A Celebration of Life & the Kingdom!

Posted: January 27, 2015 in Christianity, Church Planting, Ministry, Ministry Partners, Missions, Prayer, Tijuana
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Celebrating Pastor Daniel & LMT!
Praying for Pastor Daniel Nuñez and Yolanda at Lo Mejor del Trigo

Praying for Pastor Daniel Nuñez and Yolanda at Lo Mejor del Trigo

On Sunday Dawn and I participated in a wonderful worship service with our friends from Lo Mejor del Trigo (LMT). We felt so blessed to be there to celebrate with them.

During the service a number of pastors and leaders including us gave testimony to pastor Daniel Nuñez, who leads LMT. It was Daniel’s birthday, so we took time to recognize him. He and his family have become special friends to us, and it was a real joy to celebrate his birthday.

Kingdom Growth Through LMT
Dave with Pastor Femi Awodele, pastor Jesus Rodriguez and one of the families of the church including a selfie!

Dave with Pastor Femi Awodele, Pastor Jesus Rodriguez and one of the families of the church including a selfie!

The part that I felt especially excited about  is that as we celebrated Daniel’s life it was not just about the man, but about the vision and what God has done through LMT. They are getting ready to start their 24th church in March. We have the privilege of helping with that project.

God gave Daniel the vision to plant 50 churches in his life time, and they are almost half way there in less than 10 years. The Lord is so good.

There were a number of friends at the service to take part in the special day. Many churches represented their partnership with Daniel and LMT to help make the vision a realty. Wow! It’s so good to see the Lord bring different groups together so that the kingdom would expand. The preacher that spoke was a special guest from Nigeria, pastor Femi Awodele. What a group!

There is joy when there is life. There is joy where there is growth.

God is doing his amazing work through these faithful friends. We are so thankful that we are part of what God is doing.

Pray for Expansion and Protection

As I’ve shared before, it often seems as God blesses we see more opposition. The opposition is often painful. It can be personal. We know the Lord is watching over and protecting our family. Yet we do get attacked.

Continue to pray for the expansion of the church, and for his protection over us. We are in the middle of two heavy weeks of ministry, and at the same time we are dealing with a huge trial in our family.

We look to Jesus! We look to the Cross of Christ!

In His Grip, Dave


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