Wow! It was so encouraging to be part of building the Lo Mejor Del Trigo church in eastern Tijuana. I wrote about the birth of the new church in earlier posts. God is so good!

Check out this video that shows the progression of the building of the church. More than 70 people participated in this project over two weekends. Now they are worshipping in the community of Pipila, which is in eastern Tijuana.

The church is off to a good start. Join me in prayer that it will grow, and that the Lord will give Pastor Rodrigo and his family his grace and wisdom as he leads the church.

When we are involved in kingdom work, in working to see new churches raised up it’s important to remember who is building the church. Jesus gives a wonderful promise in Matthew, 16:18 when he’s speaking to Peter and the disciples,

“And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

Isn’t that a wonderful promise? Even the gates of hell, our fiercest foe and enemy shall not defeat Christ’s church. Stay the course my dear friends, and keep your eyes on Jesus. We are on the winning side!

In His Grip, Dave

  1. Debbie says:

    Thank you for encouraging us about the church .. Christ’s church! 🙂 God bless you as you worship Him!


  2. Mannyr says:

    Great work. Its all about reaching the lost with whatever tools God gives. The best is one on one, face to face and let the Holy Spirit touch the person in their heart. All God’s work, but He wants our hands and feet to go there. Blessings upon you and the ministry as well as the newest church.


  3. […] might remember that we helped build the church in Pipila where Rodrigo and his wife, Nancy are ministering. They are very encouraged by all the Lord is […]


  4. […] Today (Sunday) Dawn and I had the privilege to spend some time with our friends at the Lo Mejor del Trigo (The Best of the Wheat) church in Pipila, in eastern Tijuana. You might remember that this is one of the churches we partnered with Harbor and Lo Mejor del Trigo to plant last Fall. […]


  5. […] Friends from the church in Pípila are already messaging me, and letting me know how excited they are that we are coming. When Dawn and I met with Rodrigo and Nancy on Tuesday, Rodrigo said he was thrilled that we were coming so soon after we helped start the church last November. […]


  6. […] in Pípila is going to celebrate it’s one year anniversary on November 3rd. Just a year ago Harbor helped them to start the church. It’s encouraging to see all that the Lord has done in the last […]


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