God came through again!
Our group working hard to build the church!

Our group working hard to build the church!

We are so thankful that God came through again. He answered your prayers, and he gave us an outstanding day on Saturday.

The church is built! We accomplished the goal!

The Lord gave us a great group of over 50 people to build the church. Everyone worked hard, and cooperated really well. It was one of the smoothest days we’ve had on a church build.

The Charge to Pastor Victor
Pastor Bob Klein (on the right) giving the charge to Pastor Victor

Pastor Bob Klein (on the right) giving the charge to Pastor Victor

At the end of the day one of the pastors that was accompanying us on the trip, Bob Klein from Harbor Mira Mesa gave a charge to pastor Victor Bravo. As Bob gave the keys for the church to Victor he prayed that the community would be open to the gospel as the Word goes forth.

Pastor Victor couldn’t hold back the tears as Pastor Bob shared these encouraging words. It was such a rich blessing to be part of that moment. I pray that it will be the first of many God moments that emanate from this church.

I’m so thankful for the work God is doing on the Border!

In the middle of the afternoon when we were getting close to being done with the construction, a number of us went out into the neighborhood to invite the people to the church’s inaugural service which will be held this coming Sunday. The people in the community responded openly to the invitation. We are looking forward to an amazing celebration!

Join Us In Prayer
Dave with Sol & Victor

Dave with Sol & Victor

Pray with us for many to come, and that through this church many lives will be touched. We pray that many will come into the kingdom of God through the testimony of this church.

Thanks again for standing with us – The Lord truly heard and richly blessed our day!

In His Grip, Dave




  1. Planting Potatoes says:

    praise God! I stand in fervent prayer agreement with you that God would fill this church with his spirit and that many will come to him through this church – bless all those involved!


  2. BABU BABU says:

    Dear brother Dave, pleased much for all the news and we are praying for you all in India, please share more news and teachings. Your brother Evangelist Babu.


  3. Glory be to God! Three weeks start to finish. Must be a record. Just think of this: Everyone who had any part in any way in that project will have a reward in Heaven for every soul converted either within that church or through any program that was originated by any member of that church. The Rewards of God are GREAT and GOOD!


  4. Larry Who says:

    Do you like baseball?


  5. How exciting! I pray that God continues to bless the work of your hands.


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