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Hurricane Ian Adds to the Hardship
The damage from Hurricane Ian to one of our pastor’s homes

Hurricane Ian hit western Cuba hard, and it knocked out their power grid. It’s been tough to get much news from our familia in Cuba, because of all of the damage done by the hurricane. I just heard from Pastor Rafael who lives in central Cuba, and he asked for prayer, because they’ve been without electricity for the last two days.

One of our pastors, Ernesto reported that the roof of their home (photo above) was severely damaged and rain is coming into their house. Even before the hurricane landed many were experiencing electricity black outs for up to 20 hours. Pastor Justin told me that he and his wife were having to cook at 12 at night or 1 in the morning, because that’s the only time they had electricity.

Join is in Prayer for our familia!

We are sending aid to help pastors, their families and people in their congregations. We just sent an offering to them this week, and one of the pastors wrote me back with this response.

Pastor Ernesto is always faithful to share the aid that we send him
Pastor Ernesto’s Message of Gratitude

Thank you for the love offering. Earlier today our pastor friend, Justin sent me the offering that you sent for us. You can believe me that in my case, my family and I were already in urgent need of some help. Tomorrow I’m planning to go out to help several families who are also in need. Well at the end of the month things get very difficult, because there is no longer a basic basket of food leftover.

Thank you for advocating for us and praying for us before God and our brothers for our help. Here we pray for your recovery from your surgery. We send you a big hug and a healthy recovery.

Pastor Ernesto
Extend Your Hands to Help Our Familia
From an article in the BBC, August 17 2022. You can read the article here…

As stated in the photo above our familia on the Big Island is facing their worst economic crisis in 30 years. It’s just gotten worse for many as their homes have been damaged by Hurricane Ian.

It’s because of these ongoing needs that we continue to make appeals to heaven and to you for aid for our precious familia in Cuba. Please consider extending your hands and giving a gift today!

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In His Grip, Dave

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