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A Day in Tijuana, Mexico

Have you ever wondered what it is like to cross the border? Or maybe you would like to see what one of the churches we work with looks like. Who are people we work with?

Well, you are in luck! A friend of ours, Rob Kursten made a video for us. On this video you can see us crossing into Mexico and ministering with the Lo Mejor del Trigo church in Pipila. It was an outstanding day, and I believe you will be encouraged by what you see!

Enjoy the video of our day in TJ

Thanks for joining us on this journey of faith!

In His Grip, Dave


Wow! What a Great Day in TJ
Christian Castro teaching a Bible Story for the children

Christian Castro teaching a Bible Story for the children

Thanks so much for praying for our Tijuana children’s outreach event. The Lord gave us an outstanding day!

This was one of my favorite events that we’ve done in TJ. We had a great team, which allowed everything to run very smoothly. Our team from Harbor worked very well with the Lo Mejor del Trigo church in Pípila.

It makes may heart glad to see all the children and those that are serving them enjoying themselves so much.

I loved seeing our people from Harbor working side by side with those from the Pípila church. The church is still building, so outreach events like this helps them to have a greater presence in the community. We pray with them that they will continue to grow as they share the love of Christ.

Much Fun – Many Smiles
David Diaso Jr. and Jenn English with some of the children in Pípila

David Diaso Jr. and Jenn English with some of the children in Pípila

We organized a number of fun activities for the children. They enjoyed songs, face painting, balloons, bubbles, painting a huge banner, making bracelets and games.

There were smiles all around.

Some of these children have started attending the church. It was encouraging to see some of the same children. They remember us and we get to know them.

Pray for the Pípila church

Continue to pray with us as Pastor Rodrigo Vallarta along with his wife, Nancy lead this church. Pray for wisdom and direction in building the church. This coming Sunday they will celebrating their first year anniversary at the church.

Another praise is that Rodrigo, who is a bi-vocational pastor had been out of work for over a month. His family was struggling to make it from week to week. Rodrigo found a job on Friday! That’s a huge answer for them, and it takes a lot of pressure off the family.

The children having fun playing!

The children having fun playing!

Thank you Lord, for giving us such a good day.

Many of those that came from Harbor told me when I saw them the next day, that they had a great experience. A number of them keep coming back every chance they get. It’s great to see others get excited about serving in a cross-cultural missions setting.

In His Grip, Dave

We are getting Ready for a Big Day in TJ
Having fun with bubbles

The children at one of our recent outreach events in TJ having fun with bubbles

This week we are busy getting ready to take 30 friends from Harbor Mid-City and Harbor West down to Tijuana.

The organizational logistics side of these trips does challenge some of my weaknesses, but I do love getting people involved in cross-cultural outreach.

I don’t enjoy organizing the trips nearly as much as I love seeing people serve in this way. I suppose the complete package, even though it’s a lot of work is one of my favorite things.

Since we’ve done a few of these trips now the Lord has blessed me with a good team to help me organize the trips. I’ve recruited to my weaknesses, and as a team we are strong. This enables us to have a much better experience in preparation for the trip as well as on the day of the trip.

God Uses Willing Hearts to Serve

The Lord encourages me as I see friends from our church in the U.S. meet friends in Mexico.

Magic happens when these two cultures collide for the kingdom. God somehow uses it.

My goal for these mission trips in Tijuana is for those from the U.S. to be stretched, and to serve our Mexican brothers and sisters. The goal on the Mexican side is two-fold. One we want to help the church in this case Lo Mejor del Trigo in Pípila reach out and bless their community. Secondly, we want to encourage those in the church in Pípila.

We Need Your Prayer
Pastor Rodrigo and Nancy at their church in Pípila

Pastor Rodrigo and Nancy at their church in Pípila

When we bring big groups into Mexico there is always a huge need for prayer. I don’t think the enemy likes what we are doing, so we have to pray for protection. We pray that he will guide and lead us as well as use us along with our Mexican brothers and sisters to be a loving witness in the community.

Pray especially for Pastor Rodrigo and his wife, Nancy. The church is coming up on its one year anniversary. They’ve seen slow, but steady growth. Our hope is that events like this might give them a boost, and move them forward some as they seek to make a difference for Christ in Pípila.

Thanks for standing with us on this journey, and keep us in praying leading up to the trip, and especially on Saturday.

I will be sure to report how things went, so stay tuned.

In His Grip, Dave

David Jr. face painting. He had quite a line waiting for his famous painting!

David Jr. face painting. He had quite a line waiting for his famous painting!

Fun Activities and the Bible

I was overwhelmed by God’s goodness this past Saturday when we ministered in Tijuana. I led a group of 23 down to Pípila in the eastern part of TJ to work with our friends from Lo Mejor del Trigo.

Our goal was to minister alongside the Lo Mejor del Trigo church in Pípila, in order to bless the community through an outreach to children. One hundred and twenty children came. They were treated to all kinds of fun activities: face painting, balloons, weaving a lanyard, making beaded bracelets and necklaces, soccer and a Bible story. The kids loved it.

