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Hurricane Ian Adds to the Hardship
The damage from Hurricane Ian to one of our pastor’s homes

Hurricane Ian hit western Cuba hard, and it knocked out their power grid. It’s been tough to get much news from our familia in Cuba, because of all of the damage done by the hurricane. I just heard from Pastor Rafael who lives in central Cuba, and he asked for prayer, because they’ve been without electricity for the last two days.

One of our pastors, Ernesto reported that the roof of their home (photo above) was severely damaged and rain is coming into their house. Even before the hurricane landed many were experiencing electricity black outs for up to 20 hours. Pastor Justin told me that he and his wife were having to cook at 12 at night or 1 in the morning, because that’s the only time they had electricity.

Join is in Prayer for our familia!

We are sending aid to help pastors, their families and people in their congregations. We just sent an offering to them this week, and one of the pastors wrote me back with this response.

Pastor Ernesto is always faithful to share the aid that we send him
Pastor Ernesto’s Message of Gratitude

Thank you for the love offering. Earlier today our pastor friend, Justin sent me the offering that you sent for us. You can believe me that in my case, my family and I were already in urgent need of some help. Tomorrow I’m planning to go out to help several families who are also in need. Well at the end of the month things get very difficult, because there is no longer a basic basket of food leftover.

Thank you for advocating for us and praying for us before God and our brothers for our help. Here we pray for your recovery from your surgery. We send you a big hug and a healthy recovery.

Pastor Ernesto
Extend Your Hands to Help Our Familia
From an article in the BBC, August 17 2022. You can read the article here…

As stated in the photo above our familia on the Big Island is facing their worst economic crisis in 30 years. It’s just gotten worse for many as their homes have been damaged by Hurricane Ian.

It’s because of these ongoing needs that we continue to make appeals to heaven and to you for aid for our precious familia in Cuba. Please consider extending your hands and giving a gift today!

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In His Grip, Dave

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Thankful to be On the Road to Recovery
Dave & Dawn with Monse Santiago the night before my surgery celebrating Mexico’s Independence Day. Lower right Pastor Eliel & Jessica Osorio in Oaxaca. Lower left the celebration on the plaza in Mexico!

I’m grateful for all those that prayed for me this last week. On Friday, September 16, which is also Mexican Independence Day, I had my surgery. I stayed in the hospital overnight, and came home the next day. I’ve been home resting and recovering since then. I’m feeling much better now, so I give thanks to the Lord for His healing work, and for the prayers of his people.

Dawn and I had planned to be in Mexico City for a Discovery Center, our church planter evaluation. We were going to be part of the team to assess and evaluate the church planting candidates. Unfortunately, we missed the Discovery Center, but it went well without us. The only hiccup was an earthquake in Mexico City on the 19th. It wasn’t a major earthquake, but it did cause some fear. It’s interesting that this is the 3rd time since 1985 that there have been earthquakes in Mexico City on September 19th. The last two did cause a lot of damage.

God’s Work Continues to Advance!

Our church planters in Mexicali have been giving us some encouraging updates about how the Lord is working. We actually have a number of church plants going on in Mexicali right now. The two most recent start ups are being led by Pastor Federico and Blanca Muñoz and Pastor Jorge and Lucy Alvarado.

Every week they are sending me photos and encouraging testimonies.

Pastor Federico & Blanca: New Life in Mexicali
Blanca praying for Teresa

Federico and Blanca are still meeting in a park on Sundays. We are praying for a better more permanent place for them, but in the meantime they are faithfully sharing the love of Christ in the park. Blanca loves to send me photos of the church services and the people that they are ministering to. She has a heart to pray for those that come.

She recently told me that she was praying for the people in the park and one of the women that she ministered to is Teresa. She came with her son Fabricio, who is 10 years old. Teresa told Blanca that from the first time she saw them worshipping in the park, her son really wanted to come and participate. In fact, he was insisting that they go. Teresa shared with Blanca how the preaching that morning had touched her. She was very encouraged and she said that she will continue to attend, because she felt God minister to her life and to her son as well. Praise God! (See video below about how Jesus is bringing new life to Mexicali).

Pastor Federico and Blanca Bringing New Life to Mexicali
Pastor Jorge & Lucy: New Birth in Mexicali
Pastor Jorge & Lucy Alvarado

Jorge and Lucy our other church planters in Mexicali are working with a number of people that are being set free from a life of addictions. God has given them a special heart to reach out to people many of whom are living on the streets. It’s so exciting to see these lives that are transformed by the power of the gospel.

We are raising funds for Jorge and Lucy so that they can finish building their church. We only need $2,200 for the windows, doors and air conditioning. It’s great that we are getting so close to finishing! As I’ve mentioned before Mexicali is in the desert, so an air conditioner is essential. (See video below about the new birth in Mexicali.)

