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Daniel Nuñez and Ray Call on land where church will be built

Daniel Nuñez and Ray Call on land where church will be built

We get excited about new births. It’s thrilling for the family, and their friends. Jesus said there is a party in heaven when someone lost is found – a new birth.

It’s equally exciting when a new church is born. One of the reasons we delight in seeing a new church started is that it leads to many new births.

C. Peter Wagner says,

“Planting new churches is the most effective evangelistic methodology known under heaven.”

That’s not just hyperbole, statistics bear out that new churches are much more effective at bringing new people into the kingdom of God.

That’s why we are giving praise to God that Harbor is working with Baja Christian Ministries to help our friend, Daniel Nuñez build a new church over the next two weekends. They will build another plant for ‘Lo Mejor del Trigo” (The Best of the Wheat) in Rosarito, Mexico. Leo, the pastor of the church owns the land where they will build. I share more about the wonderful story of how God brought this all together in “A New Birth is Coming Soon.”

Ray and Dave at Border Crossing

Ray and Dave at Border Crossing

I love seeing different ministries come together for Kingdom work! Pray with us that the Lord keeps the group from Harbor safe as they build the church in Rosarito. Also pray that many people come to Christ and that the community is blessed through this new work.

Speaking of prayer I was super encouraged that this last Sunday I posted  prayer requests, and some thoughts on prayer. I had the most views of my blog ever on Sunday. Wow! God is working, and He’s even using this little blog site to get the word out. Thanks for the great response, and thanks so much for standing with us in prayer!

In His Grip, Dave