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God’s Work in San Luis Rio Colorado & Beyond

Cesar & Josefina Vazquez

Dave with Josefina & Cesar
Dave with Josefina & Cesar

What a wonderful privilege the Lord gives me to connect with godly and humble leaders in Mexico. I feel that way on almost a daily basis, but it’s especially relevant today after meeting with pastor Cesar Vazquez and his wife, Josefina.
Cesar and Josefina are living in San Luis Rio Colorado, which is just south of Yuma, Arizona. Cesar is pastoring the church in San Luis that he started 13 years ago. I was amazed to learn that they’ve also started churches in Tecate and Mexicali. Cesar loves to share the good news of Jesus and see the gospel spread along the border and the Baja. He’s also a strong leader not only in his church, but in the Fronterizo Noroccidental Presbytery.

Raise Up More Leaders & Move on the Border

I pray for more men and women like Cesar and Josefina. May God raise up a mighty army of church planters! I believe that the Lord is going to do a great work here.
Lately, as I’ve been praying I’ve sensed that God is going to do a special work in Tijuana and the surrounding areas. In many ways the border towns are looked down on by Mexicans and Americans, but God has a way of taking the weak things of this world and using them for his glory! Pray with us that this will become a reality. Revival and Renewal on the Border and the Baja that will have an impact on the rest of Mexico and Beyond!
In His Grip, Dave

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