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Bill Iverson & Dave

As Dawn and I embark on this new endeavor to see the border transformed by the gospel I must admit that often I wonder, “what am I doing?” And “what have I gotten myself into?” I’m glad we are not on our own. We have some great partners that we are working with. But in my weaker moments I still have my doubts.

I found it comforting when I read my mentor, Dr. William Iverson’s response to an article written about him in byFaith Magazine. Here are Bill’s words of wisdom, “I am grateful for the fact of Christ being the sufficiency of the call. But as in all my life in ministry, there is fear of failure, wondering if I am doing the right thing, and realizing a chilling sense that I can’t do it. When I realize ‘I can’t,’ and he says ‘I never said you could.’ And that has made all the difference.”

Dave & Dawn at San Diego Harbor

That’s a good reminder that when I fear failure, and realize I can’t do it, that He never said I could. My sufficiency is in Christ. It’s like my friends at Harbor like to say, “the gospel changes everything.” It’s not dependent on me. It never has been about me. Yet I can be confident. I can be encouraged, because Christ goes before me. He leads the way. It’s only in Him and as He works through me that I have any hope of success. With this confidence we continue to fight the good fight and to serve.

Thanks for going with us on the journey!

In His Grip, Dave