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God Doesn’t Give Up On Us

Issaid & Mie with their children

It’s so encouraging to see how God works and doesn’t give up on our friends. Over twenty years ago I met Issaid Arechiga and his family in Mexico City. Issaid has been one of my best friends over the years. I wrote of him in an earlier post.
I used to meet regularly with Issaid to study the Bible and encourage him in his faith. Then Issaid married Mie, and Dawn and I discipled them. Mie was from Japan, and she had never studied the Bible or heard the gospel before. She came to faith through our ministry. Issaid was growing in his faith.
Then we moved back to the States, and Issaid and Mie moved to Tijuana. I lost touch with them until we began this ministry on the San Diego – Tijuana border. I first found Issaid on Facebook. Then when I figured out that they lived in National City, in the same area that we would be living and working in I couldn’t believe it! It was so good to reconnect with Issaid, Mie and their family.
Issaid had a bad experience in the church in Tijuana, which discouraged his involvement in the church. He stopped going to church which affected his spiritual life. He wasn’t as close to God.
Stephen Phelan leading worship at Harbor Mid-City

When Dawn and I started going to the border Issaid and Mie would always go to church with us when we were there. It was good to see their interest. Over the last few months Issaid and Mie have gone to Harbor Mid-City when we were able to attend, but they wouldn’t go when we didn’t. In November my good friend, pastor Stephen Phelan started meeting with Issaid. They are studying the Bible together. Issaid is starting to grow in his faith again. He’s been taking his family to church even when Dawn and I are not there!
Thank you Jesus for not giving up on my friend, Issaid! I’m so thrilled that God has brought Issaid and his family back into contact with us, and that they are now growing in their faith!
In His Grip, Dave
P.S. I know a number of you have prayed for our friends, Brian and Anna Peterson in Fresno. Anna is still in the hospital, but she is doing better. Her mom said that Anna’s sister-in-law’s blog has received 27,000 hits, and there are over 600 that have subscribed to the “prayer for Anna” Facebook group. Thanks for keeping them in your prayers.


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