Cindy Frueh with Annabelle and Marcelina

Cindy Frueh with Annabelle and Marcelina

Our team from Harbor Mid-City did a wonderful job working with the children and those from the Pípila church. Cindy Frueh organized and coordinated our group to ensure that all the activities were fun, and done well. Everyone had such a wonderful attitude. The light of Christ shined brightly.

We give thanks for Cindy, and all of those who helped. She did such a great job leading, that it took a lot of pressure off of me.

Since things went so well, it gives me much hope for the future that we can come alongside the church in Pípila and be a blessing to them.

Give thanks to the Lord with me for the marvelous work he has done, and he continues to do!

Fun with the Piñata

Fun with the Piñata

Dale, Dale, Dale …

That’s how the song begins when the children are attempting to break the piñata. After the children got their fill of all the other activities we finished it off with a big piñata filled with candy. Then since the children worked up an appetite, our Mexican “hermanos” made a wonderful meal with tamales, beans and salad for them.

I must admit before the event I was a little worried about all the details coming together. I don’t feel like organizing all the logistics is my strong point. Yet the Lord chose to work through my weaknesses. It was a success, because of the wonderful team of people from our church and from the Mexican church that came together to serve.

Jonathan having some fun helping the children paint a mural

Jonathan having some fun helping the children paint a mural

God Causes the Increase

It was also encouraging interacting with those from the church. They told us how the church is growing. In the last month the church has seen four new families come to Christ, and get involved in the life of the church.

God is working in Tijuana in a powerful way.

Since the church just started in November they still don’t have many young families with children, so we are hoping that this children’s event will give them a big boost towards reaching young families in the community. Join us in prayer for this need. O Lord, hear our prayer!

In His Grip, Dave 

The Gospel is Making a Difference in Tijuana
The pastors from Lo Mejor del Trigo that we met with last week.

The pastors from Lo Mejor del Trigo that we met with last week.

I give thanks for the leaders the Lord has given me to work with on both sides of the border. Last week I was able to meet with a number of them. Such choice servants of the Lord!

We visited the two churches that Harbor helped plant among some of the other churches. Cesar one of the younger pastors has just taken over a church that has gone through a lot of turmoil. The church had shrunk and was down to about three families.

Since Cesar took the church over just in the last month they’ve had 100 people attend the church.

The Lord Hears the Prayer of His People

I asked Cesar what they were doing to reach the people. He said the main thing they were doing was praying. God is hearing their plea.

These ministries are loving on the people in the community. Many of them are feeding the poor. Periodically they set up a medical clinic to help those that can’t afford to go to a doctor. It’s so good to see the Lord at work.

God is working through these churches as they share the love of Christ in their community. Our prayer is that they will continue to grow and to be a blessing in Tijuana.

Praise and Prayer

I praise the Lord for his faithfulness to these churches, and those who serve in them. They are blessing their communities in some practical ways. One of the questions we are asking is how can we come alongside of them, and be of encouragement to them.

Join in prayer as we ask the Lord to open the hearts of the people as the gospel goes out into the communities surrounding the church.

In His Grip, Dave

Wow! It was so encouraging to be part of building the Lo Mejor Del Trigo church in eastern Tijuana. I wrote about the birth of the new church in earlier posts. God is so good!

Check out this video that shows the progression of the building of the church. More than 70 people participated in this project over two weekends. Now they are worshipping in the community of Pipila, which is in eastern Tijuana.

The church is off to a good start. Join me in prayer that it will grow, and that the Lord will give Pastor Rodrigo and his family his grace and wisdom as he leads the church.

When we are involved in kingdom work, in working to see new churches raised up it’s important to remember who is building the church. Jesus gives a wonderful promise in Matthew, 16:18 when he’s speaking to Peter and the disciples,

“And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

Isn’t that a wonderful promise? Even the gates of hell, our fiercest foe and enemy shall not defeat Christ’s church. Stay the course my dear friends, and keep your eyes on Jesus. We are on the winning side!

In His Grip, Dave

Pastor Rodrigo & Daniel Nuñez leading the new church

Pastor Rodrigo & Pastor Daniel Nuñez leading the new church

Yesterday Lo Mejor Del Trigo (LMT) launched a new church plant in the neighborhood of Pipila. Pipila is in eastern Tijuana.

Harbor helped build the church. God gave us the opportunity to go out into the community to invite people to come and see. Then we shared testimonies and a short gospel presentation. It was a privilege to be a part of this new work, and to see the Lord’s Spirit moving in this place.

It was also such a blessing to work with so many who wanted to help build this church!

Pastor Rodrigo led the first service yesterday. A number of people came to celebrate. It’s so encouraging to see the gospel going forth in this community. The new birth of a church. We pray that the church will help to bring about spiritual, cultural and social renewal to the community of Pipila.

The church is full for it's inaugural celebration service!

The church is full for it’s inaugural celebration service!

Thanks for being a part of the expansion of the kingdom of God in TJ. The Lord uses your prayer and support to strengthen and to move this ministry forward. Yet in many ways we know the battle is just beginning, so we must not grow weary in doing good for God’s glory!

The church is built on the rock, which is Christ Jesus our Lord. He is our hope. He is the one we lift up high and proclaim to the nations. Amen and Amen!

In His Grip