Can Those Living in “Union Libre” Serve?

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Christianity, Church Planting, Ministry, Missions, Prayer
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God’s Work Through Victor & Sol
Pastor Victor, Sol & Abraham with Dave, Dawn and Hannah

Pastor Victor, Sol & Abraham with Dave, Dawn and Hannah

Dawn, Hannah and I had a wonderful evening with Pastor Victor Bravo and his wife, Sol and their son, Abraham this past week. It is evident that the Lord’s hand is upon them as they are ministering in Plan Libertador, Lo Mejor del Trigo’s 24th church.

The church held its first service in March of this year. Victor and Sol have been very active in the community. They are handing out flyers to let their neighbor know about the new church. They are taking food to people in the hospital. They are organizing soccer games. They’ve even partnered with the San Diego – Baja YWAM team to build some homes for the poor.

Can New Believers Serve?
Pastor Victor and Sol

Pastor Victor and Sol

New people are coming into the church. They are encountering Christ for the first time and many of them are coming into a personal relationship with Jesus.

Victor said that many of the new couples are living in “union libre” (they are living together, but aren’t married).

Victor began to pray and ask God how to minister to so many people who were living together as if they were married, even though they weren’t.

God Comes Through – His Answer
Dave with Pastor Victor in front of the church

Dave with Pastor Victor in front of the church

God answered Victor’s plea. He reminded him that even though they didn’t have their lives all together they could still serve. They could take food to the hungry. They could help hand out flyers. They could visit the homeless.

As Victor and Sol have lovingly shared with these young believers many of them have started to ask them about getting married. They are talking about fixing the church up to make it look nicer for the weddings!

The gospel is changing families! God is bringing about life transformation! Praise be to God! Pray that this young church will continue to grow, and to share the love of Christ with those in the community of Plan Libertador and Beyond.

In His Grip, Dave

  1. Mary Lichlyter says:

    Love this! M


  2. I appreciate your point that God takes us where we are, even if it’s not where He wants us to be/where we should be/where we will be through Him, and loves us anyway. If serving were only for those without faults, there would be no service!



    • We are all in process and the Lord calls us to come to him. He works in us and makes us more like Christ as we abide in him in his grace. It’s wonderful to see when God gets a hold of someone and transforms their life.


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