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Crossing the Border into Tijuana

We are off to a great start! Bill Yarbrough did a great job presenting our need for grace. He really connected with those that came, and we had a good group. The people that came got the message, and they were very encouraged by it. Thanks so much for praying, as I sensed God’s leading, and His presence.

There is a sense in which grace is such a basic Christian concept, and yet it is also profound. It is not always easy to fully grasp, and live out. One of my friends with Mission to the World has described it as trying to catch a fish with your bare hands. Even when you are holding it, it tends to slip away. We are so prone to either go towards gritting our teeth, and trying harder or just giving in, and doing what we desire. We either add things to the gospel, or we become overly liberal with our freedoms. Neither one of these are healthy nor good choices. We need to look to Christ and Him alone, not only for our salvation, but for our daily walk with Him. We are powerless to live the Christian life in our own strength.

Bill Yarbrough presenting the gospel of grace

I’m excited that the conference is off to such a good start. Now I’m looking forward to continuing, and seeing the Lord work. We will go into Tijuana again on Friday, and stay overnight. The conference continues all morning on Saturday. Then on Sunday we conclude with Sunday worship, and we will wrap up the conference on living in grace.

Continue to pray for the Lord’s protection, and His rich and powerful blessing.

In His Grip, Dave