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Dave, Zach and Ray

Dave, Zach and Ray

Dawn and I have enjoyed getting to know two of our interns over the last week. Zach Lutz, a student from Moody in Chicago, and Lindsay Anne Dransfield a student from the University of Maryland in Baltimore are with us.

Zach has done a great job plugging in, and helping where needed. One of the major ministries he’s involved in is leading a Bible Study with a Hispanic small group in Escondido. This is quite an accomplishment, since Zach is still learning Spanish. Today is Zach’s birthday! He’s the big 21! Happy Birthday, Zach.

We are going into Mexico today, and we will be with the Spanish church tonight, so we celebrated Zach’s big day on July 4th. The Call family made a cake, and we had a wonderful time celebrating independence day and Zach’s birthday on the same day!

Dawn with Lindsay Anne

Dawn with Lindsay Anne

Lindsay Anne is only with us for a few days. She is a photo journalist. While she is with us we have her taking a lot of pictures and video of the city, and people.

As an added bonus, a friend from Colorado Springs, Scott Kracht has been visiting us.

On Saturday Lindsay Anne leaves and Emily Gryder joins us. Emily is coming out from North Carolina.

I love the youth, energy and curiosity these young adults bring with them. It’s unbelievable that our interns are all about the same age as our kids. Actually, David, our oldest is a little older than all of them. But of course, we aren’t getting older just our kids are! 😉

Today we will go into Tijuana and Rosarito to meet with pastor Leo Nevarez. My prayer is that we can encourage him and his wife, Gloria. I’m also hoping to introduce him to a ministry that builds houses for impoverished people. This ministry isn’t too far from his church, so it could be a great opportunity for the church to reach out in love to the people in this community. I believe by bringing these two ministries together that the Lord could greatly bless each of them. I pray they will also be a blessing to the community!

In His Grip, Dave

The Border Crossing into Tijuana, Mexico

The frequent bad news about the border is a reminder of the need for the transforming power of Christ. Only the gospel gives us lasting and real hope.

I just read a good article written in the Miami Herald on Monday about Tijuana, and how it’s becoming a safer place. I always welcome good news about positive change in TJ. The title of the article is, In Revived Tijuana, a new calm delights – and mystifies.

It appears one of the reasons there is peace in Tijuana is because one of the gangs has gained control of the city. The article cites experts who speculate, “they say the calm is because Mexico’s most powerful crime group has seized control of Tijuana’s key drug-trafficking corridor and now enforces the peace.” So it’s good there is more peace, but unfortunate that the gang problem still exists.

Our prayer is that the Prince of Peace will bring true peace to this land. Many Americans come to Tijuana for the prostitutes, abortions, gambling and other vices. There are some major strongholds in this city. Even when peace comes it doesn’t bring with it a transformed people. Only God can do that.

I’ve been touched by Chris Tomlin’s song, God of This City. My prayer is that greater things are yet to come for the San Diego – Tijuana border. Pray with me that it will happen soon!

Check out the song on YouTube here–

And greater things are still to be done in this great bi-national city of San Diego-Tijuana!

In HIs Grip, Dave