New Church led by Pastor Jorge and Lucy
Extend Your Hands to Help!
Dave & Dawn with Jorge and Lucy as their church is being built

Dawn and I are praying for these special friends who are like family to us. We are working on raising funds for their church planting projects. We need $2,200 to finish building the church for Pastor Jorge and Lucy. We are just beginning to raise funds for a building for Pastor Federico and Blanca, so we still need $30,000 for their project. God can do it! It’s exciting to be on this journey with Jesus.

Dawn and I invite you to join us through prayer and giving a special gift to help advance the kingdom in Mexicali and Beyond! We appreciate the pivotal role you play!

  • Join un in prayer for Pastor Jorge and Lucy Alvarado, and for Pastor Federico and Blanca Muñoz
  • Prayerfully consider making a gift today, by clicking on the link below
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In His Grip, Dave

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A Wonderful Trip
Dave and Dawn with Jonathan and Hannah in PA

Dawn and I are returning from a trip to Pennsylvania. We were able to see our son, Jonathan and his wife, Hannah. The Lord also gave us the opportunity to see a few other friends and family who live in the area. We took advantage of the trip to visit two churches one in the Annapolis, Maryland area and one in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

It was a great trip as we hadn’t see Jonathan and Hannah for a year. We loved the opportunity to update our friends in the churches about all that God is doing in Mexico and on the Big Island. When I think about our many friends at the churches that support the ministry, I’m reminded of the importance of prayer for the gospel to expand successfully in the places we are ministering. These friends are so kind and they do truly infuse us with renewed strength to carry on.

Encouraging One Another
Dave and Dawn with Pastor Eliel, Jessica and their two girls Sarvia and Tirsa

I love the interest that people show in what we are doing, and in what God is doing through us. Sometimes we forget the importance of these connections when we are separated.

We don’t always realize how important it is to have people in our lives that encourage us. Friends who stand with us in the battle.

Isaiah 35:3 mentions the importance of strengthening the hands of those who are weak. Paul in Galatians 6:2 writes about bearing one another’s burdens. Dawn and I seek to do strengthen the pastors and leaders we are working with.

Showing Concern for Those in Need
Ernesto sharing the aid that we send with a family in need

Just recently one of our friends, Anna from the Big Island wrote me and said, “You are an excellent pastor, always showing concern for others. This is not very common. I notice that there are fewer pastors and I believe it’s because many of them don’t have someone like you to encourage them.” When I read this I thought, wow! I don’t always realize how important it is to show care and concern for our leaders. I’m grateful the Lord is using both Dawn and me in this way to strengthen the hands of those who are weak, and to help bear others burdens.

Another friend wrote me today and said, “you have been a great blessing to my family and to me. You are to me, as I’ve told you on other occasions, like the apostle Paul. You encourage me and exhort me in the Word of God. God bless you!”

We all need someone to stand with us and to encourage and to exhort us along the way. I recently heard that many pastors in the USA have been leaving the ministry because of discouragement especially during this season that we’ve been living through. The circumstances are even more difficult in Mexico and on the Big Island, so we pray and we seek to strengthen our friends. Our desire is to see healthy ministers of the gospel, who have strong families.

Who Cares for the Pastors?
VBS at one of our churches on the Big Island

Who cares for the pastors? Often pastors and leaders feel lonely and isolated. They don’t know where to go for the support that they need.

I think we tend to underestimate the necessity of having friends and family in our corner who show concern for us. We desire to be those friends for the pastors and leaders that we are working with. We also give thanks for the many friends that help us along the way. I think that is one of the privileges that we have as missionaries. There are a lot of people who pray for us, and who are cheering us on.

Thank you for being one of those friends. You are very important to us. You play a pivotal role in our lives and ministry. We give thanks for you!

Extend Your Hands to Help Our Familia
From an article in the BBC, August 17 2022. You can read the article here…

As stated in the photo above our familia on the Big Island is facing their worst economic crisis in 30 years. Dawn and I are sending aid every month to help the pastors and families on the Big Island. Since the COVID-19 hit in March 2020, we’ve been able to help more than 2,000 people in 9 different cities.

Your gifts are making a difference in this nation with tremendous needs that are difficult to meet. God is using you, because even where your feet cannot reach, your prayers can reach! Your offerings of love can reach!

You can be part of a team in the hands of God, and TOGETHER we can make a difference! Pray with us and extend your hands to help our familia. Make a Donation Today.

Thank you for your prayers and for your support for this work on the Big Island!

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Video: A Tale of Two Cities

Tale of Two Cities featuring Jessica’s prayer for toothpaste

Thank you for joining us in prayer, and for considering making a gift to help our precious familia.

In His Grip, Dave

P.S. Help take the gospel to the Border, the Baja and Beyond