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Blessing Children: Hannah’s Toys of Hope

Honoring Hannah’s Memory
Some of the children on the Big Island who are receiving a new toy

Ever since our daughter, Hannah moved to heaven our family has thought of meaningful ways we can honor her memory. In 2018 we built a church in her memory in Mexicali, Mexico. That church is reaching out and sharing the life giving message of Jesus.

Our sons, David and Jonathan have sought ways to can bless others in their sister, Hannah’s memory. This has been our family’s desire. The Lord a door for us to do this through some of our pastors on the Big Island. Recently, one of our dear friends, Yarelis told me that as she was praying the Lord gave her the idea of starting a ministry on the Big Island called, Ministerio Hannah. She noticed that most children don’t have any toys, and how even a small toy brought huge smiles.

Yarelis and her husband, Pastor Rene said that they believed that if we could give toys to children, especially those from needy families that this would be a great encouragement to these families and it would open up doors for ministry. It’s an amazing way to share the good news of Christ with those who don’t yet know Jesus. They also felt like it was a wonderful way to bless children in the mission churches that they oversaw.

Everyone in our family loved the idea of remembering Hannah and blessing the children with a toy!

Hannah’s Toys of Hope
Yarelis and Pastor Rene

We settled on the name, Hannah’s Toys of Hope or in Spanish “Ministerio Hannah Juguetes de Esperanza”. It cost $10 USD to buy a toy on the Big Island. We’ve started to raise funds for this ministry and the Lord is providing. We sent the first gift to Rene and Yarelis last month, and they’ve been able to bless 45 children so far with toys.

As I’ve promoted this ministry some of our other pastors and leaders on the Big Island have begun to ask about it. They are also interested in making an impact on the children and their families. The needs are tremendous, but so are the opportunities.

Street food in Havana, Feb 20. Credit: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGE

The economic woes continue to worsen. The people are hungrier and more desperate than any time since the revolution. A recent article in the Miami Herald reports that there are “growing shortages of bread, lentils and other essential food items, as well as of fuel and electricity shortages…on March 1 a 400% increase in gasoline prices, and a 25% electricity hike for many consumers.” Our familia tells us of how they are going without electricity for up to 16 hours a day. It’s hard to sleep, because of the heat, and even harder without the ability to turn on their fans.

Dawn and I are continuing to send aid monthly to help pastors, leaders and those in their community. Now we are also raising funds and sending gifts, so that Pastor Rene and his wife, Yarelis can buy toys and bless the families and their children.

Rene and Yarelis said that they understand that the need for food and basic needs is great, but these children also need hope. The Lord can use something as simple as a toy car or toy train to brighten up a child’s outlook on life. They are receiving these gifts with the wonderful life giving message of Jesus.

Think of how many toys your child, grandchild, nephew and/or niece has. What would you do if they didn’t have a single decent toy to play with?

Extend Your Hands to Help!

Join us in spreading the joy of Jesus and blessing these children with a gift.

Your financial contribution, starting from $10 or more, can make a significant impact by helping us purchase toys for these children on the Big Island.
Your generosity truly makes a difference!

You can join us in honoring our daughter, Hannah’s memory, by giving a toy to bless a child through a donation of $10 or more.

Dawn and I ask you to prayerfully consider extending your hands to help! Send a gift today to help a needy familyand extend the gospel on the Big Island. TOGETHER we can make a difference!

Bless a child with one toy for $10
OR Support one family for as little as $25 a month!
Click below to make a donation today.

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Video: Life and Times on the Big Island

This short video will give you a glimpse into how God is at work on the Big Island. Some of the people who are receiving the aid that we are sending share their thanks at the end of the video. It’s heartwarming to see.

Thank you for joining us in prayer, and for considering making a gift to help our precious familia.

In His Grip, Dave

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