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Praying for God’s Peace in La Paz

Enjoying The Beauty of God’s Work

La Paz
La Paz

One of the many wonderful things that we enjoy about our ministry is that we get to travel to see those that we partner with. The Lord is doing a marvelous work through our friends in and around Mexico. An added bonus to all our travels is that we’ve found that it really helps us as we grieve Hannah’s loss. It helps us to not think about it as much, but also the people we connect with are very loving and encouraging to us.
Recently, Dawn and I visited Peter and Jenny Boling who are serving in La Paz, which is in Southern Baja California. La Paz is a beautiful peaceful city, and it is also the capital of the State. La Paz means the peace, so it is appropriately named.

A Place to Pray for Peace

Peter & Jenny Boling
Peter & Jenny Boling

Peter and Jenny have rented some space downtown for a prayer center. This gives them a presence in the city and the opportunity to meet people, and to share the love of Christ. Our goal is to form a beachhead to see the community transformed as we start new churches. The Boling’s just moved to La Paz last September, and they’ve made great progress.
Pray with us for a breakthrough in La Paz. We are also looking for a national church planter who can partner with them. Even though La Paz is a beautiful city, there are great needs in the community. The prayer center is a way to open doors. Peter and Jenny have already had some wonderful conversations and opportunities to pray with people who are curious and seeking.

Praying for Transformed Lives

While we were there Peter showed me a building a stone’s throw away from their prayer center that would make for a great church facility down the road. We have a vision for the future and for a better tomorrow. We know that God’s heart is to see lives transformed and for entire communities to experience his saving love.
Thank you for standing with us on this journey of faith!
In His Grip, Dave
P.S. Pray for Dawn’s dad, Al. He has cancer and is not doing well. It’s tough that it’s so close to losing Hannah, and that my dad also has cancer.


  • By sustainabilitea
    Posted May 1, 2017 at 9:18 am

    Praying for all these requests.

  • By gwennonr
    Posted May 3, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    Praying for the church in La Paz and for the Boling’s.
    Praying for you and sad that you are having these struggles. Would your parents be interested in alternative cancer therapies? Ty Bolinger offers some eye-opening resources online that might be worth investigating if you have the time. Whatever happens, I pray that your struggles and your parents’ struggles will bring you ever closer to Jesus, Who loves you and mingles His tears with yours. May God comfort you!
    Revelation 22:1-5

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