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God’s Leading to the Border, Part 3

Jay & Maureen Kyle

God used a number of friends from our past to direct us to the Border. One of them was Jay Kyle, our former boss when we served in Mexico City. About a year ago I asked Jay if he could help me with contacts for some new ministry opportunities. Jay hooked me up with Russ Kapusinski, pastor of Harbor Presbyterian Church Chula Vista. Russ and I began to discuss the possibility of working together, which led to Dawn and me taking a scouting trip with Hannah to Chula Vista. While we were there God surprised us! As we saw all the Mexicans there, and reconnected with old friends, like Issaid and Mie, our love for the Mexicans was reawakened. We began to think we could see ourselves living and serving here.
Russ & Diane Kapusinski

After our visit, prayer and further discussion with Russ we decided it would best to partner with the Harbor Chula Vista church while reaching out to Hispanics. The Lord also opened doors with the Border Evangelism and Mercy Ministries (BEAMM) team as we continued to network. We thought this way we could get back on the field, and minister to Hispanics on both sides of the border. Our focus initially will be in Chula Vista, but our desire is to see the ministry grow and to facilitate outreach in greater San Diego and Tijuana. We pray in God’s grace that a number of churches will be planted, and many will be reached for Christ.
In His Grip,

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