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Dawn and I celebrated our 24th anniversary today, and we were able to have a nice romantic meal out. At the end of the meal I got a call from my mom. She said, I have some sad news, your friend, Jim Healy died this morning while riding his bike. Read the news article here…

It’s hard to know how to react to that kind of heart wrenching news!

Please Join us in Prayer for the Healy Family

The main reason I’m writing this post tonight is to honor Jim and to ask you to join us in prayer for his family.

Our hearts go out to Healy family.

Jim’s wife, Janine and their three children, Jessica, Josh and Jacob. They are a beautiful family. Jim was a wonderful husband and father. He faithfully served in the church, and influenced the lives of many young people. He also was an excellent teacher at Sunnyside Highschool.

I first met Jim when I was in college at Fresno State over 30 years ago. He was one of those guys that was hard not to like. Jim was easy-going, friendly, smiled frequently and he was a sports enthusiast. I remember when Jim, Oscar and I along with other friends would play basketball in the afternoon during the hot Fresno summers. We shared many good times together.

We were young and growing Christians when we first met. It was an exciting time. Jim’s faith grew over the years, and he applied his faith to his family and his work. One example of Jim’s influence and exemplar character can be found on his Facebook page. If you go there now you will see wonderful testimonies of the impact that he had on the lives of many.

There aren’t many friendships that endure over time, but every time I was able to be back in Fresno I would make it a point to visit Jim. When Dawn was with me we’d grab a meal with Jim and Janine. So many good memories!

It’s so hard to say good-bye to those we love.

Jim, I don’t know if you can read this from heaven, but it is comforting to know that you are in a better place. Love you bro and you will be missed 😦

Dear friends, please join us in lifting up the Healy family to our loving heavenly Father!

In His Grip, Dave

Fresno High School

Fresno High School

This weekend Dawn and I enjoyed the opportunity to see a number of old friends at my 35th Fresno High School reunion. Where did all the years go!?!

I read once that one of the main reasons people to reunions is see what their old friends look like. To see what those that maybe were the athletic or the brainy people or even the socially awkward, what do they look like now. I must admit it is fascinating to see how well, or not so well people have aged.

What I liked most was connecting with old friends. It was great to find out what people are up to, and how many kids they have. What’s going on in their family?

Dave leading friends at reunion in prayer before the dinner

Dave leading friends at reunion in prayer before the dinner

I also enjoy the opportunity to share my faith in Christ. Since some of my friends help organize the reunion, and they know I’m a minister they always ask me to pray before the meal. This alone is an opportunity to touch people’s lives in a small way. Then since I’m able to do that many will approach me and ask me more about my work and ministry. This gives me some great opportunities!

It’s also wonderful to meet friends from school that love Jesus. To hear more about their stories. Wow, I’m so grateful for God’s amazing work in the life of many of my classmates! Many now profess Christ as their savior. I pray that at the next reunion there would be even more who bend the knee.

When I think of what the Lord has done and is doing in the life of my friends it gives me hope. There are people who I wouldn’t have thought would give their lives to Christ that now have strong faith, and are living for the Lord.

“O Lord, please do continue your work in the life on my friends. You are our best and only hope for everlasting joy. Work in my heart as well, that I will be a good witness of your care and enduring love for us. No greater love is there than to give your life for another, which Christ has done for us. Christ defeated sin, death and satan on the cross and through His resurrection. Amen.”

If you are one of my friends that was at the reunion and you are reading this, “I enjoyed seeing you again, and look forward to the next opportunity. Thanks for coming and being part of a good time. Keep the faith, and don’t lose hope no matter what dips and turns life may take for you.”

In His Grip, Dave