Dave with Hannah & Jon

Dave with Hannah & Jon

Last week after I was at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis seeking to connect with students, and encourage them to take a look at our work on the border, I went to Colorado. While I was in Colorado Springs I visited two of my favorite people. My kids, Jonathan and Hannah. It was so good to see them, and to have the opportunity to visit other friends.

I love all three of my children, David Jr., Jon and Hannah! David goes to school at San Diego Christian College in El Cajon, California. He lives near us and we see him often. Jon and Hannah stayed in Colorado Springs.

Dawn and I love what we do, and where we live. Our season in Colorado was wonderful, but the Lord called us to move on. Now that we’ve moved, we are excited about what lies ahead as we live and serve on the San Diego – Tijuana border!

my daughter, Hannah & my son, Jonathan enjoying a float and having some fun!

my daughter, Hannah & my son, Jonathan enjoying a float and having some fun!

The hardest thing about moving apart from packing and unpacking 🙂 is leaving Jon and Hannah back in Colorado. I know it’s common for college age children to leave their home. In our case the parents left the home. Yet that’s not to say Dawn and I don’t miss our kids like crazy. One thing I used to enjoy doing is dropping in on them while they were working to say hello. I miss being able to do those simple things.

That’s what made it so awesome, so thrilling and exciting for me to be able visit Jon and Hannah. I dropped in on Hannah while she was working. We went shopping. Hannah and I enjoyed a cup of coffee together. On our last night together we made Gingerbread houses with Scott, Jeshua and Kaci Kracht. Wow! It was fun to be with my kids again.

The minute I said good-bye to them I missed them. The tears welled up in my eyes!

I know the Lord watches over us and our now grown children as we live in different places. I thank Jesus for his good promises to care for us.

Jesus also encourages us to keep our eyes focused on him, as we live for and serve him.

“And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands, for my name’s sake, will receive a hundredfold and will inherit eternal life.”

—Matthew 19:29 (ESV)

Having some fun while building the Gingerbread House with the Krachts

Having some fun while building the Gingerbread House with the Krachts

“O, Lord I know others suffer the pain of separation from those they love, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Continue to watch over and care for my family. Lead them in your way, and cause their love for you to grow. I ask that I too will love you more, and walk in ways that honor you, day by day and moment by moment. Thank you for your grace. Thank you for loving us, even though we don’t deserve it. You are the King and Lord of All!”

In His Grip, Dave


  1. Larry Who says:

    We, too, live apart from our children. We miss not being an integral part of their lives, but the good news is that our prayers reach from here to there without any stamps needed.


  2. Debbie says:

    God bless you and the love you have for Him and for your kids! It’s just not easy when you can’t see them often. hugs!


  3. Wayne Augden says:

    Praying for you and your family, Dave. May God bless you and yours during this Christmas season.


  4. It’s especially poignant to read this today when too many parents’ children will never come home again. Praying for them and for the families of the adults who were killed, too. Praising the Lord that you were able to spend time with your children. Our whole family will have a week together at Christmas, a true blessing. I hope you’re having a wonderful Advent season.


  5. Dianne Barlowe says:

    Thanks for sharing your heart, David. I know that has to be so hard but I’m so glad you were able to spend some quality time with Jon and Hannah!


    • There are many good things happening, but it is hard to be separated from our kids. Jonathan is here now and he is looking for a job in the area. We are praying that the Lord will open the door for that. Hope you all are doing well.


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