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Jesus, His Gospel, and His Church!

The Answer is Jesus
Verdad y Vida “Truth and Life” Church

Much of Mexico can be metaphorically likened to the arid terrain of Mexicali—a desert, hot and dry in desperate need of relief. This characterization extends beyond physical aspects to encompass spiritual and economic dimensions, where many families have endured generations of spiritual and financial poverty.

In this challenging landscape, there’s only one answer and one hope—Jesus, His gospel, and His church. The transformative power of Jesus and the message of the gospel lift individuals out of spiritual poverty as churches are established and people are reached for Christ.

The church and the message of the gospel of Christ are the answer and the only hope for lifting people out of spiritual poverty.

The inaugural church service at Verdad & Vida in Mexicali

Pastor Federico and Blanca Muñoz have done an outstanding job in planting their church and reaching people for Christ! In the process of planting the church, they met outside in a park for almost two years.

A year and a half ago, Dawn was deeply moved with concern for the Muñoz family due to the challenging circumstances they faced in the scorching heat. She expressed her worry about their well-being and said to me, “We need to build a church for Federico and Blanca!” I resonated with the idea, but it also meant we had to embark on the challenging task of raising funds.

Remarkably, God provided!

God provided and on December 17th, 2023, we held the inaugural celebration service.

Dawn and I along with Federico and Blanca their church and many others who helped make this dream a reality give thanks for the Lord’s faithfulness. God is faithful to build his church!

Video: Verdad & Vida – Bringing the Truth and Life to Mexicali

Our missionary team member, Jim DeWitt helped me put together this video to give you a glimpse of what God is doing in Mexicali.

God is Building His Church in Mexicali!

Extend Your Hands to Help!
The group that helped to build Verdad y Vida Church in front of the new building!

Dawn and I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider making a donation today! We are on the verge of realizing our goal and fulfilling this God-given vision that will have a lasting impact on Mexicali for generations to come. Currently, we are only $3,000 away from completing the construction of a dedicated space for the children’s ministry.

Your contribution will play a crucial role in creating a lasting positive influence in Mexicali. Together, let’s make this vision a reality. Your support is deeply appreciated, and we believe that each contribution brings us one step closer to transforming more lives for the kingdom.

Make a Donation Today.

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In His Grip, Dave

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