To Blog or Not to Blog

Posted: March 16, 2016 in Christianity, Family Happenings, Reflections & Musings
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How Often Should I Post on My Blog?

David Jr. Jonathan & Dave

Just the other day someone challenged me to consider posting on my blog every day. It was actually my son, David. He heard about the idea on a podcast he listens to.

The author on the podcast, Seth Godin said it’s a good discipline to write something every day even if no one reads it. Well, I can’t say my ego can handle no one reading my blog 😉 , but it is something I’m considering. I don’t know if I have the time to write every day, but I probably could write more frequently. We’ll see!

Let me know if you have any thoughts on blogging more frequently? 

On the one hand, I do enjoy it, and I feel it helps me to get the word out about what the  Lord is doing on the border and the Baja. The challenge is finding the time.

At this point, I’m not yet convinced I can do it everyday, but I might attempt to post more frequently. Another friend of mine told me if you want to write a book you should be posting at least three times a week, which seems more realistic.

What do You Think?

I’d love to hear from bloggers and non-bloggers alike. What tips or suggestions might you have?

Thanks friends!

In His Grip, Dave


  1. Mary says:

    It’s definitely a discipline to write every day! You might want to start out by making each post shorter. On the other hand, we’re hearing from you pretty frequently now (and I read what you write – but you have no control about anything other people do, so you need to be writing for God’s glory). How’s that for an unequivocal answer?? :>)


    • Good thoughts – my initial thoughts are that every day might be more than I can handle now, but I probably could post 3 times a week. Maybe I would need to write shorter posts, or at least some of them shorter.


  2. I’ve been blogging every day for over fours years. The first years all my posts were something written. Then for a time, I did mostly photos with a small amount of writing. Now I’m trying to get more of a balance and combining the two when possible. But I’m less busy than you.

    I think starting with 3 times a week would be good. See how that works and re-evaluate at some point.



  3. annewinz says:

    Three times a week is enough. Most people can’t keep up with reading daily posts.  I enjoy reading what you write. It reminds me to pray for you. I’m glad you’re blogging.  If Seth turns out to be right,  write shorter posts, maybe 100 words or less. And then longer posts two or three times a week.  Let me know how it goes.  Anne Marie

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  4. Larry Who says:

    Here’s what I do: I show up each day to write, but then it depends on whether the Holy Spirit shows up to lead me or not. This takes a little getting used to, but it’s well worth it and takes the pressure off me and places it on Him. He’s the Boss, right?


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