God Hears & Changes Lives in TJ!

Posted: December 19, 2014 in Christianity, Church Planting, Ministry, Missions, Prayer, Tijuana
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God is on the Move in Ribera del Bosque
Dave & Dawn with Pastor Ivan and Rocio and their son Brandon

Dave & Dawn with Pastor Ivan and Rocio and their son Brandon

The Lord is doing a marvelous work in the Lo Mejor del Trigo church in Ribera del Bosque. Dawn and I enjoyed worshipping with them and ministering with them on Sunday.

Pastor Ivan Casados along with his wife, Rocio started this church in April. They’ve already grown to 70 people.

These 70 people represent changed lives, as God’s Spirit is moving in Ribera del Bosque.

New Life in Christ – Changed Lives!
Pastor Ivan with Frida & Lupita

Pastor Ivan with Frida & Lupita

It was great to meet Frida, and her family. She just came to Christ a few months ago. I shared her story in an earlier post. Frida invited her cousin, Lupita. Through the witness of the church Lupita gave her life to Christ.

It’s thrilling to hear the testimonies to see new people coming to Christ!

God Hears Our Prayers
One of the couples we prayed for: Juan and Alejandra

One of the couples we prayed for: Juan and Alejandra

After the service many people came up for prayer. God met them at their point of need. They asked for prayer for physical and emotional healing. It was a privilege to lift them up in prayer.

It also hurt to see how some of them were suffering. One of the men we prayed for was involved in a terrible accident that crippled his foot. He and his wife were in tears as we asked the Lord to bring them healing and comfort. After we prayed he said he felt better. Our hope and prayer is that the Lord will bring further healing and wholeness to him and his family.

One of the greatest ways we can bless people is to pray for them. We know that the Lord hears our prayers, and he ministers to them in ways we never could.

Thank you Jesus for changing the lives of our friends in TJ. We pray for more of you, more of your amazing work!

In His Grip, Dave






  1. What a joy to read! May all of you and all those you work with have a blessed and peace-filled Christmas and a new year filled with new believers and churches.



  2. mdortiz14 says:

    What a blessing. It is wonderful to know how hard you’re all working for God!


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