Church #24 for LMT
The material has arrived and the work has begun

The material has arrived and the work has begun

Today I will be leading a team of 25 from 4 different churches to put up the walls and the roof on Lo Mejor del Trigo’s (LMT) 24th church. This church is located in Rosarito, Mexico. LMT’s second church in Rosarito.

On Thursday and Friday all the materials came in and a group led by pastor Daniel Nuñez began preparing everything for our arrival. We can’t wait to start!

Victor and Sol with their son on the church property

Victor and Sol with their son on the church property

Pray for a good day. By the end of the day the shell of the church will be up. Next week I have over 50 coming to finish the work. We will put up the dry wall, electrical and shingles on the roof.

It promises to be an amazing time.

On March 29th, the church led by pastor Victor Bravo is planning on holding their inaugural service.

Yes, we are excited!

Cry Out to the Lord!

Pray that the Lord keeps us all safe, and that we are a good witness exhibiting the grace of God. Pray also for my family. My son, David, Jr. will be going down with me. He loves to cut out the spaces for doors and the windows. Hannah and Dawn will stay behind. Especially lift up Hannah that she does well while we are gone, and that the Lord grants Dawn his grace and strength throughout the day.

Mother & Daughter - Hannah & Dawn with Daisy

Mother & Daughter – Hannah & Dawn with Daisy

Thank you friends. Churches planted represent the gospel going out in a new community. It represents new people encountering Jesus and coming to a saving faith and growing in Christ. Hallelujah! There is opposition, so we must stand firm in our faith and in prayer always looking to Jesus.

All of you that stand with us in prayer, encouragement and financial support play a part in seeing the kingdom expanded through this ministry. We thank the Lord of you!

In His Grip, Dave

  1. An encouraging report. I hear so much bad coming out of Mexico, it is good to hear of strides in a positive way through your reports. Thank you for all you do.


  2. Hallelujah ! ‘There is no end to His strength and wisdom’. The cross roads looks like an excellent location. Twenty Four? Hard to believe. I pray for safety and wisdom though out all activities. I pray for new believers from both far and wide. I pay for peace and healing at home for Hannah. I pray for financing for more and more new churches. In the mighty name of Jesus!


  3. […] Saturday was an amazing day for all of us involved in the new church plant. Pastor Victor Bravo told me that it brought tears to his eyes when our vans drove up to start building the church Saturday morning. […]


  4. […] A New Birth in Rosarito – 1st Trimester […]


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