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Renewal and Life in Mexicali and Ensenada

God’s Amazing Work in Mexicali
Worship at Verdad & Vida Church and Outreach in the park

Some of the things that Dawn and I enjoy most about planting churches are seeing people come to Christ, and growing in their faith. It’s so good to see how the Lord transforms their lives. The Lord has given us the tremendous privilege to work with some incredible pastors and leaders of these churches. They are such amazing people, and they become like family to us.

Pastor Federico & Blanca

Pastor Federico and Blanca inaugurated their new church building on December 17, 2023. Even though the church is a few miles away from where they were meeting in the park before, the people have stayed committed. You might remember that they were meeting in a park for almost two years, so now they are thrilled to have a building where they can worship.

Since they learned how to effectively do outreach events in the park, they continue to go to the surrounding parks once a month to share the love of Jesus. There are new people that they are getting to know that are coming into the church. Heriberto and Maria are new neighbors who just bought the land in front of the church, and now they are attending Verdad y Vida church.

Gustavo and Irene with their son

One of the couples that we’ve enjoyed getting to know is Gustavo and Irene. They had been hurt in the church in the past, and this caused them to stray from Christ. Unfortunately, that story is all too common, but the good thing is they found a loving church in Verdad y Vida (Truth and Life). Gustavo is an encourager, and every time I see him he has a big smile that radiates the love of Christ.

Another challenge that Gustavo and Irene were dealing with before they came back to Christ was that they weren’t married, which is common in Mexico. Pastor Federico and Blanca lovingly worked with them and taught them about the Lord’s plan and design for a Christ-centered marriage. They explained that it would please God and that He would bless their marriage. They are now married and following Christ!

God is Bringing Renewal to Ensenada
Pastor Petri & Yudy

Pastor Petri and Yudy are faithfully planting their church in Ensenada, Renuevo (Renewal). They work full-time in the school system, so they are extremely busy. Petri is an excellent preacher/teacher. Yudy is strong in ministering to children and she has administrative gifts. Dawn and I always enjoy it when we have the opportunity to visit the church. We have a close relationship with them, and they were among the first people we met when we first arrived at the border 12 years ago.

One of the challenges they’ve faced is that they were meeting in a school before COVID. They haven’t been able to go back to meet at the school, and now they are using their home for Sunday worship. They have a good-sized room in their home, but it does limit them. We are in the process of looking for property so that we can build a church in Ensenada in 2025. Join us in prayer for this need!

The Lord has blessed us and he’s provided for us to raise the funds and build nine churches for new church plants. We’d love for Renuevo to be the 10th church that we help build!

Join Us in Prayer!
Pastor Petri leading Renuevo Church in Ensenada
  • Pray for the continued growth of our churches in Mexicali and Ensenada.
  • Pray with us that the Lord will raise the remaining funds to complete the project.
    • $3,000 to build at add a children’s room to the church in Mexicali.
    • $15,000 to purchase land for a new church building in Ensenada
  • Pray for Pastor Federico and Blanca, and Pastor Petri and Yudy as they lead.
Extend Your Hands to Help!
The group that helped to build Verdad y Vida Church in front of the new building!

Dawn and I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider making a donation today! We are on the verge of realizing our goal and fulfilling this God-given vision that will have a lasting impact on Mexicali and Ensenada for generations to come.

Your contribution will play a crucial role in creating a lasting positive influence in Mexicali and Ensenada. Together, let’s make this vision a reality.

Make a Donation Today.

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Video: Verdad & Vida – Bringing the Truth and Life to Mexicali

Our missionary team member, Jim DeWitt helped me put together this video to give you a glimpse of what God is doing in Mexicali.

God is Building His Church in Mexicali!

In His Grip, Dave

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