Ministry Partners

Dave with Dick Kaufmann

The Lord has blessed us, and is continuing to bless us with some great ministry partners as we seek to see the border transformed through the gospel. Only God can truly change hearts, and ultimately transform a people, a city, a region and a nation! God does this as His church works together.

One of our key partners when we began in 2010 was the Harbor Church network in San Diego – Tijuana. Dr. Richard Kaufmann started the Harbor church planting movement in 1998. Dick shares in this video how the gospel is bringing renewal to the border through Harbor and another one of our partners, Pastor Daniel Nuñez and Ministerios Transformación.

It’s so Encouraging to See God’s Church Grow on the Border.

Stephen Phelan Founding Pastor at Harbor Mid-City now Bridge Church

Stephen & Bradford Phelan former Pastor at Bridge Church

Stephen Phelan stated, “The bi-national city of San Diego-Tijuana needs the Diasos.  San Diego-Tijuana, with a population of over 5 million, forms the largest bi-national conurbation on the border, yet in the P.C.A. we only have one fledgling Spanish-speaking work and one bilingual church, not to mention the dearth of gospel-centered, evangelical churches among Spanish-speakers on both sides of the border.  Thus, we need the Diasos to bring together all of their 20 years of cross-cultural experience pastoring, mentoring, coaching, and planting churches to help ignite a church planting movement that will so fill the bi-national city of San Diego-Tijuana that it will be renewed in every way–socially, spiritually, and culturally.  Please help make this a reality by supporting them.”  Grace and peace, Stephen Phelan (Lead Pastor–Bridge Church until 2017).

Dr. Richard P. Kaufmann’s Encouragement
English: Looking towards Tijuana from South Sa...

Looking towards Tijuana from South San Diego; New City Residential Pictured (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“As the Senior Pastor of Harbor Presbyterian Church (PCA), I am excited that Dave and Dawn Diaso will be working with Harbor and other like-minded churches in San Diego and Tijuana, to so fill this great bi-national city with gospel-centered churches, so that the whole region is transformed spiritually, socially, and culturally.

Mission leaders, whom I respect, have told me of the great work the Diasos have done over the past twenty years.  In several meetings with Dave and Dawn, it is evident to me that they have a clear sense of calling and exceptional gifts in the area of training, coaching, and mentoring.  I am excited to be partnering with them in this great mission.  I invite you to partner with the Diasos and help us together bring gospel transformation to San Diego and Tijuana.” Dr. Richard P. Kaufmann

Daniel Nuñez and Ministerios Transformación 

Another gifted leader that we want to learn from and partner with is Pastor Daniel Nunez. Daniel has planted 41 churches in Tijuana in 12 years, and has a vision to see 50 churches planted. Check out my interview with Daniel here:



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