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God’s Healing Work – ReadyToBelieve4Petra

Petra performing the violin

Yesterday I ran into Petra’s uncle while my son, Jonathan was getting his tires changed. I was encouraged to talk to him, and let him know that many people are praying for Petra and family. He mentioned not only the importance of prayer, but also of thanks. Thanks for God’s healing work.
He cleared up a few things for me as well. One of them is that Petra was not born with a brain defect that formed a path for the bullet to follow. Nonetheless, it is still a miracle that the bullet missed the parts of the brain that would cause long-lasting, permanent damage, and possibly death. Had the bullet gone one millimeter different in any direction, Petra’s story would be much different. Anderson Cooper 36o explains more about the miracle of the pellet not hitting any areas of the brain that would have caused death or permanent damage.
CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Video, aired another good piece on Petra and her family last night. See it here…
No matter how God protected Petra, it’s just amazing. Let us praise our awesome and wonderful God.
Petra is already out of the hospital and in a rehab center. She is doing well as she’s on her way to recovery. They are still hoping she will be able to go to grad school for music composition in the future. We can continue praying for that. If God leads her on another course through this, that He would give her His peace and make that very clear to Petra and family.
Kim, Petra’s mom just went to Houston for some alternative treatments for her cancer. They are hoping that the care Kim gets in Houston will bring about healing. Please join the family in prayer for that.
Here’s a note from Renee Davis, Kim’s sister,

“The most critical things to pray at this point are that the pain will go away (they recommend radiation for local pain then drugs for the systemic issues), and sleep (Kim cant get more than about two hours of sleep at a time due to pain). last night massage and pressure hose helped but even that couldn’t make a difference for long. it is crucial that we are here right now because Kim is rapidly deteriorating…that’s not the right word but I must run.”

The Anderson family has faced tremendous trials in the last couple of years. The recent difficulties are like a crescendo highlighted by the tragic shootings. Yet God is definitely walking with them through the valley and leading them to the green pastures and quiet waters.
In this sometimes dark world it’s wonderful to find hope. God is still ruling and reigning over all. He gives us plenty of reason for hope. Plenty of reason for thanks and praise!
In His Grip, Dave


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