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Blessed by God’s Servants

Dave with Pastor Jaime Rodriguez
Dave with Pastor Jaime Rodriguez

The Lord blesses Dawn and me richly as we connect with the pastors and the pastors’ wives that we serve alongside in TJ. I know that it encourages them to have our support, but it also enriches us. We always come away marveling in some way about what God is doing, and grateful for the special people that he has given to us to work with.
Earlier in the week Pastor Jaime Rodriguez and I got together. He was helping get my car fixed, which was a huge need I had. My need gave us an opportunity to get together.

Sowing the Seed of the Gospel

One of the things I love about Jaime is his passion for sharing the gospel and his desire to equip others to share their faith.
We spent most of the morning talking about outreach at his church and some of the other churches in the Lo Mejor del Trigo network. Jaime is a gifted evangelist. He builds relationships with new people and then shares the gospel with them.
One of the keys to having a growing church is sowing the seed. If you don’t plant the seed, you can’t expect a harvest. Just as this is true in farming, it is the same in regards to the gospel.

God Gives the Fruit

Pastor Abraham Velazquez and Martha with Dawn and Dave
Pastor Abraham Velazquez and Martha with Dawn and Dave

God causes the growth, but he uses us, his people to plant and water. I’m so grateful that we can minister with friends like Jaime, and discuss tools and strategies for reaching the lost.

I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth. —1 Corinthians 3:6,7

I’m also grateful that the growth is not dependent on us. God has to do it!

Pray with us!

O Lord, I do pray for a bountiful harvest. I pray that we will be faithful to plant the seed of the gospel and that your Spirit will touch the lives of the people. That we will see many come to Christ!
In His Grip, Dave

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