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Construction is About to Begin
The foundation for Verdad & Vida “Truth & Life” Church. They are excited to have their own building!

The foundation is laid and construction will begin next Wednesday, November 1. God is building His church in Mexicali! He has provided more than two-thirds of what we need to finish building. It’s thrilling to see everything come together.

Pastor Federico and Blanca Muñoz are faithfully ministering in a park two miles away from the building site. Through their witness people are making confessions of faith and their lives are transformed by the gospel. Some of the people have been hurt in previous churches, and they had given up on the church and on God.

God is Transforming Lives!
Gustavo & Irene becoming members of Verdad y Vida “Truth and Life” Church

Gustavo and Irene are one such couple. They felt very hurt from their past church experiences and they had given up hope. Federico and Blanca met them and talked to them about the love of God. They told them how much God loved them and cared for them. They asked Gustavo and Irene to forgive them for how badly the churches had hurt them. The Muñoz encouraged them to give their lives fully to Christ and get to know Jesus as he truly is. This message of grace and God’s love drew Gustavo and Irene to Christ.

Another issue that Gustavo and Irene were dealing with was that they weren’t married, which is common in Mexico. Pastor Federico and Blanca lovingly worked with them and taught them about the Lord’s plan and design for a Christ-centered marriage. They explained that God is for marriage that it would please God and that He would bless their marriage. They are now married and following Christ! In the photo above they are being received as members of the church.

It’s wonderful to witness the Lord radically changing lives. That’s the reason we plant and build churches so that the gospel will go forth and lives will be transformed by Jesus!

Paul shared his testimony and gratitude before the church

Paul has a business next to the park where the church has been meeting. He sells carnitas, which is a type of pork often used for tacos. Every time the church met Paul was there and he was listening to the worship and the preaching. Seeds were being planted and the Lord was working in his heart. Recently, he came to the service to thank God and share with the congregation how much he enjoyed listening to the service.

We give thanks because every week as Federico and Blanca minister the Lord is using them and their team to touch lives. New people are coming to Christ, and those who are new in their faith are growing. The church is characterized by faithful preaching, prayer, and testimonies of changed lives.

Join Us in Prayer!
  • Pray for us as we begin construction on the church next week.
  • The team will arrive on October 31st, and construction will begin on November 1st.
  • We have two church groups from the States coming to join our team that is from Tijuana and Mexicali.
  • Pray with us that the Lord will raise the remaining funds to complete the project.
  • That many people will come to Christ and grow in their faith through this ministry.
Worship and prayer for the people in the park
Extend Your Hands to Help!

Dawn and I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider giving a donation today to make this dream become of reality. We are almost there! Help us accomplish this God-given vision to impact Mexicali for generations to come! We just need $8,000 more to finish building the church. Make a Donation Today.

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Video: God is Building His Church in Mexicali


In His Grip, Dave

P.S. Help take the gospel to the Border, the Baja and Beyond


  • By RJ
    Posted October 25, 2023 at 12:42 pm

    Great news, Dave. Thank you for your work. All praise to our Lord Jesus for meeting people where they are and leading them to a new spiritual home in Him. Blessings

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