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Dawn and Dave Enjoying Life on the Border!

Dawn and Dave Enjoying Life on the Border!

The Importance of a Strong Team

I must admit that I’m a big baseball fan, and although my team wasn’t in the World Series this year it’s still fun to catch some of the games.

Much of what I’m doing, and my wife and I are doing together has to do with team. We are building a strong team of people to stand with us in prayer and financially. We are also praying, and making people aware of what is going on in missions in the bi-national city of San Diego – Tijuana, so that others might join us in the work.

The Journey to Build a Team

I’m at the front end of a long trip on the east coast. Presently, I’m in the Baltimore – DC area meeting with friends and churches to let them know all that the Lord is doing on the border. Then on Sunday I’ll drive up to the Philadelphia area to evaluate some missionary candidates.

From there I fly to Atlanta to meet my wife, Dawn. We will drive to Greenville, South Carolina for Mission to the World’s big conference, called Global Missions Conference. We will end the trip at Covenant College to meet students and share with them about our ministry on the border.

Our hope is that the Lord will raise up people to stand alongside us to support this ministry as well as serve alongside us in the ministry.

Baseball and a Team Mentality

I guess you could say, we need a team of people for anything to happen. That’s what made me think about the World Series. The World Series just ended, and it takes a great team to win it all.

World Series 2010 seats

World Series 2010 seats (Photo credit: jeffwwoo)

This year the Boston Red Sox took home the crown. The Cardinals lost to the Red Sox in 6 games. Both teams are very talented, and they work together well. The teams that make it to the World Series tend to have a team first mentality.

There is a great article that I recently came across called the Cardinal way that highlights the importance of being selfless and putting the team first. You can read the article here…

Thanks for Being Part of Our Team

I appreciate you for reading our blog, following the ministry and for praying for us. We could not do it without a strong team of the Lord’s saints. Friends that have chosen to join us on this journey of faith.

As Paul said,

Every athlete exercises self-control in all things. They do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable. So I do not run aimlessly; I do not box as beating the air. (1 Corinthians 9:25,26 ESV)

In His Grip, Dave

Dave speaking at Church in the Canyon

Dave speaking at Church in the Canyon

My son, David Jr. and I had a great weekend in Calabasas and Malibu.

On Saturday I presented our San Diego – Tijuana border ministry to a number of pastors and ministry leaders who serve in greater Los Angeles. Our prayer is that not only will these church partner with us through prayer and financial support, but that they will also send us men and woman to serve with us. We need kingdom minded churches who desire to work with us to make a difference on the border.

A number of the churches represented at the meeting have partnered with us in the past, so it was uplifting for me to be able to connect with them again. I realize that you have to start somewhere, and that it’s not always on the fast road. Yet, God is faithful to move these small steps forward.

David Jr. at Malibu Beach

David Jr. at Malibu Beach

The meetings on Saturday went till mid-day. In the afternoon David and I went to Malibu, which was a special treat. We enjoyed the Lord’s beautiful creation on the beach in Malibu. Then we went to visit one of David’s friends, Cameron Kruse at Pepperdine. Cameron is a wonderful young man of God who just graduated from Pepperdine.

On Sunday David and I visited Church in the Canyon in Calabasas and I shared about our ministry with them. They responded well. I left encouraged and do sense God is at work!

Church in the Canyon used to support us and partner with us in ministry, so it was a real thrill to reconnect and worship with them.

Dawn and I know that we can’t do this ministry on our own, so it’s such an awesome blessing to connect with people who are interested in learning more about what we are doing. People who will join our prayer team, and even partner with us financially.

To God be the Glory!

In His Grip, Dave