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Celebrating Hospital of Faith!

Hospital of Faith Church
Hospital de la Fe Church – Baptism ceremony top photo

On April 21st, Hospital de la Fe (Hospital of Faith Church) celebrated its 4th anniversary. Pastor Eliel and Jessica Osorio lead the church plant in Oaxaca, Mexico. They are excited by all that God is doing in the church. They couldn’t launch public worship services until September 2021, because of what was happening in the world four years ago. Despite all of the obstacles they’ve faced since they started the church 135 people attended their anniversary celebration. Their weekly attendance is up to 120.

It’s so good to see God at work bringing about gospel transformation!

Gospel Transformation
Dave and Dawn with Fernando and Nury; photos on the right of their baptism

The Sunday before their anniversary eighteen people were baptized. Eliel told me, “Some of them, Fernando, Nury, and Irving, have become leaders in the church! They’ve come to Christ and now they are serving in the church.”

Dawn and I had the opportunity to spend the day with Fernando and Nury when we visited the church last August. Fernando shared how he didn’t have faith, but the Lord broke through in his life. He was struggling emotionally and a friend introduced him to Eliel. God used Eliel and the love of the church to bring him to Christ. Now he is growing in his faith, and he is part of the worship team. Eliel told me that, “Fernando is becoming one of the key leaders in the church and he’s taking on more responsibility.”

Nury is a single mom of two teenage girls. She is a doctor. She is a very caring and loving mother, and she keeps busy working at her medical clinic. Recently Nury came to faith through the witness of Hospital de la Fe, and now she is very active in the church. She serves on one of the leadership teams.

Irving celebrating his birthday – (he’s sitting and wearing the black shirt)

Irving is a young college student. He is good friends with one of Eliel’s cousins. That’s how he got involved in the church. Irving felt so loved by the people in the church that he told his mom that when he had his birthday party he wanted to invite his friends from the church because they had become like family. That warms my heart to know that the church has loved Irving and others like him so well.

Giving Thanks for Pastor Eliel, Jessica, Sarvia, and Tirsa
Pastor Eliel, Jessica, Sarvia, and Tirsa celebrating the church’s 4th anniversary

Dawn and I have come to love Eliel and Jessica and their family. They are very caring, and the Lord has blessed us with a special relationship with them. Their children, Sarvia and Tirsa call us abuelo and abuela (grandpa and grandma). It’s a joy for us to partner with such amazing families like the Osorio’s. They are an answer to our prayers. We’ve prayed for the Lord to restore what we’ve lost and suffered especially since our Hannah moved to heaven. One way we see the Lord answering that prayer and doing a restorative work in our lives is through the life-giving relationships that He has given us. Wonderful families like Eliel and Jessica and their children!

Last year was a challenging year for them. Both of Eliel’s parents moved to heaven. We see God comforting and encouraging Eliel and his family. We thank the Lord for his faithfulness and his healing work in their lives.

The pastors we work with need our prayers. We appreciate you joining us in prayer!

Extend Your Hands to Help!

Hospital de la FE Church

Dawn and I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider making a donation today! Help Pastor Eliel and Jessica realize their God-given vision that will have a lasting impact on Oaxaca for generations to come. 

Your contribution will play a crucial role in creating a lasting positive influence in Oaxaca. Together, let’s make this vision a reality. Your support is deeply appreciated, and we believe that each contribution brings us one step closer to transforming more lives for the kingdom.

Make a Donation Today.

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Video: Lives are being Transformed by Jesus in Oaxaca

In His Grip, Dave

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