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Valuable Partners – Ministerios Transformación

Giving Thanks for Ministerios Transformación
Ministerios Transformación led by Pastor Daniel and Yolanda Nuñez

When I read through Paul’s epistles I realize that he did not do ministry alone. He recognized the value of working with a team and partnering in ministry. In the last chapter of Romans alone he mentions 36 people that he sends greetings to that he was working with. If we desire to see success in ministry and in life we mustn’t do it alone.

God has truly blessed Dawn and me with some amazing people that we’ve been privileged to work alongside. He has done a great work through our Mission to the World (MTW) team comprised of Jim DeWitt, Peter and Jenny Boling. There are also many others that God has given us to partner with

Pastor Daniel and Yolanda Nuñez

One of our key ministry partners since 2010 has been Ministerios Transformación (Transformation Ministries led by Pastor Daniel Nuñez and his wife Yolanda. When we first met them Daniel told me that he had a goal to plant 50 churches. I think they had planted 7 or 8 churches. At that time 50 seemed like a far off goal. On Saturday, January 28, 2023 we joined Daniel and Yoli and 500 others to inaugurate and celebrate church number 50!

Wow! it’s so encouraging to see God building his church along the border and throughout Mexico. God has given us the privilege to partner with Daniel and Ministerios Transformación (MT) in a number of ways. We’ve helped evaluate, train, mentor and coach many of their pastors. The Lord has provided for us to raise the funds and build eight church plants in Tijuana, Rosarito and Mexicali. We’ve also aided in building and extending the ministry of another seven churches. It’s been fun to be a part of building and planting churches from the ground up.

Our latest church plant is led by Pastor Federico and Blanca Muñoz who are planting Verdad y Vida (Truth and Life Presbyterian Church). For the last year and a half, they had been meeting in a park on Sunday mornings. We are excited to announce that we built the new church in partnership with Ministerios Transformación and held the inaugural celebration on December 17, 2023!

I’d like to highlight a few of the other churches that we planted with Ministerios Transformación in Tijuana, Rosarito and Mexicali over the last 12 years.

Pastor Luis & Maggie Meza
Pastor Luis and Maggie Meza

Pastor Luis and Maggie are working in the “El Pípila” neighborhood. We raised the funds and helped build and plant this church in 2012. This was the second church that we partnered with MT on. The ministry has grown, and now there are a lot of children and young people attending. They are looking to add a second floor to the current building for the children and teens because they presently don’t fit in the space they have for them.

It’s so uplifting to see how this church is making an impact in the neighborhood that they are in. The Lord is using them to reach families and children.

Pastor Ivan & Rocio Casados
Pastor Ivan and Rocio Casados

We helped build “Bethlehem Christian Community” church in Tijuana, led by Pastor Ivan and Rocío, in 2014. The church has grown, and they reaching out and making a difference in their community. Recently, we had a training workshop on evangelism for the church. We are encouraged to see their motivation to share their faith and put into practice what they learned through the training. The church is growing, and they built a second story to their building to accommodate the growth.

Pastor Victor & Sol Bravo
Pastor Victor & Sol with their son, Abraham
Pastor Victor & Sol with their son, Abraham

Victor and Sol are planting a church in Rosarito, Mexico just south of Tijuana. Sol has an undergrad in Psychology and a Masters in Education. She worked for a number of years in the public school system in Mexico.

They have a vision to impact the community. One of the ways they are doing that is through offering tutoring and classes to the children, resulting in better grades. A significant number of children in the community come from very poor families, are malnourished, lack energy, and are often failing at school. The church also provides a meal for the children. Sol and Victor are making a difference in the life of these children and their families.

Pastor Jorge & Lucy Alvarado
Pastor Jorge and Lucy Alvarado

In 2022 we helped build and start a new church in Mexicali, Mexico, led by Jorge Alvarado in the neighborhood where he grew up. Jorge was saved out of a life of addictions. He was also literally brought back from the dead. God rescued Jorge and Lucy’s marriage. It’s amazing that they are now ministering together. The neighbors who new Jorge before have seen a huge change in his life!

Jorge and Lucy focus on reaching out to men and women in the community struggling with addiction. Motivated by their own experiences, they have a deep desire to see people transformed by Christ. Currently, they are working on establishing a rehab center to help individuals caught in addictions.

Pastor Hector & Perla Sigala
Pastor Hector and Perla Sigala

Esperanza y Vida, meaning “Hope and Life” Church, marks the 50th church plant by Ministerios Transformacion, and it is under the leadership of a dynamic young couple, Hector and Perla.

Hector and Perla have been actively engaged in reaching out to the neighborhood, passionately sharing the love of Christ. Their commitment is evident in the church’s growth, and the community has responded positively to their outreach efforts. In a significant milestone, the church joyfully celebrated its first anniversary in January. The journey of Esperanza y Vida Church shows the transformative impact of spreading the message of hope and life through the love of Christ.

Dawn and I continue coaching, mentoring, and meeting regularly with the pastors and their wives that are part of the Ministerios Transformación. These pastors along with Daniel and Yoli have become some of our dearest friends.

Extend Your Hands to Help!

Join us in prayer for our team, these pastoral couples mentioned above and all of our partners.

Dawn and I give thanks for your willingness to partner with us and to extend your hands to help. We realize that we could not do this ministry, and we could not plant these churches without you. Your support is deeply appreciated, and we believe that each contribution brings us one step closer to transforming more lives for the kingdom.

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In His Grip, Dave

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