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Promoting the Ministry in SLC

Dave speaking to a group of church leaders in Layton, UT

We have to tell the story of the tremendous needs on the Border. Dawn and I are telling friends everywhere what we are doing, and in doing so we seek to raise up a team of individuals and churches that will partner with us in ministry. We cannot do the ministry we do without a ministry team! This includes people praying for and with us, and people faithfully giving to our ministry. You can also see more about that on our Support/Giving page. We also desire to recruit people to come down and work with us either on a short-term or on a long-term basis.
This work of promoting our ministry, and telling people how they can get involved has me traveling around the U.S. In December I was in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. In January I was in Phoenix, and now I am in Salt Lake City, UT. I meet some great people when I’m on these trips. I’ve also been able to reconnect with some old friends.
On this trip to Salt Lake City, I saw a friend from High School, Julie Hill Meisner. We found each other on Facebook. When I arrived on Thursday I posted on Facebook that I was in Salt Lake City for some meetings. Julie who now lives
Julie Hills Meisner & Dave

in the Salt Lake City area saw my post, and asked if I was going to be meeting with some of the pastors in the Presbyterian church. I said, “yeah, I was.” She mentioned that she attended Hidden Valley Presbyterian Church. Then I responded back, “I’m going to be speaking at your church on Sunday.” So not only did I have a great opportunity to speak at Hidden Valley PC, but I also saw Julie for the first time in a number of years. I was able to meet her husband, Steve, who is one of the leaders in the church. When I was in Phoenix I was also able to hook up with friends from High School, Kathy Kuether-Berts and Debbie Tingley.
I enjoy seeing my old friends, but it’s also great to meet new people. They also become friends. While I’m in the Salt Lake City area I’m staying with a great young couple, Brett and Hannah Kleeberger. They attend Grace Presbyterian Church. It’s a lot of fun getting to
Brett & Hannah Kleeberger when Ella was newborn

know them, and their two lovely children, Ben and Ella. I had some time open on Saturday, and they took me to eat at Tony Caputo’s in downtown SLC. It was great to spend some time with them. We even had live Accordion music while we ate! I’ve always believed that ministry flows through relationships. It’s important to spend time with people and build relationships. The travel can wear on me, but overall it’s great!
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