always a privilege for Dawn, Hannah and me when we can participate with them.

Celebrate with us! Pray that the gospel will continue to go forth in a mighty and powerful way in Tijuana, the Baja and Beyond!

In His Grip, Dave



God’s Transforming Work!

Calvin Anderson leading a session for Claves – Keys for a Transformed Life

So exciting to see the Lord bringing healing to the lives of men and women this week. Our friends with Ministerios Fuente de Gracia are leading the course Keys for a Transformed Life this week at one of the churches we partner with.

Pastor Mauro Lopez leads the church Comunidad Cristiana Mariano that is part of The Ministerios Transformación network of churches. His church is hosting the Claves course Keys to a Transformed Life.

God touches people in profound ways as they learn that they about sonship, adoption and the Fatherhood of God. We are praying for his continuing and ongoing work of renewal in Tijuana and beyond. We believe for revival to take place, people not only need to come to the knowledge of Christ, but they need to be transformed by him as well.

God completes What He Starts

Jeinny leading the group on sonship

Dawn and I have been encouraged by how we’ve seen this course bring real and lasting change to our lives and the lives of many others. It’s a process to be sure, but God is at work. The Lord finishes what he starts.

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. (Philippians 1:6, ESV)

We move forward in confidence, and look to Jesus to change the hearts for men and women.

In His Grip, Dave



Two Significant Achievements!

Celebrating the first year anniversary at Plan Libertador in Rosarito

Today was two churches that we are connected with celebrated a significant achievement. Pastor Victor Bravo and his wife, Sol celebrated the first year anniversary of their church in Rosarito. Pastor Ivan Casados and his wife, Rocio celebrated the second anniversary of their church in Tijuana Ribera de Bosque.

Dawn and I take great joy in the growth of these two churches as we partnered with Ministerios Transformación to help plant them.

It’s a beautiful thing to see a church planted. To have the love of Christ invade a community where there was darkness.

Victor & Sol Bravo in Rosarito

Pastor Victor Bravo & Sol with Pastor Daniel Nuñez & Yolanda

This morning Dawn, Hannah and I went to see Victor and Sol to celebrate with them. Unfortunately, we got the times mixed up and missed the celebration, but we had a wonderful time praying with and encouraging Victor and Sol as they ministered to us as well.

In the community of Plan Libertador in Rosarito where Victor and Sol’s church is planted just a year ago there was not a church to be found. The light of Christ has literally invaded the darkness. Many in the community have given their lives to Christ. God is on the move, and there is a sense of excitement.

Victor and Sol have an infectious enthusiasm. Their love for Christ and love for the people is readily apparent. I always come away encouraged after I’ve spent some time with them!

Ivan & Rocio Casados in Ribera de Bosque
Dave with Pastor Ivan Casados and his wife Rocio and Aaron at a church we helped plant in 2014

Pastor Ivan Casados & Rocio with Aaron & Dave

A similar story can be told about Ivan and Rocio in Ribera de Bosque. Ivan and Rocio are very caring and loving people. They make  good team, and the church loves them.

Ivan recently completed a two year incubator training for church planters. He is hungry to learn, and I see him implementing the things he is learning.

What a high privilege it is for Dawn and me to partner with such quality men and women. Both of these couples have a deep and growing love for Christ. We feel blessed to call them friends.

These churches are still at the beginning of their journey. The will go on to touch many more lives, and to shine the light of Christ ever so brightly in the communities that they serve in! Hallelujah!

Thanks for all your prayers and support that has helped make these ministries possible.

In His Grip, Dave

Our medical team lovingly treating the patients

Our medical team lovingly treating the patients

One of the highlights of our ministry on the border and the Baja has been our medical clinics in Ensenada. God has used the partnership of Redeemer San Diego and La Nueva Jerusalén in Ensenada to touch the lives of many. It’s beautiful to see the love of Christ poured out through the doctors, dentists and all those that assist and make this outreach possible. We are using medicine to build bridges for the gospel as we show the love of Christ in a real and tangible way.

I put together a short video with the help of my son, David Jr. that will give you a glimpse of what we do on these missions trips.

May the gospel continue to go forth in power in Ensenada. May the Lord’s church extend it’s reach for the glory of God!

In His Grip, Dave

Ministerios Transformación Terrazas
Pastor Mario Perez and his wife, Mara

Pastor Mario Perez and his wife, Mara

God is on the move in Tijuana, and working through churches like Ministerios Transformación Terrazas.

The Lord richly blessed our time with Pastor Mario Perez and his wife, Mara and their congregation in the community of Terrazas.

God’s Healing Work
Dave enjoying preaching and exhorting the church

Dave enjoying preaching and exhorting the church

Dawn, Hannah and I first began spending time with Mario and Mara a year ago. Three years ago they lost their 8 year old daughter. It’s been an extremely painful journey for them as they go through healing themselves while ministering to others. Yet, we do see God showing up and ministering to them in deep ways.

As they experience God’s loving touch they are able to pass on the blessing to others. We are glad that we’ve been able to be a part of the healing process as we join them on their journey.

This Sunday the church was full of life. It’s always an encouragement, a blessing to preach in the church of friends like Mario and to see the Lord show up in a special way.

The people responded as their eyes lit up while they listened to the message of the gospel. Christ makes us whole. He gives us an identity and a purpose. We all need hope in this world that is filled with darkness. Yet God’s love shines through!

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death. (Romans 8:1-2 ESV)

Prayer & the Hope of Revival
Hannah and Dawn praying for one of the women in the church

Hannah and Dawn praying for one of the women in the church

After the sermon many came up for prayer. Dawn and Hannah were able to join me in praying for the people. It always fills my heart to see the Lord work through my wife and my daughter!

I believe the Lord is going to use the Terrazas church and many others like it to start a revival fire in Tijuana that will affect the nation of Mexico. God desires to touch the people of TJ and Mexico in a special way. We want to be part of His powerful work.

Pray that it will be so! God do you transformative work, Hallelujah.

In His Grip, Dave


Cesar & Josefina Vazquez
Dave with Josefina & Cesar

Dave with Josefina & Cesar

What a wonderful privilege the Lord gives me to connect with godly and humble leaders in Mexico. I feel that way on almost a daily basis, but it’s especially relevant today after meeting with pastor Cesar Vazquez and his wife, Josefina.

Cesar and Josefina are living in San Luis Rio Colorado, which is just south of Yuma, Arizona. Cesar is pastoring the church in San Luis that he started 13 years ago. I was amazed to learn that they’ve also started churches in Tecate and Mexicali. Cesar loves to share the good news of Jesus and see the gospel spread along the border and the Baja. He’s also a strong leader not only in his church, but in the Fronterizo Noroccidental Presbytery.

Raise Up More Leaders & Move on the Border

I pray for more men and women like Cesar and Josefina. May God raise up a mighty army of church planters! I believe that the Lord is going to do a great work here.

Lately, as I’ve been praying I’ve sensed that God is going to do a special work in Tijuana and the surrounding areas. In many ways the border towns are looked down on by Mexicans and Americans, but God has a way of taking the weak things of this world and using them for his glory! Pray with us that this will become a reality. Revival and Renewal on the Border and the Baja that will have an impact on the rest of Mexico and Beyond!

In His Grip, Dave